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Abdelnasir, Omran, Smith, David, Alaswad, Abed, Amiri, Amirpiran, Sodre, Jose Ricardo and Lucchesi, alessandro (2019). Proton-exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell system mathematical modelling. IN: SDEWES. Dubrovnik, 2019-10-01 - 2019-10-06.

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Ammirato, Salvatore, Felicetti, Alberto Michele, Della-gala, Marco, Aramo-Immonen, Heli, Jussila, Jari J. and Kärkkäinen, Hannu (2019). The use of social media for knowledge acquisition and dissemination in B2B companies: an empirical study of Finnish technology industries. Knowledge Management Research and Practice, 17 (1), pp. 52-69.

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Atamas, Natalia, Bardik, Vitalii Y., Komisarenko, Serhiy, Makogonenko, Yevgen M., Lugovskoi, Edward V., Malomuz, Nikolai P., Nerukh, Dmitry and Solonin, Pavlo K. (2019). Water dynamics and stability of major blood proteins at pre-denaturation stage. Atti della Accademia Peloritana dei Pericolanti, 97 (Suppl ),

Azmat, Muhammad, Atif, Muhammad and Kummer, Sebastian (2019). Identification and prioritization of critical success factors in faith-based and non-faith-based organizations’ humanitarian supply chain. Journal of International Humanitarian Action, 4 ,

Azmat, Muhammad and Kummer, Sebastian (2019). Importance of key success factors for local and international ngos in humanitarian supply chain. Logforum, 15 (4),

Azmat, Muhammad, Kummer, Sebastian, Moura, Lara Trigueiro, Gennaro, Federico Di and Moser, Rene (2019). Future Outlook of Highway Operations with Implementation of Innovative Technologies Like AV, CV, IoT and Big Data. Logistics, 3 (2),


Bahr, Witold, Mavrogenis, Vasileios and Sweeney, Edward (2019). GAMIFICATION OF WAREHOUSING ACTIVITIES: EXPLORING PERSPECTIVES OF WAREHOUSE MANAGERS IN THE UK. IN: Proceedings of the 24th Annual Logistics Research Network Conference. GBR: Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport.

Bahr, Witold and Sweeney, Edward (2019). Environmental Sustainability in the Follow-Up and Evaluation Stage of Logistics Services Purchasing: Perspectives from UK Shippers and 3PLs. Sustainability, 11 (9),

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Bao, Weijia, Wang, Changle, Wang, Yiping, Sahoo, Namita and Zhang, Lin (2019). 2D bending (curvature) recognition based on a combination of a TFBG and an orthogonal TFBG pair. Applied Physics Express, 12 (7),

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Bassey Etim, Nyong-bassey, Giaouris, Damian, Patsios, Haris, Gadoue, Shady, Papadopoulos, Athanasios I., Seferlis, Panos, Voutetakis, Spyros and Papadopoulou, Simira (2019). Probabilistic adaptive model predictive power pinch analysis (PoPA) energy management approach to uncertainty. The Journal of Engineering, 2019 (17), pp. 4288-4292.

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Bencomo, Nelly, Garcia Paucar, Luis Hernan and Yuen, Kevin Kam Fung (2019). ARRoW: Automatic Runtime Reappraisal of Weights for Self-Adaptation. IN: The 12th Edition of the Requirements Engineering Track (RE-Track'19) is part of the 34rd ACM Symposium on Applied Computing. SAC 2019. CYP: ACM.

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Bukhari, Abid Ali Shah, Alalibo, Belema Prince, Cao, Wenping, Lin, Zhengyu, Shaikh, Shahid Hussain, Soomro, Toufique Ahmed, Ansari, Shahzeb and Jandan, Fayyaz Ali (2019). Switched reluctance motor design for electric vehicles based on harmonics and back EMF analysis. The Journal of Engineering, 2019 (17), pp. 4220-4225.

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