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Afghah, Maryam, Sajadi, Seyed Mojtaba, Razavi, Seyed Mostafa and Taghizadeh‐Yazdi, Mohammadreza (2023). Hard dimensions evaluation in sustainable supply chain management for environmentally adaptive and mitigated adverse eco‐effect environmental policies. Business Strategy and the Environment ,

Ahmed, Sarfraz, Al-Bazi, Ammar, Saha, Chitta, Rajbhandari, Sujan and Huda, M. Nazmul (2023). Multi-scale pedestrian intent prediction using 3D joint information as spatio-temporal representation. Expert Systems with Applications, 225 ,

Akarsu, Tugra Nazli, Marvi, Reza and Foroudi, Pantea (2023). Service failure research in the hospitality and tourism industry: a synopsis of past, present and future dynamics from 2001 to 2020. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 35 (1), pp. 186-217.

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Al Mahameed, Muhammad, Riaz, Umair, Aldoob, Mohammad and Halari, Anwar (2023). The implementation of sustainability practices in Arab higher education institutions. Journal of Financial Reporting and Accounting ,

Alhumayzi, Mohammed, Batista, Luciano and Benson, Vladlena (2023). Factors Affecting Employees’ Acceptance of Blockchain in the Higher Education Institutions. IN: Proceedings of the 25th ICEIS 2023 Conference. CZE: SciTePress. (In Press)

Apergis, Nicholas, Mustafa, Ghulam and Malik, Shafaq (2023). The role of the COVID-19 pandemic in US market volatility: Evidence from the VIX index. The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, 89 , pp. 27-35.


Babu, Nishat, Fletcher, Luke, Pichler, Shaun and Budhwar, Pawan (2023). What's trust got to do with it? Examining trust in leadership, psychological capital, and employee well‐being in a cross‐national context during Covid‐19. European Management Review ,

Batista, Luciano, Seuring, Stefan, Genovese, Andrea, Sarkis, Joseph and Sohal, Amrik (2023). Theorising circular economy and sustainable operations and supply chain management: a sustainability-dominant logic. International Journal of Operations and Production Management, 43 (4), pp. 581-594.

Beltagui, Ahmad, Gold, Stefan, Kunz, Nathan and Reiner, Gerald (2023). Special Issue: Rethinking operations and supply chain management in light of the 3D printing revolution. International Journal of Production Economics, 255 ,

Boustani, Noureddine, Emrouznejad, Ali, Gholami, Roya, Despic, Ozren and Ioannou, Athina (2023). Improving the predictive accuracy of the cross-selling of consumer loans using deep learning networks. Annals of Operations Research ,

Busch, Corinna, Crawshaw, Jonathan, Guillaume, Yves and Legood, Alison (2023). Ethics‐Related Mentoring::A Scale Development and Test of its Role in Promoting Protégé Ethical Behaviour. British Journal of Management ,


Chang, Victor, Doan, Le Minh Thao, Xu, Qianwen Ariel, Hall, Karl, Wang, Yuanyuan Anna and Kamal, Muhammad Mustafa (2023). Digitalization in omnichannel healthcare supply chain businesses: The role of smart wearable devices. Journal of Business Research, 156 ,

Chang, Victor, Golightly, Lewis, Xu, Qianwen Ariel, Boonmee, Thanaporn and Liu, Ben S. (2023). Cybersecurity for children: an investigation into the application of social media. Enterprise Information Systems ,

Chang, Victor, Liu, Ou, Barbole, Kiran Vijay, Xu, Qianwen Ariel, Gao, Xianghuaa Jason and Tabrizi, Wendy (2023). Customer Behavioral Trends in Online Grocery Shopping During COVID-19. Journal of Global Information Management, 31 (1), pp. 1-27.

Chatterjee, Sheshadri, Chaudhuri, Ranjan, Mikalef, Patrick and Sarpong, David (2023). Coopetition in the platform economy from ethical and firm performance perspectives. Journal of Business Research, 157 ,

Chowdhury, Soumyadeb, Dey, Prasanta, Joel-Edgar, Sian, Bhattacharya, Sudeshna, Rodríguez-Espíndola, Oscar, Abadie, Amelie and Truong, Linh (2023). Unlocking the value of artificial intelligence in human resource management through AI capability framework. Human Resource Management Review, 33 (1),


Delis, A. and Jones, C. (2023). The impact of work placements on graduate earnings. Studies in Higher Education , pp. 1-16.

Du, Jun, Girma, Sourafel, Görg, Holger and Stepanok, Ignat (2023). Who wins and who loses from state subsidies? Canadian Journal of Economics ,

Du, Jun and Nguyen, Bach (2023). The ‘play’ of institutions and firm investment: Evidence from a transition economy. International Journal of Finance and Economics ,

Du, Jun, Satoglu, Emine Beyza and Shepotylo, Oleksandr (2023). How did Brexit affect UK trade? Contemporary Social Science ,


Golightly, Lewis, Modesti, Paolo, Garcia, Rémi and Chang, Victor (2023). Securing Distributed Systems: A Survey on Access Control Techniques for Cloud, Blockchain, IoT and SDN. Cyber Security and Applications , p. 100015.


Harbinja, Edina (2023). Regulatory divergence: The effects of UK technology law reforms on data protection and international transfers. IN: Data Protection and Digital Sovereignty Post-Brexit. Celeste, Edoardo; Costello, Róisín Á; Harbinja, Edina and Xanthoulis, Napoleon (eds) Hart Publishing. (In Press)


Kaur, Harleen, Jameel, Roshan, Alam, M. Afshar, Alankar, Bhavya and Chang, Victor (2023). Securing and managing healthcare data generated by intelligent blockchain systems on cloud networks through DNA cryptography. Journal of Enterprise Information Management ,


Leipold, Sina, Petit‐Boix, Anna, Luo, Anran, Helander, Hanna, Simoens, Machteld, Ashton, Weslynne S., Babbitt, Callie W., Bala, Alba, Bening, Catharina R., Birkved, Morten, Blomsma, Fenna, Boks, Casper, Boldrin, Alessio, Deutz, Pauline, Domenech, Teresa, Ferronato, Navarro, Gallego‐Schmid, Alejandro, Giurco, Damien, Hobson, Kersty, Husgafvel, Roope, Isenhour, Cynthia, Kriipsalu, Mait, Masi, Donato, Mendoza, Joan Manuel F., Milios, Leonidas, Niero, Monia, Pant, Deepak, Parajuly, Keshav, Pauliuk, Stefan, Pieroni, Marina P. P., Richter, Jessika Luth, Saidani, Michael, Smol, Marzena, Peiró, Laura Talens, van Ewijk, Stijn, Vermeulen, Walter J. V., Wiedenhofer, Dominik and Xue, Bing (2023). Lessons, narratives and research directions for a sustainable circular economy. Journal of Industrial Ecology, 27 (1), pp. 6-18.

Lin, Shen Yang, Hirst, Giles, Wu, Chia Huei, Lee, Cynthia, Wu, Wen and Chang, Chia Chi (2023). When anything less than perfect isn't good enough:How parental and supervisor perfectionistic expectations determine fear of failure and employee creativity. Journal of Business Research, 154 ,

Linds, Warren, Vettraino, Elinor and Vineberg, Leah (2023). Willing to Learn More: Storytelling-Responsive Consulting through the Six-Part-Story Method. Storytelling, Self, Society, 18 (20 (1), pp. 56-82.


Mahavarpour, Nasrin, Marvi, Reza and Foroudi, Pantea (2023). A brief history of service innovation::The evolution of past, present, and future service innovation. Journal of Business Research, 160 ,

Malhotra, Neeru, Frech, Bernadette, Leeflang, Peter, Kim, Young-Ah and Higson, Helen (2023). Understanding how satisfactory service relationships can be mutually beneficial in the higher education context. European Journal of Marketing, 57 (2), pp. 562-598.

Malik, Ashish, Budhwar, Pawan, Mohan, Hrishi and N. R., Srikanth (2023). Employee experience –the missing link for engaging employees: Insights from an MNE's AI-based HR ecosystem. Human Resource Management, 62 (1), pp. 97-115.

Martin, Graham, Chew, Sarah, McCarthy, Imelda, Dawson, Jeremy and Dixon Woods, Mary (2023). Encouraging openness in health care: Policy and practice implications of a mixed-methods study in the English National Health Service. Journal of Health Services Research and Policy, 28 (1), pp. 14-24.

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Ofosu, George and Sarpong, David (2023). Defying the gloom: In search of the ‘golden’ practices of small-scale mining operations. Environmental Science & Policy, 139 , pp. 62-70.

Oyoo, Valary, Riungu, Joy Nyawira, Dey, Prasanta, Kirimi, James Gitonga and Matheka, Rosemary M. (2023). Process performance evaluation of faecal matter treatment via black soldier fly. Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development ,


Pereira, Vijay, Temouri, Yama, Wood, Geoffrey, Bamel, Umesh and Budhwar, Pawan (2023). How do grand challenges determine, drive and influence the innovation efforts of for‐profit firms? A multidimensional analysis. Journal of Product Innovation management ,


Ramanathan, Usha, He, Qile, Subramanian, Nachiappan, Gunasekaran, Angappa and Sarpong, David (2023). Collaborative closed-loop supply chain framework for sustainable manufacturing: Evidence from the Indian packaging industry. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 191 ,

Rawal, Amit, Sarpong, David and Kumar Singh, Sanjay (2023). Phoenix rising: Rebounding to venture again post firm-failure. Industrial Marketing Management, 112 (July 2), pp. 71-84.

Riaz, Umair, Al Mahameed, Muhammad, Gentemann, Lisa and Dunne, Theresa (2023). Discourse and the creation of French green bond legitimacy. Qualitative Research in Financial Markets ,

Rodríguez-Espíndola, Oscar (2023). Two-stage stochastic formulation for relief operations with multiple agencies in simultaneous disasters. OR Spectrum , pp. 1-47.


Samara, Ihssan, Nandakumar, M. K., O'Regan, Nicholas and Almoumani, Hanada M. (2023). Governance diversity: Its impact on strategic variation and results. Strategic Change, 32 (1), pp. 29-42.

Sarpong, David, Maclean, Mairi and Harvey, Charles (2023). Relational interdependencies and the intra-EU mobility of African European Citizens. Human Relations ,

Shbool, Mohammad A., Al-Bazi, Ammar, Kokash, Alma, AlAlaween, Wafa' H., Albashabsheh, Nibal T. and Al-Taher, Raed (2023). The Economy of Motion for Laparoscopic Ball Clamping Surgery: A Feedback Educational Tool. MethodsX, 10 ,

Solano, Giacomo, Ram, Monder and Rath, Jan (2023). Regulation of migrant entrepreneurship: The strained conjunction of laws, policies and practices. International Migration, 61 (2), pp. 3-8.

Summers, Robert, Higson, Helen and Moores, Elisabeth (2023). The impact of disadvantage on higher education engagement during different delivery modes: a pre- vs. peri-pandemic comparison of learning analytics data. Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education, 48 (1), pp. 56-66.


Troise, Ciro, Strazzullo, Serena, O’regan, Nicholas and Giovando, Guido (2023). How to effectively communicate university patents: a framework based on signalling theory. Knowledge Management Research and Practice , pp. 1-10.


Wasserbauer, Raphael, Schroeder, Andreas and Beltagui, Ahmad (2023). Heat-as-a-Service (HaaS): a Complex Adaptive Systems perspective on servitization. Production Planning and Control ,

Wu, Yan, Yang, Yang and Mickiewicz, Tomasz (2023). Corruption, the digital sectors, and the profitability of foreign subsidiaries in emerging markets. Journal of Business Research, 161 ,


Yin, Yuping, Crowley, Frank, Doran, Justin, Du, Jun and O'Connor, Mari (2023). Research and innovation and the role of competition in family owned and managed firms. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research, 29 (1), pp. 166-194.


Zhao, Li, He, Qile, Guo, Lei and Sarpong, David (2023). Organizational Digital Literacy and Enterprise Digital Transformation: Evidence From Chinese Listed Companies. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management ,

Zhou, Qin, Sacramento, Claudia and Martinaityte, Ieva (2023). Work meaningfulness and performance among healthcare professionals: The role of professional respect and participative management. Journal of Business Research, 163 ,

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