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Abdel-Basset, Mohamed, Chang, Victor, Hawash, Hossam, Chakrabortty, Ripon K. and Ryan, Michael (2021). Deep-IFS:Intrusion Detection Approach for Industrial Internet of Things Traffic in Fog Environment. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 17 (11), pp. 7704-7715.

Abdel-Basset, Mohamed, Mohamed, Reda and Chang, Victor (2021). An Efficient Parameter Estimation Algorithm for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells. Energies, 14 (21),

Abdelraouf, Mohamed, Rennie, Allan, Burns, Neil, Geekie, Louise, Najdanovic, Vesna and Aiouache, Farid (2021). Tuning the wettability of wire mesh column:pore-scale flow analysis. Chemical Engineering Journal Advances, 8 ,

Adnan, Muhammad, Ahmad, Jameel, Ali, Syed Farooq and Imran, Muhammad (2021). A techno-economic analysis for power generation through wind energy:A case study of Pakistan. Energy Reports, 7 , pp. 1424-1443.

Alasali, Feras, Nusair, Khaled, Obeidat, Amr M., Foudeh, Husam and Holderbaum, William (2021). An analysis of optimal power flow strategies for a power network incorporating stochastic renewable energy resources. International Transactions on Electrical Energy Systems, 31 (11),

Alnaimi, Firas Basim Ismail, Jasbeer Singh, Manmit Singh, Al-Bazi, Ammar, Al-Muhsen, Nizar F.O., Mohammed, Thabit Sultan and Al-Hadeethi, Rami Hikmat (2021). Parametric investigation of combustion process optimization for Gas Turbines at SJ Putrajaya. Energy Reports, 7 , pp. 5722-5732.

Alvi, Jahan Zeb, Feng, Yongqiang, Wang, Qian, Imran, Muhammad and Pei, Gang (2021). Effect of working fluids on the performance of phase change material storage based direct vapor generation solar organic Rankine cycle system. Energy Reports, 7 , pp. 348-361.

Antonelli, Valerio, Coronella, Stefano, Cordery, Carolyn J. and Verona, Roberto (2021). Fraud and incompetence:Accounting in the Papal States (1831–1859). Accounting History, 26 (4), pp. 552-584.

Anwer, Shahnawaz, Li, Heng, Antwi-Afari, Maxwell Fordjour, Abu Shaphe, Mohammad, Alghadir, Ahmad and Wong, Arnold Y.L. (2021). Evaluation of sleep habits, generalized anxiety, perceived stress, and research outputs among postgraduate research students in hong kong during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare, 14 , pp. 3135-3149.

Asplin, Sarah Louise (2021). Thermal and Catalytic Conversion of Inedible Vegetable Oils to Higher Value Products or Aromatics. PHD thesis, Aston University.

Ayad, Sami Massalami Mohammed Elmassalami, Vago, Carolina Locatelli, Belchior, Carlos Rodrigues Pereira and Sodré, José Ricardo (2021). Cylinder pressure based calibration model for engines using ethanol, hydrogen and natural gas as alternative fuels. Energy Reports, 7 , pp. 7940-7954.

Bentley, Sarah, Findley, Amy, Chiva-Razavi, Sima, Naujoks, Christel, Patalano, Francesco, Johnson, Chloe, Arbuckle, Rob and Wolffsohn, James S. (2021). Understanding the visual function symptoms and associated functional impacts of phakic presbyopia. Journal of Patient-Reported Outcomes, 5 (1),

Borovkova, Mariia, Sieryi, Oleksii, Lopushenko, Ivan, Kartashkina, Natalia, Pahnke, Jens, Bykov, Alexander and Meglinski, Igor (2021). Screening of Alzheimer’s disease with multiwavelength Stokes polarimetry in a mouse model. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging ,

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Charman, Tony, Palmer, Melanie, Stringer, Dominic, Hallett, Victoria, Mueller, Joanne, Romeo, Renee, Tarver, Joanne, Perez, Juan Paris, Breese, Lauren, Hollett, Megan, Cawthorne, Thomas, Boadu, Janet, Salazar, Fernando, O'Leary, Mark, Beresford, Bryony, Knapp, Martin, Slonims, Vicky, Pickles, Andrew, Scott, Stephen and Simonoff, Emily (2021). A Novel Group Parenting Intervention for Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties in Young Autistic Children: Autism Spectrum Treatment and Resilience (ASTAR): A Randomized Controlled Trial. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 60 (11), pp. 1404-1418.

Cheffi, Walid, Malesios, Chrisovalantis, Abdel-Maksoud, Ahmed, Abdennadher, Sonia and Dey, Prasanta (2021). Corporate social responsibility antecedents and practices as a path to enhance organizational performance:The case of small and medium sized enterprises in an emerging economy country. Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, 28 (6), pp. 1647-1663.

Chiang, Jeremy Chung Bo, Goldstein, David, Tavakoli, Azadeh, Trinh, Terry, Klisser, Jacob, Lewis, Craig R, Friedlander, Michael, Naduvilath, Thomas J, Au, Kimberley, Park, Susanna B, Krishnan, Arun V and Markoulli, Maria (2021). Corneal dendritic cells and the subbasal nerve plexus following neurotoxic treatment with oxaliplatin or paclitaxel. Scientific Reports, 11 (1),

Conlon, J. Michael, Flatt, Peter R. and Bailey, Clifford J. (2021). Recent advances in peptide-based therapy for Type 2 diabetes and obesity. Peptides, 145 ,

Delivett, Christopher Paul (2021). Biases of memory and cognition as contributors to, and consequences of, people's inferences about healthiness. PHD thesis, Aston University.

Dijkstra, Allysa M., Van Vliet, Ninke, Van Vliet, Danique, Romani, Cristina, Huijbregts, Stephan C.j., Van Der Goot, Els, Hovens, Iris B., Van Der Zee, Eddy A., Kema, Ido P., Heiner-fokkema, M. Rebecca and Van Spronsen, Francjan J. (2021). Correlations of blood and brain biochemistry in phenylketonuria: Results from the Pah-enu2 PKU mouse. Molecular Genetics and Metabolism, 134 (3), pp. 250-256.

Dremin, Viktor, Golubova, Nadezhda, Potapova, Elena and Dunaev, Andrey (2021). Influence of melanin content on laser doppler flowmetry and tissue reflectance oximetry signal formation. Journal of Biomedical Photonics and Engineering, 7 (4),

Engineer, Yohan, Rezk, Ahmed and Hossain, A K (2021). Energy analysis and optimization of a small-scale axial flow turbine for Organic Rankine Cycle application. International Journal of Thermofluids, 12 ,

Freire de Carvalho Souza, Pedro Jorge, Abode, Daniel, Prilepsky, Jaroslaw E., Costa, Nelson, Spinnler, Bernhard, Napoli, Antonio and Turitsyn, Sergei K. (2021). Transfer Learning for Neural Networks-based Equalizers in Coherent Optical Systems. Journal of Lightwave Technology, 39 (21), pp. 6733-6745.

García-Marqués, José Vicente, Talens-Estarelles, Cristian, García-Lázaro, Santiago, Wolffsohn, James S. and Cerviño, Alejandro (2021). Systemic, environmental and lifestyle risk factors for dry eye disease in a mediterranean caucasian population. Contact Lens and Anterior Eye ,

Geampana, Alina and Perrotta, Manuela (2021). Predicting Success in the Embryology Lab: The Use of Algorithmic Technologies in Knowledge Production. Science Technology and Human Values ,

Gregory, Samantha E A, Wang, Hongfang and Kessler, Klaus (2021). EEG alpha and theta signatures of socially and non-socially cued working memory in virtual reality. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience ,

Grieshofer née Tkacukova, Tatiana, Gee, Matt and Morton, Ralph (2021). The Journey to Comprehensibility:Court Forms as the First Barrier to Accessing Justice. International Journal for the Semiotics of Law ,

Haji, Iftakar, Peluso, Alessandro M. and de Jong, Ad (2021). Online Private Self-Disclosure’s Potential for Experiential Value Co-creation. European Journal of Marketing, 55 (12), pp. 3059-3098.

Huang, Zinan, Boscolo, Sonia, Huang, Qianqian, Xing, Zhikun, Yan, Zhijun, Chen, Tao, Liu, Yunqi and Mou, Chengbo (2021). 64-fs L-band pulse generation by an all-fibre Er-doped laser. IN: 2021 European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC). FRA: IEEE.

Jennita Jacqueline, P., Shenbaga Muthuraman, V., Karthick, C., Alaswad, Abed, Velvizhi, G. and Nanthagopal, K. (2021). Catalytic Microwave Preheated Co-pyrolysis of lignocellulosic biomasses: A study on biofuel production and its characterization. Bioresource Technology ,

Kalsoom, Tahera, Ahmed, Shehzad, Rafi-ul-Shan, Piyya Muhammad, Azmat, Muhammad, Akhtar, Pervaiz, Pervez, Zeeshan, Imran, Muhammad Ali and Ur-Rehman, Masood (2021). Impact of IoT on Manufacturing Industry 4.0: A New Triangular Systematic Review. Sustainability, 13 (22),

Kapoor, Kawaljeet, Bigdeli, Ali Ziaee, Dwivedi, Yogesh K. and Raman, Ramakrishnan (2021). How is COVID-19 altering the manufacturing landscape? A literature review of imminent challenges and management interventions. Annals of Operations Research ,

Konečný, Michal, Park, Sewon and Thies, Holger (2021). Axiomatic Reals and Certified Efficient Exact Real Computation. IN: Logic, Language, Information, and Computation - 27th International Workshop, WoLLIC 2021, Proceedings. Silva, Alexandra; Wassermann, Renata and de Queiroz, Ruy (eds) Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics), 13038 . Berlin / Heidelberg: Springer.

Li, Hui, Luo, Xue, Ma, Fuquan and Zhang, Yuqing (2021). Micromechanics Modeling of Viscoelastic Asphalt-filler Composite System with and without Fatigue Cracks. Materials and Design, 209 ,

Liu, Qinghua (2021). Linkages Between Work Intensification, Employee Engagement and Employee Outcomes:an Empirical Investigation Into Chinese Manufacturing. PHD thesis, Aston University.

Liu, Wei, Beltagui, Ahmad, Williamson, Peter and Ye, Songhe (2021). Harnessing Exaptation and Ecosystem Strategy for Accelerated Innovation: Lessons from the VentilatorChallengeUK. California Management Review ,

Ma, Qianxia, Zhang, Ming, Xu, Yuchun, Song, Jingyan and Zhang, Tao (2021). Remaining Useful Life Estimation for Turbofan Engine with Transformer-based Deep Architecture. IN: 2021 26th International Conference on Automation and Computing (ICAC). IEEE.

MacLeod, Nicci (2021). Art vs Craft Expert: Evidence in the England and Wales Criminal Justice System. Language and Law/Linguagem e Direito, 8 (1), pp. 43-58.

Magno, Morten Schjerven, Olafsson, Jonatan, Beining, Marie, Moschowits, Emily, Lagali, Neil, Wolffsohn, James S., Craig, Jennifer P., Dartt, Darlene A., Vehof, Jelle and Utheim, Tor P. (2021). Chambered warm moist air eyelid warming devices – a review. Acta Ophthalmologica ,

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Manz, Stefan (2021). Rezension von Bauerkämper, Arnd: Sicherheit und Humanität im Ersten und Zweiten Weltkrieg. Der Umgang mit zivilen Feindstaatenangehörigen im Ausnahmezustand. Neue Politische Literatur, 66 , pp. 364-366.

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McPhillips, Kathleen and Page, Sarah-Jane (2021). Introduction. Religion and gender, 11 (2), pp. 151-165.

Mickiewicz, Tomasz, Skica, Tomasz, Sauka, Arnis and Timofejevs, Aivars (2021). Rola samorządowych instrumentów i samoorganizacji gospodarczej i społecznej w generowaniu przedsiębiorczości w Polsce i na Łotwie. Samorząd Terytorialny, 371 (11), pp. 10-25.

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Molloy, Antonia, Harrison, James, McGrath, John S., Owen, Zachary, Smith, Clive, Liu, Xin, Li, Xin and Cox, Jonathan A. G. (2021). Microfluidics as a Novel Technique for Tuberculosis: From Diagnostics to Drug Discovery. Microorganisms, 9 (11),

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