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Al-Jubair, Tamim, Steffen, Jonas Hyld, Missel, Julie Winkel, Kitchen, Philip, Salman, Mootaz M., Bill, Roslyn M., Gourdon, Pontus and Törnroth-Horsefield, Susanna (2022). High-yield overproduction and purification of human aquaporins from Pichia pastoris. STAR protocols, 3 (2),

Al-Jubair, Tamim, Steffen, Jonas Hyld, Missel, Julie Winkel, Kitchen, Philip, Salman, Mootaz M, Bill, Roslyn M, Gourdon, Pontus and Törnroth-Horsefield, Susanna (2022). Characterization of human aquaporin protein-protein interactions using microscale thermophoresis (MST). STAR protocols, 3 (2),

Awan, Neelam, Pearson, Effie, Shelley, Lauren, Tarver, Joanne, Greenhill, Courtney and Waite, Jane (2022). The behavioral phenotype of Rubinstein–Taybi syndrome: A scoping review of the literature. American Journal of Medical Genetics Part A ,


Burnell, Ryan, Nash, Robert A., Umanath, Sharda and Garry, Maryanne (2022). Memories people no longer believe in can still affect them in helpful and harmful ways. Memory and Cognition ,

Bykov, Alexander, Tuchin, Valery and Meglinski, Igor (2022). Multiplexed spatially-focused localization of light in adipose biological tissues. Scientific Reports, 12 (1),


Chaiya, Nattanicha, Daranarong, Donraporn, Worajittiphon, Patnarin, Somsunan, Runglawan, Meepowpan, Puttinan, Tuantranont, Adisorn, Rakbamrung, Nawasit, Topham, Paul D., Tighe, Brian J., Mahomed, Anisa and Punyodom, Winita (2022). 3D-printed PLA/PEO blend as biodegradable substrate coating with CoCl2 for colorimetric humidity detection. Food Packaging and Shelf Life, 32 ,

Chattopadhyay, Amit K., Kundu, Bidisha, Nath, Sujit Kumar and Aifantis, Elias C. (2022). Transmissibility in Interactive Nanocomposite Diffusion: The Nonlinear Double-Diffusion Model. Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, 8 ,

Chen, Boyue, Jia, Yu, Narita, Fumio, Wang, Congsi and Shi, Yu (2022). Multifunctional cellular sandwich structures with optimised core topologies for improved mechanical properties and energy harvesting performance. Composites Part B: Engineering, 238 ,

Chen, Xihui, Tee, Kienpin and Chang, Victor (2022). Accelerating Innovation Efficiency through Agile Leadership:The CEO Network Effects in China. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 179 ,

Chichkov, Nikolai B., Ray, Paulami, Cozic, Solenn, Yadav, Amit, Joulain, Franck, Smirnov, Semyon V., Hinze, Ulf, Poulain, Samuel and Rafailov, Edik U. (2022). Amplification of nanosecond pulses in a single-mode erbium-doped fluoride fibre amplifier. IEEE Photonics Technology Letters ,

Coelho, Mariana OC., Monteyne, Alistair J., Kamalanathan, Ishara D., Najdanovic-Visak, Vesna, Finnigan, Tim JA., Stephens, Francis B. and Wall, Benjamin T. (2022). High dietary nucleotide consumption for one week increases circulating uric acid concentrations but does not compromise metabolic health: a randomised controlled trial. Clinical nutrition ESPEN, 49 , pp. 40-52.


Dey, Prasanta Kumar, Malesios, Chrysovalantis, Chowdhury, Somyadeb, Saha, Krishnendu, Budhwar, Pawan and De, Debashree (2022). Adoption of circular economy practices in small and medium-sized enterprises: Evidence from Europe and the UK. International Journal of Production Economics, 248 ,


Edwards, Georgina, Jones, Chris, Pearson, Effie, Royston, Rachel, Oliver, Christopher, Tarver, Joanne, Crawford, Hayley, Shelley, Lauren and Waite, Jane (2022). Prevalence of anxiety symptomatology and diagnosis in syndromic intellectual disability: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews ,


Gander-zaucker, Shoshana, Unwin, Gemma L. and Larkin, Michael (2022). The Feasibility and Acceptability of an Experience-Based Co-Design Approach to Reducing Domestic Abuse. Societies, 12 (3),

Garcia-Perez, Alexeis, Cegarra-Navarro, Juan Gabriel, Sallos, Mark, Martinez-Caro, Eva and Chinnaswamy, Anitha (2022). Resilience in healthcare systems: Cyber security and digital transformation. Technovation ,

George, Elena, Georgoupolou, Ekavi, Mellor, Duane, Chrysohoou, Christina, Pitasavos, Christos and Panagiotakos, Demosthenes (2022). Exploring the Path of Mediterranean Diet, Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) and Inflammation towards 10-Year Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Risk: The ATTICA Study 10-Year Follow-Up (2002–2012). Nutrients, 14 (12),

Grey, E B, Atkinson, L, Chater, A, Gahagan, A, Tran, A and Gillison, F B (2022). A systematic review of the evidence on the effect of parental communication about health and health behaviours on children's health and wellbeing. Preventive Medicine, 159 ,

Gubian, Michele, Blything, Ryan, Davis, Colin J. and Bowers, Jeffrey S. (2022). Does that sound right? A novel method of evaluating models of reading aloud. Behavior Research Methods ,


Harding, Sophie E, Langley, Christopher A, Borley, Annabel, Tranter, Bethan and Terry, David R P (2022). Experiences and opinions of multi-professional non-medical oncology prescribers on post-qualification training: a qualitative study. International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy, 44 (3), pp. 698-708.

He, Wei, Po-An Hsieh, J.J., Schroeder, Andreas and Fang, Yulin (2022). Attaining individual creativity and performance in multi-disciplinary and geographically-distributed it project teams:the role of transactive memory systems. MIS Quarterly: Management Information Systems, 46 (2),

Herrera, Estibaliz, Alcalá, José A., Tazumi, Toru, Buckley, Matthew G., Prados, José and Urcelay, Gonzalo P. (2022). Temporal and Spatial Contiguity Are Necessary for Competition Between Events. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning Memory and Cognition, 48 (3), pp. 321-347.

Herzallah, Randa and Zhou, Yuyang (2022). Author Correction: A fully probabilistic control framework for stochastic systems with input and state delay. Scientific Reports, 12 (1),

Hill, David, Heitmar, Rebekka and Logan, Nicola (2022). Size and position of the optic disc crescent in a white European population with myopia. Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics ,

Hothersall, Joanne, Lai, Sandie, Zhang, Nan, Godfrey, Rita E, Ruanto, Patcharawarin, Bischoff, Sarah, Robinson, Colin, Overton, Tim W, Busby, Stephen J W and Browning, Douglas F (2022). Inexpensive protein overexpression driven by the NarL transcription activator protein. Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 119 (6), pp. 1614-1623.


Jahan, Md Saroar, Oussalah, Mourad and Mohamed, Muhidin (2022). Data Expansion Using WordNet-based Semantic Expansion and Word Disambiguation for Cyberbullying Detection. IN: Data Expansion Using WordNet-based Semantic Expansion and Word Disambiguation for Cyberbullying Detection. FRA: UNSPECIFIED.


Kalaitzi, Dimitra and Tsolakis, Naoum (2022). Supply chain analytics adoption: Determinants and impacts on organisational performance and competitive advantage. International Journal of Production Economics, 248 ,

Karimzad, Said, Bilkhu, Paramdeep S., Wolffsohn, James S., Bellary, Srikanth, Shokr, Hala, Singhal, Rishi and Gherghel, Doina (2022). Impact of Bariatric Surgery-Induced Weight Loss on Anterior Eye Health in Patients with Obesity. Nutrients, 14 (12),

Khan, Muhammad Umair, Balbontin, Camila, Bliemer, Michiel C. J. and Aslani, Parisa (2022). Eliciting preferences for continuing medication among adult patients and parents of children with attention‐deficit hyperactivity disorder. Health Expectations, 25 (3), pp. 1094-1107.

Khaojanta, Thidarat, Kalaithong, Wichaya, Somsunan, Runglawan, Punyamoonwongsa, Patchara, Mahomed, Anisa, Topham, Paul D., Tighe, Brian J. and Molloy, Robert (2022). Synthesis and Characterization of Block Copolymers of Styrene-maleic Acid with Acrylamide and N,N-dimethylacrylamide. Polymer Engineering and Science, 62 (6), pp. 2031-2046.

Kudelin, Igor, Sugavanam, Srikanth and Chernysheva, Maria (2022). Ultrafast Gyroscopic Measurements in a Passive All‐Fiber Mach–Zehnder Interferometer via Time‐Stretch Technique. Advanced Photonics Research ,


Li, Yiming, Hu, Zhouyi, Benton, David M., Ali, Abdallah, Patel, Mohammed and Ellis, Andrew D. (2022). Demonstration of 10-channel mode- and polarization-division multiplexed free-space optical transmission with successive interference cancellation DSP. Optics Letters, 47 (11), pp. 2742-2745.

Lin, Cai-Hui (Veronica), Shipton, Helen, Teng, Weili, Kitt, Adam, Do, Hoa and Chadwick, Clint (2022). Sparking creativity using extrinsic rewards: A self-determination theory perspective. Human Resource Management ,

Lin, Xiaoshuang, Wu, Chia-huei, Dong, Yuntao, Chen, George Zhen Xiong, Wei, Wu and Duan, Jinyun (2022). Psychological Contract Breach and Destructive Voice: The Mediating Effect of Relative Deprivation and Moderating Effect of Leader Emotional Support. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 135 ,


Mansworth, Megan (2022). The restricted possible worlds of depression: a stylistic analysis of Janice Galloway’s The Trick is To Keep Breathing using a possible worlds framework. Language and Literature ,

Merriel, Abi, Wilson, Amie, Decker, Emily, Hussein, Julia, Larkin, Michael, Barnard, Katie, O’Dair, Millie, Costello, Anthony, Malata, Address and Coomarasamy, Arri (2022). Systematic review and narrative synthesis of the impact of Appreciative Inquiry in healthcare. BMJ Open Quality, 11 (2),

Mikolaichuk, Olga V., Popova, Elena A., Protas, Alexandra V., Rakipov, Ilnaz T., Nerukh, Dmitry A., Petrov, Andrey V., Charykov, Nikolay A., Ageev, Sergei V., Tochilnikov, Grigorii V., Zmitrichenko, Iulia G., Stukov, Aleksandr N., Semenov, Konstantin N. and Sharoyko, Vladimir V. (2022). A cytostatic drug from the class of triazine derivatives:Its properties in aqueous solutions, cytotoxicity, and therapeutic activity. Journal of Molecular Liquids, 356 ,

Mito, Mohamed, Ma, Xianghong, Albuflasa, Hanan and Davies, Philip A (2022). Variable operation of a renewable energy-driven reverse osmosis system using model predictive control and variable recovery: Towards large-scale implementation. Desalination, 532 ,

Monforte, Pierre and Maestri, Gaja (2022). From Vulnerability to Trust. Migration and Society, 5 (1), pp. 59-74.

Motta, Valeria and Larkin, Michael (2022). Absence of other and disruption of self: an interpretative phenomenological analysis of the meaning of loneliness in the context of life in a religious community. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences ,


Naik, Nitin, Grace, Paul, Jenkins, Paul, Naik, Kshirasagar and Song, Jingping (2022). An Evaluation of Potential Attack Surfaces Based on Attack Tree Modelling and Risk Matrix Applied to Self-Sovereign Identity. Computers & Security ,

Nguyen, Bach (2022). Internal Migration and Earnings: Do Migrant Entrepreneurs and Migrant Employees Differ? Papers in Regional Science , (In Press)


Otabor-Olubor, Iyare (2022). Exporting the Luxembourg Rail Protocol to the Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment to Africa. Uniform Law Review ,


Pasini, Martina, Fernandez-Castane, Alfred, Caminal, Gloria, Overton, Tim W. and Ferrer, Pau (2022). Process Intensification at the expression system level for the production of 1-phosphate aldolase in antibiotic-free E. coli fed-batch cultures. Journal of Industrial Microbiology & Biotechnology ,

Paskins, Z, Babatunde, O, Sturrock, A, Toh, L S, Horne, R, Maidment, I and Effectiveness Working Group of the Royal Osteoporosis Society Os (2022). Supporting patients to get the best from their osteoporosis treatment: a rapid realist review of what works, for whom, and in what circumstance. Osteoporosis International ,

Popov, Alexey P., Timofeyev, Maxim, Bykov, Alexander V. and Meglinski, Igor (2022). Luminescent upconversion nanoparticles evaluating temperature-induced stress experienced by aquatic organisms due to environmental variations. iScience ,


Rodríguez-espíndola, Oscar, Cuevas-romo, Ana, Chowdhury, Soumyadeb, Díaz-acevedo, Natalie, Albores, Pavel, Despoudi, Stella, Malesios, Chrisovalantis and Dey, Prasanta (2022). The role of circular economy principles and sustainable-oriented innovation to enhance social, economic and environmental performance: Evidence from Mexican SMEs. International Journal of Production Economics, 248 ,

Romani, Cristina, Silverstein, Priya, Ramoo, Dinesh and Olson, Andrew (2022). Effects of delay, length, and frequency on onset RTs and word durations:Articulatory planning uses flexible units but cannot be prepared. Cognitive Neuropsychology ,


Salazar, Miguel, Joel Shaw, Daniel, Czekóová, Kristína, Staněk, Rostislav and Brázdil, Milan (2022). The role of generalised reciprocity and reciprocal tendencies in the emergence of cooperative group norms. Journal of Economic Psychology, 90 ,

Santodomingo-Rubido, Jacinto, Carracedo, Gonzalo, Suzaki, Asaki, Villa-Collar, Cesar, Vincent, Stephen J and Wolffsohn, James S (2022). Keratoconus:An updated review. Contact Lens and Anterior Eye, 45 (3),

Scaglia, Ilaria (2022). ‘Beauty has ever a healing touch’: Visible Internationalism at the 1927 Exhibition of Flemish and Belgian Art in London. Contemporary European History ,

Silva, Breno B., Orrego-Carmona, David and Szarkowska, Agnieszka (2022). Using linear mixed models to analyze data from eye-tracking research on subtitling. Translation Spaces ,

Souppez, Jean-Baptiste R. G. and Viola, Ignazio Maria (2022). Development of a blockage correction for highly cambered 2D circular arcs. IN: The 24th Chesapeake Sailing Yacht Symposium. USA: Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers.

Steffen, Jonas Hyld, Missel, Julie Winkel, Al-Jubair, Tamim, Kitchen, Philip, Salman, Mootaz M, Bill, Roslyn M, Törnroth-Horsefield, Susanna and Gourdon, Pontus (2022). Assessing water permeability of aquaporins in a proteoliposome-based stopped-flow setup. STAR protocols, 3 (2),

Sun, Bing, Wang, Xinjiang, Ma, Xiaobo, Sun, Zhongyuan, Wang, Zhiqiang, Zhang, Zuxing and Zhou, Kaiming (2022). Magnetic-based Polydimethylsiloxane Microspheres for Magnetic Field Measurement. IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement ,


Thomson, Gareth A. and Kovesi, Klara (2022). Do academic recruitment policies under represent teaching and learning competences? IN: Proceedings of the 18th International CDIO Conference, Reykjavík University, Reykjavík, Iceland, June 13-15, 2022. UNSPECIFIED.

Thomson, Gareth A. and Prince, Mark (2022). Do engineering students from vocational and academic backgrounds think differently? IN: Proceedings of the 18th International CDIO Conference, hosted by Reykjavik University, Reykjavik Iceland, June 13-15, 2022. UNSPECIFIED.

Tsuchiya, Keiko, Coffey, Frank, Nakamura, Kyota, Mackenzie, Andrew, Atkins, Sarah, Chalupnik, Malgorzata, Whitfield,, Alison, Sakai, Takuma, Timmons, Stephen, Abe, Takeru, Saitoh, Takeshi, Taneichi, Akira, Vernon, Mike, Crundall, David and Fuyuno, Miharu (2022). Action request episodes in trauma team interactions in Japan and the UK - A multimodal analysis of joint actions in medical simulation. Journal of Pragmatics, 194 , pp. 101-118.


Valle‐Gómez, Kevin J., García‐Domínguez, Antonio, Delgado‐Pérez, Pedro and Medina‐Bulo, Inmaculada (2022). Mutation‐inspired symbolic execution for software testing. IET Software ,


Williamson, Victoria, Larkin, Michael, Reardon, Tessa, Pearcey, Samantha, Button, Roberta, Green, Iheoma, Hill, Claire, Stallard, Paul, Spence, Susan H, Breen, Maria, Mcdonald, Ian, Ukoumunne, Obioha, Ford, Tamsin, Violato, Mara, Sniehotta, Falko, Stainer, Jason, Gray, Alastair, Brown, Paul, Sancho, Michelle, Morgan, Fran, Jasper, Bec and Creswell, Cathy (2022). School-based screening for childhood anxiety problems and intervention delivery: a codesign approach. BMJ Open, 12 (6),

Wu, Zezhou, Deng, Kaiwen, Chen, Changhong, Li, Heng, Antwi-Afari, Maxwell Fordjour and Wang, Ying (2022). STATUS QUO AND FUTURE TRENDS OF BIM-BASED COORDINATION RESEARCH: A CRITICAL REVIEW. Journal of Civil Engineering and Management, 28 (6), pp. 469-484.


Zherebtsov, Evgeny, Kozlov, Igor, Dremin, Viktor, Bykov, Alexander, Dunaev, Andrey and Meglinski, Igor (2022). Diagnosis of Skin Vascular Complications Revealed by Time-Frequency Analysis and Laser Doppler Spectrum Decomposition. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering ,

Zhu, Lin, Wu, Yue, Smith, Honora and Luo, Jiabin (2022). Optimisation of containerised air cargo forwarding plans considering a hub consolidation process with cargo loading. Journal of the Operational Research Society , (In Press)

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