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Apostolo, Joao, Holland, Carol, O'Connell, Matthew D.L., Feeney, Joanne, Tabares-Seisdedos, Rafael, Tadros, George, Campos, Elzbieta, Santos, Nadine, Robertson, Deirdre A., Marcucci, Maura, Varela-Nieto, Isabel, Crespo-Facorro, Benedicto, Vieta, Eduard, Navarro-Pardo, Esperanza, Selva-Vera, Gabriel, Balanzá-Martínez, Vicent and Cano, Antonio (2016). Mild cognitive decline. A position statement of the Cognitive Decline Group of the European Innovation Partnership for Active and Healthy Ageing (EIPAHA). Maturitas, 83 , pp. 83-93.


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d’Alessandro, Angelo, Nemkov, Travis, Sun, Kaiqi, Liu, Hong, Song, Anren, Monte, Andrew A., Subudhi, Andrew W., Lovering, Andrew T., Dvorkin, Daniel, Julian, Colleen G., Kevil, Christopher G., Kolluru, Gopi K., Shiva, Sruti, Gladwin, Mark T., Xia, Yang, Hansen, Kirk C. and Roach, Robert C. (2016). AltitudeOmics: Red Blood Cell metabolic adaptation to high altitude hypoxia. Journal of Proteome Research, 15 (10), pp. 3883-3895.


Esfahani, Siavash, Sagar, Nidhi M., Kyrou, Ioannis, Mozdiak, Ella, O'Connell, Nicola, Nwokolo, Chuka, Bardhan, Karna D., Arasaradnam, Ramesh P. and Covington, James A. (2016). Variation in gas and volatile compound emissions from human urine as it ages, measured by an electronic nose. Biosensors, 6 (1),


Guo, Dongqing, Gu, Junzhong, Jiang, Hui, Ahmed, Asif, Zhang, Zhiren and Gu, Yuchun (2016). Inhibition of pyruvate kinase M2 by reactive oxygen species contributes to the development of pulmonary arterial hypertension. Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology, 91 , pp. 179-187.

Guo, Dongqing, Liang, Shenghui, Wang, Su, Tang, Chengchun, Yao, Bin, Wan, Wenhui, Zhang, Hailing, Jiang, Hui, Ahmed, Asif, Zhang, Zhiren and Gu, Yuchun (2016). Role of epithelial Na+ channels in endothelial function. Journal of Cell Science, 129 (2), pp. 290-297.


Hardy, Rowan S., Doig, Craig L., Hussain, Zahrah, O'Leary, Mary, Morgan, Stuart A., Pearson, Mark J., Naylor, Amy, Jones, Simon W., Filer, Andrew, Stewart, Paul M., Buckley, Christopher D., Lavery, Gareth G., Cooper, Mark S. and Raza, Karim (2016). 11β-Hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 within muscle protects against the adverse effects of local inflammation. Journal of Pathology, 240 (4), pp. 472-483.

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Hu, Jiamiao, Kyrou, Ioannis, Tan, Bee K., Dimitriadis, Georgios K., Ramanjaneya, Manjunath, Tripathi, Gyanendra, Patel, Vanlata, James, Sean, Kawan, Mohamed, Chen, Jing and Randeva, Harpal S. (2016). Short-chain fatty acid acetate stimulates adipogenesis and mitochondrial biogenesis via GPR43 in brown adipocytes. Endocrinology, 157 (5), pp. 1881-1894.


Kantidakis, Theodoros, Saponaro, Marco, Mitter, Richard, Horswell, Stuart, Kranz, Andrea, Boeing, Stefan, Aygün, Ozan, Kelly, Gavin P., Matthews, Nik, Stewart, Aengus, Stewart, A. Francis and Svejstrup, Jesper Q. (2016). Mutation of cancer driver MLL2 results in transcription stress and genome instability. Genes and Development, 30 (4), pp. 408-420.

Kolluru, Gopi K., Prasai, Priya K., Kaskas, Amir M., Letchuman, Vijay and Pattillo, Christopher B. (2016). Oxygen tension, H2S, and NO bioavailability:is there an interaction? Journal of Applied Physiology, 120 (2), pp. 263-270.


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Lau, Sarah, Georgousopoulou, Ekavi, Kellett, Jane, Thomas, Jackson, McKune, Andrew, Mellor, Duane, Roach, Paul and Naumovski, Nenad (2016). The Effect of Dietary Supplementation of Green Tea Catechins on Cardiovascular Disease Risk Markers in Humans: A Systematic Review of Clinical Trials. Beverages, 2 (2),

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Mead, Ben, Hill, Lisa J., Blanch, Richard J., Ward, Kelly, Logan, Ann, Berry, Martin, Leadbeater, Wendy and Scheven, Ben A. (2016). Mesenchymal stromal cell-mediated neuroprotection and functional preservation of retinal ganglion cells in a rodent model of glaucoma. Cytotherapy, 18 (4), pp. 487-496.

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Moyon, Sarah, Huynh, Jimmy l., Dutta, Dipankar, Zhang, Fan, Ma, Dan, Yoo, Seungyeul, Lawrence, Rebecca, Wegner, Michael, John, Gareth r., Emery, Ben, Lubetzki, Catherine, Franklin, Robin j.m., Fan, Guoping, Zhu, Jun, Dupree, Jeffrey l. and Casaccia, Patrizia (2016). Functional Characterization of DNA Methylation in the Oligodendrocyte Lineage. Cell Reports, 15 (4), pp. 748-760.


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Pearson, Mark J., Philp, Ashleigh M., Heward, James A., Roux, Benoit T., Walsh, David A., Davis, Edward T., Lindsay, Mark A. and Jones, Simon W. (2016). Long Intergenic Noncoding RNAs Mediate the Human Chondrocyte Inflammatory Response and Are Differentially Expressed in Osteoarthritis Cartilage. Arthritis and Rheumatology, 68 (4), pp. 845-856.


Schwarz, Konstantin, Singh, Satnam, Parasuraman, Satish Kumar, Bruce, Maggie, Shepstone, Lee, Feelisch, Martin, Minnion, Magdalena, Ahmad, Shakil, Horowitz, John, Dawson, Dana K. and Frenneaux, Michael P. (2016). A randomized double-blind placebo-controlled crossover trial of sodium nitrate in patients with stable angina INAS. Future Cardiology, 12 (6), pp. 617-626.

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Sterliński, M, Sokal, A, Lenarczyk, R, Van, Heuverswyn F, Rinaldi, CA, Vanderheyden, M, Khalameizer, V, Francis, D, Heynens, J, Stegemann, B and Cornelussen, R (2016). In Heart Failure Patients with Left Bundle Branch Block Single Lead MultiSpot Left Ventricular Pacing Does Not Improve Acute Hemodynamic Response To Conventional Biventricular Pacing. A Multicenter Prospective, Interventional, Non-Randomized Study. PLoS ONE, 11 (4),


Tadros, George (2016). Intelligent outcome measures in liaison psychiatry:essential even if not desirable. Commentary on... a multidimensional Framework for Routine Outcome Measurement in Liaison Psychiatry (FROM-LP). BJPsych Bulletin, 40 (4), pp. 195-198.

Tadros, George (2016). Intelligent outcome measures in liaison psychiatry:essential even if not desirable. Commentary on... a multidimensional Framework for Routine Outcome Measurement in Liaison Psychiatry (FROM-LP). Transactions of the Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers, 40 (4), pp. 195-198.

Tambalis, Konstantinos D., Panagiotakos, Demosthenes B., Georgousopoulou, Ekavi N., Mellor, Duane D., Chrysohoou, Christina, Kouli, Georgia Maria, Tousoulis, Dimitrios, Stefanadis, Christodoulos and Pitsavos, Christos (2016). Impact of physical activity category on incidence of cardiovascular disease:Results from the 10-year follow-up of the ATTICA Study (2002–2012). Preventive Medicine, 93 , pp. 27-32.

Taylor, Robin J., Umar, Fraz, Lin, Erica L S, Ahmed, Amar, Moody, William E., Mazur, Wojciech, Stegemann, Berthold, Townend, Jonathan N., Steeds, Richard P. and Leyva, Francisco (2016). Mechanical effects of left ventricular midwall fibrosis in non-ischemic cardiomyopathy. Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance, 18 (1),


Vrbikova, Jana, Kunesova, Marie, Kyrou, Ioannis, Tura, Andrea, Hill, Martin, Grimmichova, Tereza, Dvorakova, Katerina, Sramkova, Petra, Dolezalova, Karin, Lischkova, Olga, Vcelak, Josef, Hainer, Vojtech, Bendlova, Bela, Kumar, Sudhesh and Fried, Martin (2016). Insulin sensitivity and secretion in obese Type 2 diabetic women after various bariatric operations. Obesity Facts, 9 (6), pp. 410-423.


Wang, Qingyi, Zhang, Huiyuan, Xu, Hao, Guo, Dongqing, Shi, Hui, Li, Yuan, Zhang, Weiwei and Gu, Yuchun (2016). 5-HTR3 and 5-HTR4 located on the mitochondrial membrane and functionally regulated mitochondrial functions. Scientific Reports, 6 ,

Watanabe, Yosuke, Murdoch, Colin E., Sano, Soichi, Ido, Yasuo, Bachschmid, Markus M., Cohen, Richard A. and Matsui, Reiko (2016). Glutathione adducts induced by ischemia and deletion of glutaredoxin-1 stabilize HIF-1α and improve limb revascularization. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 113 (21), pp. 6011-6016.

Williams, Jackson, Kellett, Jane, Roach, Paul, Mellor, Duane, McKune, Andrew, Thomas, Jackson and Naumovski, Nenad (2016). l-Theanine as a Functional Food Additive: Its Role in Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. Beverages, 2 (2),


Xu, Hao, Zhao, Manxi, Liang, Shenghui, Huang, Quanshu, Xiao, Yunchuan, Ye, Liang, Wang, Qinyi, He, Longmei, Ma, Lanxiang, Zhang, Hua, Zhang, Li, Jiang, Hui, Ke, Xiao and Gu, Yuchun (2016). The Effects of Puerarin on Rat Ventricular Myocytes and the Potential Mechanism. Scientific Reports, 6 (4),


Yetik-Anacak, Gunay, Sevin, Gulnur, Ozzayim, Ozge, Dereli, Mehmet Vehbi and Ahmed, Asif (2016). Hydrogen sulfide:a novel mechanism for the vascular protection by resveratrol under oxidative stress in mouse aorta. Vascular Pharmacology, In pre ,


Zhou, L., Lyons-Rimmer, J., Ammoun, S., Müller, J., Lasonder, E., Sharma, V., Ercolano, E., Hilton, D., Taiwo, I., Barczyk, M. and Hanemann, C.O. (2016). The scaffold protein KSR1, a novel therapeutic target for the treatment of Merlin-deficient tumors. Oncogene, 35 (26), pp. 3443-3453.

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