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Dadzie, Aba-Sah, Uren, Victoria S, Miller, Tim and Abba Dabo, Al-Amin (2018). Value-driven partner search for Energy from Waste projects. Procedia Computer Science, 137 , pp. 21-32.

Freitas Junior, Vanderlei, Gonçalves, Alexandre Leopoldo and Uren, Victoria S (2018). Ontologia para representação de tempo no contexto de indicadores de desempenho. Perspectivas em Ciência da Informação, 23 (3), pp. 3-24.

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Uren, Victoria S. and Addis, Thomas R. (2002). How weak categorizers based upon different principles strengthen performance. Computer Journal, 45 (5), pp. 511-524.

Book Section

Jdaitawi, Asma, Uren, Victoria S and Rodríguez-Espíndola, Oscar (2018). The Use of Social Media by NGOs to Promote Social Resilience:The Case of Syrian Crisis. IN: The Third international conference for Refugees in the Middle East. UNSPECIFIED.

Ajaegbu, Amara, Uren, Victoria S and Schroeder, Andreas (2017). Relational attributes in value co-creation: A dyadic case study of a manufacturer and customer. IN: BAM2017 Conference Proceedings. UNSPECIFIED.

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Uren, Victoria and Dadzie, Aba-Sah (2012). Ageing factor:a potential altmetric for observing events and attention spans in microblogs. IN: UNSPECIFIED Maynard, Diana; Dietze, Stefan; Peters, Wim and Hare, Jonathon (eds) CEUR workshop proceedings . UNSPECIFIED.

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Uren, Victoria S., Webster, Phillip and Ständer, Marcus (2010). Shaken not stirred:mixing semantics into XPDL. IN: UNSPECIFIED Stojanovic, Nenad and Norton, Barry (eds) CEUR workshop proceedings . UNSPECIFIED.

Nanas, Nikolaos, Uren, Victoria, de Roeck, Anne and Domingue, John (2004). Multi-topic information filtering with a single user profile. IN: UNSPECIFIED Vouros, George A. and Panayiotopoulos, Themistoklis (eds) Lecture notes in computer science . Berlin (DE): Springer.

Nanas, Nikolaos, Uren, Victoria S. and de Roeck, Anne (2004). Nootropia : a user profiling model based on a self-organising term network. IN: UNSPECIFIED Nicosia, Giuseppe; Cutello, Vincenzo; Bentley, Peter J. and Timmis, Jon (eds) Lecture Notes in Computer Science . Berlin (DE): Springer.

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di Paolo, Terry, Scanlon, Eileen, Colwell, Chetz, Cooper, Martyn, Uren, Victoria and Jelfs, Anne (2003). Redesigning practical work: web-based remote experimentation. IN: Mediating science learning through information and communications technology. Holliman, Richard and Scanlon, Eileen (eds) London (UK): Routledge.

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Conference or Workshop Item

Uren, Victoria S and Mohammed, Khadijah (2018). The Influence of Social Media on Purchase Decision-making by Young Nigerians. IN: 5th European Conference on Social Media. 2018-06-21 - 2018-06-22. (In Press)

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