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Abdelkareem, Mohammad Ali, Rezk, Hegazy, Sayed, Enas T., Alaswad, A., Nassef, Ahmed M. and Olabi, A. G. (2020). Data on fuzzy logic based-modelling and optimization of recovered lipid from microalgae. Data in Brief, 28 ,

Ahmed, Khaliq, Amiri, Amirpiran and Tadé, Moses O. (2020). Simulation of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Anode in Aspen HYSYS—A Study on the Effect of Reforming Activity on Distributed Performance Profiles, Carbon Formation, and Anode Oxidation Risk. Processes, 8 (3),

Ahmed, Rabia, Bashir, Amreen, Brown, James E P, Cox, Jonathan A G, Hilton, Anthony C, Hilton, Charlotte E, Lambert, Peter A, Theodosiou, Eirini, Tritter, Jonathan Q, Watkin, Samuel J and Worthington, Tony (2020). The drugs don't work:evaluation of educational theatre to gauge and influence public opinion on antimicrobial resistance. Journal of Hospital Infection, 104 (2), pp. 193-197.

Alamino, R.C. (2020). An Agent-Based Lattice Model for the Emergence of Anti-Microbial Resistance. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 486 ,

Azmat, Muhammad and Kummer, Sebastian (2020). Potential applications of unmanned ground and aerial vehicles to mitigate challenges of transport and logistics-related critical success factors in the humanitarian supply chain. Asian Journal of Sustainability and Social Responsibility, 5 ,


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Etim, Nyong-bassey Bassey, Giaouris, Damian, Patsios, Charalampos, Papadopoulou, Simira, Papadopoulos, Athanasios I., Walker, Sara, Voutetakis, Spyros, Seferlis, Panos and Gadoue, Shady (2020). Reinforcement learning based adaptive power pinch analysis for energy management of stand-alone hybrid energy storage systems considering uncertainty. Energy, 193 ,


Farooq, Muhammad, Hamayoun, Ahsan, Naqvi, Muhammad, Nawaz, Saad, Usman, Muhammad, Naqvi, Salman Raza, Imran, Muhammad, Nadeem, Rida, Razi, Allah, Turan, Ahmet, Pettinau, Alberto and Andresen, John M. (2020). Thermodynamic performance analysis of hydrofluoroolefins (HFO) refrigerants in commercial air-conditioning systems for sustainable environment. Processes, 8 (2),


Garcia-Dominguez, Antonio, Hinkel, Georg and Křikava, Filip (2020). Preface to: Proceedings of the 12th Transformation Tool Contest co-located with the 2019 Software Technologies: Applications and Foundations (STAF 2019). CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 2550 ,

García-Domínguez, Antonio and Hinkel, Georg (2020). The TTC 2019 Live case:BibTex to docbook. CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 2550 , pp. 61-65.

García-Domínguez, Antonio and Hinkel, Georg (2020). Truth tables to binary decision diagrams. CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 2550 , pp. 3-7.

Ghorbannezhad, Payam, Park, Sunkyu and Onwudili, Jude A. (2020). Co-pyrolysis of biomass and plastic waste over zeolite- and sodium-based catalysts for enhanced yields of hydrocarbon products. Waste Management, 102 , pp. 909-918.

Giannoccaro, Maria Pia, Wright, Sukhvir K. and Vincent, Angela (2020). In vivo Mechanisms of Antibody-Mediated Neurological Disorders:Animal Models and Potential Implications. Frontiers in Neurology, 10 ,

Grist, James T., Withey, Stephanie, Macpherson, Lesley, Oates, Adam, Powell, Stephen, Novak, Jan, Abernethy, Laurence, Pizer, Barry, Grundy, Richard, Bailey, Simon, Mitra, Dipayan, Arvanitis, Theodoros N., Auer, Dorothee P., Avula, Shivaram and Peet, Andrew C (2020). Distinguishing between paediatric brain tumour types using multi-parametric magnetic resonance imaging and machine learning: a multi-site study. NeuroImage: Clinical, 25 ,

Guarnieri, Patricia, Streit, Jorge and Batista, Luciano (2020). Reverse logistics and the sectoral agreement of packaging industry in Brazil towards a transition to circular economy. Resources, conservation and recycling, 153 ,


Hall, Amanda, Northstone, Kate, Iles-Caven, Yasmin, Ellis, Genette, Gregory, Steve, Golding, Jean and Pembrey, Marcus (2020). Intolerance of loud sounds in childhood:Is there an intergenerational association with grandmaternal smoking in pregnancy? PLoS ONE, 15 (2),

Harrison, Chloe (2020). 'The truth is we're watching each other': Voiceover narration as 'split-self' presentation in The Handmaid's Tale TV series. Language and Literature, 29 (1), pp. 22-38.

Henry, Rebecca, Massey, Ruth, Morgan, Kathy, Deeks, Johanne, MacFarlane, Hannah, Holmes, Nikki and Silva, Edward (2020). Evaluation of the effectiveness and acceptability of intramuscular clozapine injection:illustrative case series. BJPsych Bulletin, 44 (6), pp. 239-243.

Ho, W. H., Tshimanga, I. J., Ngoepe, M. N., Jermy, M. C. and Geoghegan, P. H. (2020). Evaluation of a Desktop 3D Printed Rigid Refractive-Indexed-Matched Flow Phantom for PIV Measurements on Cerebral Aneurysms. Cardiovascular Engineering and Technology, 11 (1), pp. 14-23.

Hossain, A. K., Refahtalab, P., Omran, A., Smith, D. I. and Davies, P. A. (2020). An experimental study on performance and emission characteristics of an IDI diesel engine operating with neat oil-diesel blend emulsion. Renewable energy, 146 , pp. 1041-1050.


Islam, Mohammed Monjurul (2020). Development of a new synthetic polymerisation technique for the fabrication of speciality block copolymers. Masters thesis, Aston University.


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Luger, Michiel H.a., Mcalinden, Colm, Buckhurst, Phillip J., Wolffsohn, James S., Verma, Shwetabh and Arba-mosquera, Samuel (2020). Long-term Outcomes After LASIK Using a Hybrid Bi-aspheric Micro-monovision Ablation Profile for Presbyopia Correction. Journal of Refractive Surgery, 36 (2), pp. 89-96.


Mardanbegi, Diako, Wilcockson, Thomas D.W., Killick, Rebecca, Xia, Baiqiang, Gellersen, Hans, Sawyer, Peter and Crawford, Trevor J. (2020). A comparison of post-saccadic oscillations in European-Born and China-Born British University Undergraduates. PLoS ONE, 15 (2),

Marinelli, Chiara Valeria, Zoccolotti, Pierluigi and Romani, Cristina (2020). The ability to learn new written words is modulated by language orthographic consistency. PLoS ONE, 15 (2),

Mickiewicz, Tomasz and Rebmann, Anna (2020). Entrepreneurship as Trust. Foundations and Trends in Entrepreneurship, 16 (3), pp. 244-309.

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Naik, Nitin, Jenkins, Paul, Gillett, Jonathan, Mouratidis, Haralambos, Naik, Kshirasagar and Song, Jingping (2020). Lockout-Tagout Ransomware:A Detection Method for Ransomware using Fuzzy Hashing and Clustering. IN: 2019 IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence, SSCI 2019. 2019 IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence, SSCI 2019 . CHN: IEEE.

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Palermo, Liana, MacDonald, Anita, Limback, Ellie, Robertson, Louise, Howe, Sarah, Geberhiwot, Tarekegn and Romani, Cristina (2020). Emotional health in early-treated adults with phenylketonuria (PKU):Relationship with cognitive abilities and blood phenylalanine. Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, 42 (2), pp. 142-159.

Piavchenko, Gennadii A., Seryogina, Evgeniya S., Kandurova, Ksenia Yu, Shupletsov, Valery V., Kozlov, Igor O., Stavtsev, Dmitry D., Stelmashchuk, Olga A., Zherebtsov, Evgeny A., Dremin, Viktor V., Alekseyev, Aleksander G., Kuznetsov, Sergey L., Dunaev, Andrey V. and Meglinski, Igor V. (2020). Brain metabolism changes in cases of impaired breathing or blood circulation in rodents evaluated by real time optical spectroscopy methods. Progress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging - Proceedings of SPIE, 11234 ,

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Scantamburlo, Matthias (2020). The 2018 South Tyrolean Election and the Consociational System of Democracy: Stability Amidst Change? European Yearbook of Minority Issues Online, 17 (1), pp. 212-232.

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