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Abdy, Charlotte, Zhang, Yuqing, Wang, Jiawei, Yang, Yang, Artamendi, Ignacio and Allen, Bob (2022). Pyrolysis of polyolefin plastic waste and potential applications in asphalt road construction: A technical review. Resources, conservation and recycling, 180 ,

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Behr, Adam, Hamilton, Craig and Rozbicka, Patrycja (2022). Birmingham and the (International) Business of Live Music in Times of COVID-19. Journal of World Popular Music, 9 (1-2), (In Press)

Bolton, Sam, Wedawatta, Gayan, Wanigarathna, Nadeeshani and Malalgoda, Chamindi (2022). Late payment to subcontractors in the construction industry. Journal of Legal Affairs and Dispute Resolution in Engineering and Construction , (In Press)

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Bose, Smirti, Loo, Lay Khoon and Rajabally, Yusuf A. (2022). Causes and consequences of diagnostic delay in Guillain‐Barré syndrome in a U.K. tertiary centre. Muscle and Nerve, 65 (5), pp. 547-552.

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Boutsen, Luc, Pearson, Nathan and Jüttner, Martin (2022). Do facially disfiguring features influence attention and perception of faces?:Evidence from an antisaccade task. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 75 (5), pp. 830-840.

Burke, Gary Thomas, Omidvar, Omid, Spanellis, Agnessa and Pyrko, Igor (2022). Making space for garbage cans: How emergent groups organize social media spaces to orchestrate widescale helping in a crisis. Organization studies ,


Chang, Victor, Doan, Le Minh Thao, Di Stefano, Alessandro, Sun, Zhili and Fortino, Giancarlo (2022). Digital payment fraud detection methods in digital ages and Industry 4.0. Computers and Electrical Engineering, 100 ,

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Dages, Ben, Chodda, Jaskaran, Souppez, Jean-Baptiste R. G., Wall, Ivan, Hanga, Mariana P. and Theodosiou, Eirini (2022). Novel Microcarriers for the Scalable Production o Cultivated Meat. IN: Cultivate 2022. 2022-05-12.

Dineva, M, Hall, A, Tan, M, Blaskova, A and Bath, S C (2022). Iodine status during child development and hearing ability - a systematic review. British Journal of Nutrition ,

Dumpati, Srikanth, Naroo, Shehzad A., Shah, Sunil and Dutta, Debarun (2022). Antimicrobial Efficacy of an Ultraviolet-C Device against Microorganisms Related to Contact Lens Adverse Events. Antibiotics, 11 (5),


Freire, Pedro Jorge, Napoli, Antonio, Spinnler, Bernhard, Costa, Nelson Manuel Simoes da, Turitsyn, Sergei K. and Prilepsky, Jaroslaw (2022). Neural Networks-based Equalizers for Coherent Optical Transmission: Caveats and Pitfalls. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics ,


Gao, Yangming, Zhang, Yuqing, Zhang, Chao, Liu, Xueyan and Jing, Ruxin (2022). Quantifying oxygen diffusion in bitumen films using molecular dynamics simulations. Construction and Building Materials, 331 ,

García-Gil, Ángela, Molina-Ramírez, María Dolores, García-Muñoz, Rafael A., Marasini, Ramesh, Buck, Lyndon, McGuigan, Kevin G. and Marugán, Javier (2022). Weathering of plastic SODIS containers and the impact of ageing on their lifetime and disinfection efficacy. Chemical Engineering Journal, 435 (Part 1),

Garg, Deepeka, Chli, Maria and Vogiatzis, George (2022). Fully-Autonomous, Vision-based Traffic Signal Control: from Simulation to Reality. IN: Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-agent Systems (AAMAS 2022). NZL: ACM.

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Gaur, Chandra B., Gordienko, Vladimir and Doran, Nick J. (2022). Dual-band fiber optic parametric amplifier for bi-directional transient-sensitive fiber optical transmission links. Optics Express, 30 (10), pp. 16499-16508.

Giovanelli, Marcello (2022). Cognitive Grammar and Readers’ Perceived Sense of Closeness: A Study of Responses to Mary Borden’s ‘Belgium’. Language and Literature , (In Press)

Giovanelli, Marcello and Harrison, Chloe (2022). Stylistics and Contemporary Fiction. English Studies, 103 (3), pp. 381-385.

Gutierrez Posada, Diana, Kitsos, Tasos, Nathan, Max and Nuccio, Massimiliano (2022). Creative Clusters and Creative Multipliers: Evidence from UK Cities. Economic Geography , (In Press)


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Iqbal, Naveed, Huynh, Chi and Maidment, Ian (2022). Systematic literature review of pharmacists in general practice in supporting the implementation of shared care agreements in primary care. Systematic Reviews, 11 ,


Jones, Chris and Wang, Yuan (2022). The performance effects of international study placements versus work placements. Higher Education ,


Kašperová, Eva, Roberts, Richard and Ram, Monder (2022). Time to change: A blueprint for advancing the UK’s ethnic minority businesses. UNSPECIFIED.

Keel, Stuart, Govender-Poonsamy, Pirindha, Cieza, Alarcos, Faal, Hannah, Flitcroft, Ian, Gifford, Kate, He, Mingguang, Khandekar, Rajiv, Naidoo, Kovin, Oerding, Matt, Ohno-Matsui, Kyoko, Mariotti, Silvio, Wildsoet, Christine, Wolffsohn, James S., Wong, Tien Y., Yoon, Sangchul, Mueller, Andreas and Dobson, Rosie (2022). The WHO-ITU MyopiaEd Programme: A Digital Message Programme Targeting Education on Myopia and Its Prevention. Frontiers in Public Health, 10 ,

Kongprayoon, Arisa, Ross, Gareth, Limpeanchob, Nanteetip, Mahasaranon, Sararat, Punyodom, Winita, Topham, Paul D. and Ross, Sukunya (2022). Bio-derived and biocompatible poly(lactic acid)/silk sericin nanogels and their incorporation within poly(lactide-co-glycolide) electrospun nanofibers. Polymer Chemistry, 13 (22), pp. 3343-3357.

Kuprikov, Evgeny, Kokhanovskiy, Alexey, Serebrennikov, Kirill and Turitsyn, Sergey (2022). Deep reinforcement learning for self-tuning laser source of dissipative solitons. Scientific Reports, 12 (1),


Lee, Jeremy and Marinov, Marin (2022). Analysis of Rail Passenger Flow in a Rail Station Concourse Prior to and During the COVID-19 Pandemic Using Event-Based Simulation Models and Scenarios. Urban Rail Transit ,

Lee, Jong Hoon, Kanwar, Badar, Lee, Chul Joong, Sergi, Consolato and Coleman, Michael D. (2022). Dapsone is an anticatalysis for Alzheimer's disease exacerbation. iScience, 25 (5),

Litchfield, Ian, Turner, Alice M., Ferreira Filho, João Bosco, Lee, Mark and Weber, Phil (2022). Automated conflict resolution for patients with multiple morbidity being treated using more than one set of single condition clinical guidance: A case study. Computers in Biology and Medicine, 144 ,


M. Czekster, Ricardo, Metere, Roberto and Morisset, Charles (2022). Incorporating Cyber Threat Intelligence into Complex Cyber-Physical Systems: A STIX Model for Active Buildings. Applied Sciences, 12 (10),

Maruyama, Kohei, Kawakami, Yoshihiro, Mori, Kotaro, Kurita, Hiroki, Shi, Yu, Jia, Yu and Narita, Fumio (2022). Electromechanical characterization and kinetic energy harvesting of piezoelectric nanocomposites reinforced with glass fibers. Composites Science and Technology, 223 ,

Mialon, Mélissa, Fooks, Gary, Cullerton, Katherine, Gómez-Donoso, Clara, Fidalgo, Hernando Salcedo, Nakkash, Rima and Lacy-Nichols, Jennifer (2022). Corporations and Health: The Need to Combine Forces to Improve Population Health. International Journal of Health Policy and Management ,

Morrison, Geoffrey Stewart (2022). Advancing a paradigm shift in evaluation of forensic evidence: The rise of forensic data science. Forensic Science International: Synergy, 5 ,

Morrison, Geoffrey Stewart, Ramos, Daniel, Ypma, Rolf JF, Basu, Nabanita, Bie, Kim de, Enzinger, Ewald, Geradts, Zeno, Meuwly, Didier, Vloed, David van der, Vergeer, Peter and Weber, Philip (2022). A strawman with machine learning for a brain: A response to Biedermann (2022) the strange persistence of (source) “identification” claims in forensic literature. Forensic Science International: Synergy, 4 ,


Nguyen, Tuyet T. A., Ta, Yen T. and Dey, Prasanta K. (2022). Developing a plastic cycle toward circular economy practice. Green Processing and Synthesis, 11 (1), pp. 526-535.


Omran, Farah, Kyrou, Ioannis, Osman, Faizel, Lim, Ven Gee, Randeva, Harpal Singh and Chatha, Kamaljit (2022). Cardiovascular Biomarkers: Lessons of the Past and Prospects for the Future. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 23 (10),


Rana, Karan, Bashir, Amreen, Begum, Fatehma and Bartlett, Hannah (2022). Bridging the BAME Attainment Gap: Student and Staff Perspectives on Tackling Academic Bias. Frontiers in Education, 7 ,

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Ron, Diego Argüello, Freire, Pedro J, Prilepsky, Jaroslaw E, Kamalian-Kopae, Morteza, Napoli, Antonio and Turitsyn, Sergei K (2022). Experimental implementation of a neural network optical channel equalizer in restricted hardware using pruning and quantization. Scientific Reports, 12 (1),


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Sharma, Vikas, Hossain, A K, Griffiths, Gareth, Duraisamy, Ganesh and Jacob Thomas, Justin (2022). Investigation on Yield, Fuel Properties, Ageing and Low Temperature Flow of Fish Oil Esters. Energy Conversion and Managment-X, 14 ,

Simionesie, Dorin, O’Callaghan, Gregory, Manning, Joseph R. H., Düren, Tina, Preece, Jon A., Evans, Robert and Zhang, Zhenyu J. (2022). Combined Experimental and Computational Study of Polycyclic Aromatic Compound Aggregation: The Impact of Solvent Composition. Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds ,

Sterliński, Maciej, Zakrzewska-Koperska, Joanna, Maciąg, Aleksander, Sokal, Adam, Osca-Asensi, Joaquin, Wang, Lingwei, Spyropoulou, Vasiliki, Maus, Baerbel, Lemme, Francesca, Okafor, Osita, Stegemann, Berthold, Cornelussen, Richard and Leyva, Francisco (2022). Acute Hemodynamic Effects of Simultaneous and Sequential Multi-Point Pacing in Heart Failure Patients With an Expected Higher Rate of Sub-response to Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy: Results of Multicenter SYNSEQ Study. Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine, 9 ,

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Tai, Yonghang, Zhang, Liqiang, Li, Qiong, Zhu, Chunsheng, Chang, Victor, Rodrigues, Joel J. P. C. and Guizani, Mohsen (2022). Digital Twin-enabled IoMT System for Surgical Simulation using rAC-GAN. IEEE Internet of Things Journal ,

Thomas, Kristie (2022). Amending China’s Notion of a “Consumer”: Lessons from Comparative Analysis of the PRC Consumer Protection Law. Journal of Consumer Policy ,

Tonkiss, Katie and Cabrera, Luis (2022). 'I felt like a bird without wings': Incorporating the study of emotions into grounded normative theory. Contemporary Political Theory , (In Press)

Tota-Maharaj, Kiran and Adeleke, Blessing Oluwaseun (2022). Thermal Performance of Radiant Floor Heating Systems Concrete Slabs with Embedded Fine Steel. Proceedings of Institution of Civil Engineers: Energy ,

Tuck, Nicola-Jayne, Farrow, Claire and Thomas, Jason Michael (2022). Frequency of fruit consumption and savoury snacking predict psychological health; selective mediation via cognitive failures. British Journal of Nutrition ,

Tunney, Richard J. (2022). Economic and social deprivation predicts impulsive choice in children. Scientific Reports, 12 (1),


Uljarević, Mirko, Carrington, Sarah J., Hardan, Antonio Y. and Leekam, Susan R. (2022). Subdomains of restricted and repetitive behaviors within autism: Exploratory structural equation modeling using the diagnostic interview for social and communication disorders. Autism Research, 15 (5), pp. 861-869.


Villares-Varela, María, Ram, Monder and Jones, Trevor (2022). Thwarted or Facilitated? The Entrepreneurial Aspirations and Capabilities of New Migrants in the UK. Sociology ,


Wadham, Helen, Wallace, Carrianne and Furtado, Tamzin (2022). Agents of sustainability: How horses and people co‐create, enact and embed the good life in rural places. Sociologia Ruralis ,

Wang, Lin, Cui, Wenhao, Mi, Hao-Yang, Hu, Dongdong, Antwi-Afari, Maxwell Fordjour, Liu, Chuntai and Shen, Changyu (2022). Fabrication of skinless cellular poly (vinylidene fluoride) films by surface-constrained supercritical CO2 foaming using elastic gas barrier layers. Journal of Supercritical Fluids, 184 ,

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Xu, Yuandong, Feng, Guojin, Tang, Xiaoli, Yang, Shixi, Gu, Fengshou and Ball, Andrew D. (2022). A Modulation Signal Bispectrum Enhanced Squared Envelope for the Detection and Diagnosis of Compound Epicyclic Gear Faults. Structural Health Monitoring ,


Zahra, Aeman, Kerslake, Rachel, Kyrou, Ioannis, Randeva, Harpal S, Sisu, Cristina and Karteris, Emmanouil (2022). Impact of Environmentally Relevant Concentrations of Bisphenol A (BPA) on the Gene Expression Profile in an In Vitro Model of the Normal Human Ovary. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 23 (10),

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Zhu, Ruixue, Avsievich, Tatiana, Su, Xinyang, Bykov, Alexander, Popov, Alexey and Meglinski, Igor (2022). Hemorheological alterations of red blood cells induced by 450-nm and 520-nm laser radiation. Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology, 230 ,

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