About Aston Publications Explorer

Aston Publications Explorer is Aston University's repository for our research publications. It is one of three services providing information about Aston University’s research. Aston Data Explorer holds Aston's research data and Aston Research Explorer has broader information about Aston's research work including research staff, awards and activities, projects and research groups.


Aston’s repository holds full-text records of journal articles, conference papers, discussion papers, book chapters, books and theses that have been produced by Aston University staff and students. A link to the open access version is provided for records where we do not hold the full text.

The versions deposited in Aston Publications Explorer range from pre-publication versions through to published pdfs. Because of this, there may be variations in the version deposited in the repository and the final version of record available from the publisher. Content is the sole responsibility of the authors, and any questions over content should be directed to them.


Items deposited in Aston Publications Explorer are indexed by Google Scholar and other major search engines. Records are also harvested and made discoverable by the following services:


Metadata will be accessible to anyone free of charge. The metadata may be re-used in any medium without prior permission and re-sold commercially provided the repository is mentioned.

Aston Publications Explorer AND Aston Research Explorer allow users to re-use full-text and other full-data items under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives (CC BY NC ND) licence. This means that users must give appropriate credit to the authors and link to the licence. Users may not re-use the material for commercial purposes. Users cannot distribute material that has been remixed, transformed or built upon the original published output. Where a full-text or other full-data item has a licence that is more restrictive or permissive than the CC BY NC ND default licence, this licence should be adhered to.

More details about Aston Publications Explorer, including the takedown policy, are available in the Aston Open Access Publications Repositories Governance Policy.