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Martínez, Amós, Al Araimi, Mohammed, Dmitriev, Artemii, Lutsyk, Petro, Li, Shen, Mou, Chengbo, Rozhin, Oleksiy, Sumetsky, Misha and Turitsyn, Sergei K. (2017). Low-loss saturable absorbers based on tapered fibers embedded in carbon nanotube/polymer composites. APL Photonics, 2 (12),

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Badmos, Abdulyezir A., Sun, Qizhen, Sun, Zhongyuan, Zhang, Junxi, Yan, Zhijun, Lutsyk, Petro, Rozhin, Alex and Zhang, Lin (2017). Enzyme-functionalized thin-cladding long-period fiber grating in transition mode at dispersion turning point for sugar-level and glucose detection. Journal of Biomedical Optics, 22 (2),

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Lutsyk, Petro, Piryatinski, Yuri P., Al Araimi, Mohammed, Arif, Raz, Shandura, Mykola, Kachkovsky, Oleksiy, Verbitsky, Anatoli and Rozhin, Aleksey (2016). Emergence of additional visible range photoluminescence due to aggregation of cyanine dye:astraphloxin on carbon nanotubes dispersed with anionic surfactant. Journal of Physical Chemistry: Part C, 120 (36), pp. 20378-20386.

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Lutsyk, Petro, Arif, Raz, Hruby, Jan, Bukivskyi, Anatolii, Vinijchuk, Olexander, Shandura, Mykola, Yakubovskyi, Viktor, Kovtun, Yuri, Rance, Graham, Fay, Michael, Piryatinski, Yuri, Kachkovsky, Oleksiy, Verbitsky, Anatoli and Rozhin, Aleksey (2016). A sensing mechanism for the detection of carbon nanotubes using selective photoluminescent probes based on ionic complexes with organic dyes. Light, 5 (Februa),

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