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Aldeka, Ayad B., Tziavos, Nikolaos I., Gkantou, Michaela, Dirar, Samir and Chan, Andrew H.C. (2022). Seismic design of non-structural components mounted on irregular reinforced concrete buildings. Journal of Building Engineering, 46 ,

Alghassab, Mohammad, Khan, Zafar A., Altamimi, Abdullah, Imran, Muhammad and Alruwaili, Fahad F. (2022). Prospects of Hybrid Energy in Saudi Arabia, Exploring Irrigation Application in Shaqra. Sustainability, 14 (9),

Almena, Alberto, Thornley, Patricia, Chong, Katie and Röder, Mirjam (2022). Carbon dioxide removal potential from decentralised bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) and the relevance of operational choices. Biomass and Bioenergy, 159 ,

Anderson, Nicole, Wedawatta, Gayan, Rathnayake, Ishara, Domingo, Niluka and Azizi, Zahirah (2022). Embodied Energy Consumption in the Residential Sector: A Case Study of Affordable Housing. Sustainability, 14 (9),

Antwi-Afari, Maxwell Fordjour, Qarout, Yazan, Herzallah, Randa, Anwer, Shahnawaz, Umer, Waleed, Zhang, Yongcheng and Manu, Patrick (2022). Deep learning-based networks for automated recognition and classification of awkward working postures in construction using wearable insole sensor data. Automation in Construction, 136 ,


Benson, Vladlena, Chinnaswamy, Anitha and Walton, Nigel (2022). Future Growth Prospects for the UK Cyber Security Sector & the Role of Accelerators as Innovation Support Mechanisms. Working Paper. UNSPECIFIED.

Brown, James and Pawlowski, Mark (2022). The Challenge of Identifying Private Property under English Law. Conveyancer and Property Lawyer , (In Press)

Busso, Lucia (2022). LEXICON AND GRAMMAR IN LEGAL-LAY LANGUAGE:A QUANTITATIVE CORPUS STUDY ON ITALIAN. Studi Italiani di Linguistica Teorica e Applicata (SILTA), 2022 (1), pp. 5-32. (In Press)

Butcher, Isabelle, Morrison, Rachael, Webb, Sarah, Duncan, Heather, Balogun, Omobolanle and Shaw, Rachel (2022). Understanding what wellbeing means to medical and nursing staff working in paediatric intensive care:an exploratory qualitative study using appreciative inquiry. BMJ Open, 12 (4),


Chan, Chin Han, Chen, Jiun-Tai, Farrell, Wesley S., Fellows, Christopher M., Keddie, Daniel J., Luscombe, Christine K., Matson, John B., Merna, Jan, Moad, Graeme, Russell, Gregory T., Théato, Patrick, Topham, Paul D. and Sosa Vargas, Lydia (2022). Reconsidering terms for mechanisms of polymer growth: the “step-growth” and “chain-growth” dilemma. Polymer Chemistry, 13 (16), pp. 2262-2270.


Dai, Yuxi, Day, Steven, Masi, Donato and Gölgeci, Ismail (2022). A synthesised framework of eco‐industrial park transformation and stakeholder interaction. Business Strategy and the Environment ,

Dar, Sanobar, Ekart, Aniko and Bernardet, Ulysses (2022). The Virtual Human Breathing Coach. IN: Proceedings of 2022 IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces Abstracts and Workshops (VRW 2022). IEEE VRW Proceedings . NZL: IEEE.

Dias, Irundika H.K., Shokr, Hala, Shephard, Freya and Chakrabarti, Lisa (2022). Oxysterols and Oxysterol Sulfates in Alzheimer’s Disease Brain and Cerebrospinal Fluid. Journal of Alzheimer's disease ,


Edwards, John (2022). Where knowledge management and information management meet:Research directions. International Journal of Information Management, 63 ,


Farafonov, Vladimir, Stich, Michael and Nerukh, Dmitry (2022). Reconstruction and validation of entire virus model with complete genome from mixed resolution cryo-EM density. Faraday Discussions ,

Finot, Christophe and Boscolo, Sonia (2022). Exploring Fresnel diffraction at a straight edge with a neural network. European Journal of Physics, 43 (3),


G. Chaves, Daniel, Takahashi, Ricardo H.C., Campelo, Felipe, F.S. Malta, Maria Clara, R. Oliveira, Isabelle, F. Barbosa-Stancioli, Edel, A. Ribeiro, Maisa and L. Martins, Marina (2022). SARS-CoV-2 IgG Seroprevalence among Blood Donors as a Monitor of the COVID-19 Epidemic, Brazil. Emerging Infectious Diseases, 28 (4), pp. 734-742.

Georgiou, Andreas C., Thanassoulis, Emmanuel and Papadopoulou, Alexandra (2022). Using Data Envelopment Analysis in Markovian Decision Making. European Journal of Operational Research, 298 (1), pp. 276-292.

Gisdon, Florian J., Kynast, Josef P., Ayyildiz, Merve, Hine, Anna V., Plückthun, Andreas and Höcker, Birte (2022). Modular peptide binders – development of a predictive technology as alternative for reagent antibodies. Biological Chemistry, 403 (5-6), pp. 535-543.

Grant, Tim (2022). The idea of progress in forensic authorship analysis. Cambridge Elements in Forensic Linguistics . Cambridge University Press.

Grant, Tim and Grieve, Jack (2022). The Starbuck Case: Methods for addressing confirmation bias in forensic authorship analysis. IN: Methodologies and Challenges in Forensic Linguistic Casework. Perkins, Ria; Picornell, Isabel and Coulthard, Malcolm (eds) Wiley.

Gregory, Samantha E.A., Wang, Hongfang and Kessler, Klaus (2022). A dataset of EEG recordings from 47 participants collected during a virtual reality working memory task where attention was cued by a social avatar and non-social stick cue. Data in Brief, 41 ,


Habib, Numan, Siddiqi, Muftooh ur Rehman and Tahir, Muhammad (2022). Thermal analysis and optimization of L-shape fin heat sink under natural convection using ANOVA and Taguchi. Thermal Science, 26 (2 Part), pp. 1519-1530.

Habib, Numan, Siddiqi, Muftooh ur Rehman and Tahir, Muhammad (2022). Thermal analysis of proposed heat sink design under natural convection for the thermal management of electronics. Thermal Science, 26 (2 Part), pp. 1487-1501.

Hu, Jiashun, Gu, Ruixing, Mi, Hao-Yang, Jing, Xin, Antwi-Afari, Maxwell Fordjour, Dong, Binbin, Liu, Chuntai and Shen, Changyu (2022). Self-Reinforced Thermoplastic Polyurethane Wrinkled Foams with High Energy Absorption Realized by Gas Cooling Assisted Supercritical CO2 Foaming. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 61 (14), pp. 4832-4841.

Huang, Xiaoting, Ai, Ning, Li, Lan, Jiang, Quanda, Wang, Qining, Ren, Jie and Wang, Jiawei (2022). Simulation of CO2 Capture Process in Flue Gas from Oxy-Fuel Combustion Plant and Effects of Properties of Absorbent. Separations, 9 (4),


Jenvoraphot, Thannaphat, Thapsukhon, Boontharika, Daranarong, Donraporn, Molloy, Robert, Supanchart, Chayarop, Krisanaprakornkit, Suttichai, Topham, Paul D., Tighe, Brian, Mahomed, Anisa and Punyodom, Winita (2022). Tetracycline-Loaded Electrospun Poly(L-lactide-co-ε-caprolactone) Membranes for One-Step Periodontal Treatment. ACS Applied Polymer Materials, 4 (4), pp. 2459-2469.


Khan, Muhammad Moid Khalid, Deshmukh, Subodh, Theivendran, Kanthan, Leslie, Laura and Junaid, S (2022). Development of a Multi-Sensor Array for Non-Radiographic Micromotion Detection of Joint Prostheses. IEEE Sensors Journal, 22 (7), 7208 - 7218.

Khezri, Somayeh, Jahanshahloo, Gholam Reza, Dehnokhalaji, Akram and Hosseinzadeh Lotfi, Farhad (2022). A complete ranking of decision making units with interval data. International Journal of Operational Research, 43 (3), 332 - 359.

Khokhlova, A, Zolotovskii, I, Sokolovski, S, Saenko, Yu, Rafailov, E, Stoliarov, D, Pogodina, E, Gilmutdinova, A, Svetukhin, V and Fotiadi, A (2022). Effects of Low-Level Laser Irradiation on Mammalian Cell Cultures: Comparative Experimental Studies with Different Types of Lasers at 1260-1270 nm. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2249 (1),


Lalousis, Paris Alexandros, Schmaal, Lianne, Wood, Stephen J., Reniers, Renate L.E.P., Barnes, Nicholas M., Chisholm, Katharine, Griffiths, Sian Lowri, Stainton, Alexandra, Wen, Junhao, Hwang, Gyujoon, Davatzikos, Christos, Wenzel, Julian, Kambeitz-Ilankovic, Lana, Andreou, Christina, Bonivento, Carolina, Dannlowski, Udo, Ferro, Adele, Liechtenstein, Theresa, Riecher-Rössler, Anita, Romer, Georg, Rosen, Marlene, Bertolino, Alessandro, Borgwardt, Stefan, Brambilla, Paolo, Kambeitz, Joseph, Lencer, Rebekka, Pantelis, Christos, Ruhrmann, Stephan, Salokangas, Raimo K.R., Schultze-Lutter, Frauke, Schmidt, André, Meisenzahl, Eva, Koutsouleris, Nikolaos, Dwyer, Dominic and Upthegrove, Rachel (2022). Neurobiologically Based Stratification of Recent Onset Depression and Psychosis: Identification of Two Distinct Transdiagnostic Phenotypes. Biological Psychiatry ,

Latif, Nisar and Naroo, Shehzad A. (2022). Transient effects of smoking on the eye. Contact Lens and Anterior Eye ,

Lauretta, Eliana, Chaudhry, Sajid M. and Santamaria, Daniel (2022). Unveiling the black swan of the finance‐growth Nexus : Assumptions and preliminary evidence of virtuous and unvirtuous cycles. International Journal of Finance and Economics ,


M. Czekster, Ricardo, Metere, Roberto and Morisset, Charles (2022). cyberaCTIve: a STIX-based Tool for Cyber Threat Intelligence in Complex Models. Technical Report.

Markou, Andrea, Unger, Lucas, Abir-awan, Mohammed, Saadallah, Ahmed, Halsey, Andrea, Balklava, Zita, Conner, Matthew, Törnroth-horsefield, Susanna, Greenhill, Stuart D., Conner, Alex, Bill, Roslyn M., Salman, Mootaz M. and Kitchen, Philip (2022). Molecular mechanisms governing aquaporin relocalisation. BBA -Biomembranes, 1864 (4),


Nabeeh, Nada A., Abdel-Basset, Mohamed, Gamal, Abduallah and Chang, Victor (2022). Evaluation of Production of Digital Twins Based on Blockchain Technology. Electronics (Switzerland), 11 (8),

Naroo, Shehzad A., Ghataore, Paramjit, Cardall, Martin and Illahi, Waheeda (2022). Contact lens prescribing trends in the UK hospital eye service. Contact Lens and Anterior Eye ,

Naroo, Shehzad A., Nagra, Manbir and Retallic, Neil (2022). Exploring contact lens opportunities for patients above the age of 40 years. Contact Lens and Anterior Eye ,

Neprokin, Alexey, Broadway, Christian, Myllylä, Teemu, Bykov, Alexander and Meglinski, Igor (2022). Photoacoustic Imaging in Biomedicine and Life Sciences. Life, 12 (4),

Newman, Kristina L., Chater, Angel and Knibb, Rebecca C. (2022). Beliefs about food allergies in adolescents aged 11–19 years: A systematic review. Clinical and Translational Allergy, 12 (4),

Nguyen, Bach (2022). Does Local Environmental Governance Improve Tourism Companies' Performance? Evidence from Vietnam. Journal of Travel Research, 61 (4), pp. 747-761.

Nouwe Edou, Danielle J. and Onwudili, Jude A. (2022). Comparative techno-economic modelling of large-scale thermochemical biohydrogen production technologies to fuel public buses: A case study of West Midlands region of England. Renewable energy, 189 , pp. 704-716.

Nti, Augustine N, Gregory, Hannah R, Ritchey, Eric R, Wolffsohn, James S and Berntsen, David A (2022). Contrast Sensitivity with Center-distance Multifocal Soft Contact Lenses. Optometry and Vision Science, 99 (4), pp. 342-349.


Okhovat, Ali Asghar, Advani, Soroor, Ziaadini, Bentolhoda, Panahi, Akram, Salehizadeh, Saeideh, Nafissi, Shahriar, Haghi Ashtiani, Bahram, Rajabally, Yusuf A. and Fatehi, Farzad (2022). The value of MUNIX as an objective electrophysiological biomarker of disease progression in chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy. Muscle and Nerve, 65 (4), pp. 433-439.

Olayanju, Adetokunbo, Mellor, Duane, Khatri, Yunus and Pickles, Neil (2022). The efficacy of fermented foods in the treatment and management of diarrhoeal diseases:A systematic review and meta-analysis. Nutrition and Health ,

Omidvar, Omid, Safavi, Mehdi and Glaser, Vern (2022). Algorithmic routines and dynamic inertia: How organizations avoid adapting to changes in the environment. Journal of Management Studies , (In Press)

Osborn, Anya, Caruana, Douglas A., Furness, David N. and Evans, Michael G. (2022). Electrical and Immunohistochemical Properties of Cochlear Fibrocytes in 3D Cell Culture and in the Excised Spiral Ligament of Mice. Journal of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology, 23 (2), pp. 183-193.


Page, Sarah-Jane and Lowe, Pam (2022). Gendered Violence, Religion and UK-based Anti-Abortion Activism. Religion and gender, 12 (1), pp. 5-28.

Pennington, Charlotte Rebecca, Monk, Rebecca L, Qureshi, Adam, Kulkarni, Rutuja, Li, Wang, Li, Jing and Heim, Derek (2022). Dark Nudges: Branding Magnifies the Decoy Effect in Alcohol Purchasing Decisions. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs , (In Press)

Petyko, Marton, Busso, Lucia, Grant, Tim and Atkins, Sarah (2022). The Aston Forensic Linguistic Databank (FoLD). Language and Law/Linguagem e Direito , (In Press)

Pimsarn, Chutipon, Boongoen, Tossapon, Iam-On, Natthakan, Naik, Nitin and Yang, Longzhi (2022). Strengthening intrusion detection system for adversarial attacks: improved handling of imbalance classification problem. Complex & Intelligent Systems ,


Riaz, Umair, Burton, Bruce and Fearfull, Anne (2022). Emotional Propensities and the Contemporary Islamic Banking Industry. Critical Perspectives on Accounting ,

Rigoni, Isotta, Bonci, Tecla, Bifulco, Paolo and Fratini, Antonio (2022). Characterisation of the transient mechanical response and the electromyographical activation of lower leg muscles in whole body vibration training. Scientific Reports, 12 (1),

Ryan, Hannah and Tonkiss, Katie (2022). Loners, criminals, mothers... the gendered misrecognition of refugees in the British tabloid news media. Sociological research online , (In Press)

Röder, Mirjam, Chong, Katie and Thornley, Patricia (2022). The future of residue-based bioenergy for industrial use in Sub-Saharan Africa. Biomass and Bioenergy, 159 ,


Sehnem, Simone, Pereira, Susana C. Farias, Silva, Minelle E., Schmitt, Valentina Gomes Haensel, Hermann, Roberto Rivas and Batista, Luciano (2022). Editorial: Circular Business Models and Strategies—The Key to Sustainable Business and Innovative Supply Chains. Frontiers in Sustainability, 3 ,

Senior, Carl, Stewart, Patrick Alan and Dumitrescu, Delia (2022). Editorial: Understanding the Role of Non-verbal Displays in Politics. Frontiers in Psychology, 13 ,


Tour, Selina K., Thompson, Andrew, Howard, Ruth A. and Larkin, Michael (2022). Experiences of Blogging About Visible and Long-term Skin Conditions:Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis. JMIR Dermatology, 5 (2),

Tunney, Richard and Raybould, Jodie (2022). Thinking about neither death nor poverty affects delay discounting, but episodic foresight does:Three replications of the effects of priming on time preferences. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology ,


van der Kleij, Sanne W., Burgess, Adrian P., Ricketts, Jessie and Shapiro, Laura R. (2022). From Bibliophile to Sesquipedalian: Modeling the Role of Reading Experience in Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension. Scientific Studies of Reading ,


Wang, Michael T M, Craig, Jennifer P, Vidal-Rohr, Maria, Menduni, Francesco, Dhallu, Sandeep, Ipek, Tugce, Acar, Duygu, Recchioni, Alberto, France, Alex, Kingsnorth, Alec, Speakman, Sophie and Wolffsohn, James S (2022). Impact of digital screen use and lifestyle factors on dry eye disease in the paediatric population. The ocular surface, 24 , pp. 64-66.

White, Jonathan Richard, Ragunath, Krish, Whitton, Aimee, Marsh, Elizabeth, Kaye, Philip and Knight, Gillian (2022). Study to investigate the prevalence of human papillomavirus in Barrett's oesophagus using a novel screening methodology. BMJ open gastroenterology, 9 (1),

Wolffsohn, James S, Dhallu, Sandeep, Aujla, Maana, Laughton, Debbie, Tempany, Keith, Powell, Daniel, Gifford, Kate, Gifford, Paul, Wan, Kin, Cho, Pauline, Stahl, Ulrike and Woods, Jill (2022). International multi-centre study of potential benefits of ultraviolet radiation protection using contact lenses. Contact Lens and Anterior Eye ,


Xu, Yi-Zhi, Po, Ho Fai, Yeung, Chi Ho and Saad, David (2022). Scalable node-disjoint and edge-disjoint multiwavelength routing. Physical Review E, 105 (4),


Zhang, Ming, Amaitik, Nasser, Wang, Zezhong, Xu, Yuchun, Maisuradze, Alexander, Peschl, Michael and Tzovaras, Dimitrios (2022). Predictive Maintenance for Remanufacturing Based on Hybrid-Driven Remaining Useful Life Prediction. Applied Sciences, 12 (7),

Zhang, Ming, Lu, Yang, Hu, Youxi, Amaitik, Nasser and Xu, Yuchun (2022). Dynamic Scheduling Method for Job-Shop Manufacturing Systems by Deep Reinforcement Learning with Proximal Policy Optimization. Sustainability, 14 (9),

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