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Abbas, Allyah S.; Morton, Susan; Shun-Shun, Mathew; Raman, Shir; Thangaratinam, Shakila and Ahmed, Asif (2015). The impact of statin use on fetal development:a meta-analysis. Reproductive Sciences, 22 (Suppl.), A169.

Abdullah Al-Somali, Sabah; Gholami, Roya and Clegg, Ben (2015). A stage-oriented model (SOM) for e-commerce adoption:a study of Saudi Arabian organisations. Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management, 26 (1), pp. 2-35.

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Adams, A.; Realpe, A.; Vail, L.; Buckingham, C.D.; Erby, L.H. and Roter, D. (2015). How doctors' communication style and race concordance influence African-Caribbean patients when disclosing depression. Patient Education and Counseling, 98 (10), 1266–1273.

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Armstrong, Richard A. (2015). A comparison of spatial patterns of TDP-43 cellular inclusions in familial and sporadic frontotemporal lobar degeneration with TDP-43 proteinopathy. International Journal of Medical and Biological Frontiers, 21 (1),

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Atkinson, Jeffrey; Crowley, Patrick; de Paepe, Kristien; Gennery, Brian; Koster, Andries; Linden, Hans; Mircioiu, Constantin; Martini, Luigi; Moffat, Vivien; Nicholson, Jane; Pauwels, Gunther; Ronsisvalle, Giuseppe; Sousa, Vitor; van Schravendijk, Chris and Wilson, Keith (2015). Competences for industrial pharmacy practice in biotechnology:the PHAR-IN project. Industrial Pharmacy, 2015 (45), pp. 18-21.

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Baer, Michael D.; Dhensa-Kahlon, Rashpal K.; Colquitt, Jason A.; Rodell, Jessica B.; Outlaw, Ryan and Long, David M. (2015). Uneasy lies the head that bears the trust:the effects of feeling trusted on emotional exhaustion. Academy of Management Journal, 58 (6), pp. 1637-1657.

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