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Nash, Robert A. and Ost, James, eds. (2017). False and distorted memories. Current Issues in Memory . Psychology Press.

Bloom, Tendayi; Tonkiss, Katherine and Cole, Phillip, eds. (2017). Understanding statelessness. Studies in Human Rights . Routledge.

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Andrews, Daniel (2017). Drilling for success. UNSPECIFIED.

Andrews, Daniel (2017). Gamification systems development: a practical guide. Aston University.

Andrews, Daniel (2017). Unlock your insight. UNSPECIFIED.

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Beattie, Amanda Russell (2017). The Slowley structured classroom:narrative time, lived experience and the contemporary HE classroom. Knowledge Cultures, 5 (2), pp. 11-27.

Beattie, Amanda Russell (2017). Storytelling as 'unorthodox' agency:negotiating the 2012 family immigration rules (United Kingdom). Politics, in pre ,

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Cash, Daniel (2017). Credit rating agencies and environmental, social and governance considerations:a long road ahead. International Business Law Journal, 2017 (3), pp. 281-284.

Cash, Daniel (2017). Credit rating agency regulation in the U.K. If and when article 50 is invoked:round holes for a square peg? European Business Law Review, Accept , (In Press)

Cash, Daniel (2017). The conclusion of the Department of Justice’s investigation into Moody’s:financial penalties but no deterrent. Business Law Review, Accept , (In Press)

Cash, Daniel (2017). The warning-light of automobile securitisation:credit rating agencies and their role in a post-2016 world. Business Law Review, accept , (In Press)

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