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Adnan, Muhammad, Lima, Antonio, Rossi, Luca, Veluru, Suresh, Longley, Paul, Musolesi, Mirco and Rajarajan, Muttukrishnan (2014). The uncertainty of identity toolset:analysing digital traces for user profiling. IN: SIN '14 : proceedings of the 7th international conference on Security of Information and Networks. GBR: ACM.

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Bulale, Yusuf (2014). Flexible tactile digital feedback for clinical applications. PHD thesis, Aston University.


Calderita, Luis V., Manso, Luis J., Bustos, Pablo, Sanchez-Mejias, Cristina, Fernandez, Fernando and Bandera, Antonio J. (2014). THERAPIST: Towards an Autonomous Socially Interactive Robot for Motor and Neurorehabilitation Therapies for Children. JMIR Rehabilitation and Assistive Technologies, 1 (1),

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Clark, Tony, Cesar, Gonzalez-Perez and Henderson-Sellers, Brian (2014). A foundation for multi-level modelling. IN: MULTI 2014 : multi-level modelling : proceedings of the Workshop on Multi-Level Modellingco-located with ACM/IEEE 17th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages &Systems (MoDELS 2014), , September 28, 2014. 2014-09-28.

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Ferreira, Filipe, Fonseca, Daniel and Silva, Henrique (2014). Design of few-mode fibers with up to 12 modes and low differential mode delay. IN: ICTON 2014 : 16th international conference on transparent optical networks. Jaworski, Marek and Marciniak, Marian (eds) AUT: National Institute of Telecommunications.

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