Activation of tissue plasminogen activator by metastasis-inducing S100P protein

Clarke, Christopher; Gross, Stephane R.; Ismail, Thamir; Rudland, Philip; Al-Medhtiy, Morteta; Santangeli, Michael and Barraclough, Roger (2017). Activation of tissue plasminogen activator by metastasis-inducing S100P protein. Biochemical Journal, in pre ,


S100P protein in human breast cancer cells is associated with reduced patient survival and, in a model system of metastasis, it confers a metastatic phenotype upon benign mammary tumour cells. S100P protein possesses a C-terminal lysine residue. Using a multiwell in vitro assay, S100P is now shown for the first time to exhibit a strong, C-terminal-lysine-dependent activation of tissue plasminogen activator (tPA), but not of urokinase-catalysed plasminogen activation. The presence of 10 M calcium ions stimulates tPA activation of plasminogen 2-fold in an S100P-dependent manner. S100P physically interacts with both plasminogen and tPA in vitro, but not with urokinase. Cells constitutively expressing S100P exhibit detectable S100P protein on the cell surface and S100P-containing cells show enhanced activation of plasminogen compared with S100P-negative control cells. S100P shows C-terminal-lysine-dependent enhancement of cell invasion. An S100P antibody, when added to the culture medium, reduced the rate of invasion of wild-type S100P-expressing cells, but not of cells expressing mutant S100P proteins, suggesting that S100P functions outside the cell. The protease inhibitors, aprotinin or 2-antiplasmin, reduced the invasion of S100P-expressing cells, but not of S100P-negative control cells, nor cells expressing S100P protein lacking the C-terminal lysine. It is proposed that activation of tissue plasminogen activator via the C-terminal lysine of S100P contributes to the enhancement of cell invasion by S100P and thus potentially to its metastasis-promoting activity.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: S100P,plasminogen activator,cell invasion
Published Date: 2017-08-10


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