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Abdel-Basset, Mohamed, Chang, Victor and Mohamed, Reda (2021). A novel equilibrium optimization algorithm for multi-thresholding image segmentation problems. Neural Computing and Applications, 33 (17), pp. 10685-10718.

Abdellatif, Amal, Aldossari, Maryam, Boncori, Ilaria, Callahan, Jamie, Ayudhya, Uracha Chatrakul Na, Chaudhry, Sara, Kivinen, Nina, Liu, Shan‐Jan Sarah, Utoft, Ea Høg, Vershinina, Natalia, Yarrow, Emily and Pullen, Alison (2021). Breaking the mold: Working through our differences to vocalize the sound of change. Gender, Work and Organization, 28 (5), pp. 1956-1979.

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