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Al-Malaika, Sahar and Doudin, Khalid (2016). Vitamin E-stabilised UHMWPE for orthopaedic implants:quantitative determination of vitamin E and characterisation of its transformation products. Polymer Degradation and Stability, 125 , pp. 59-75.

Al-Rahbi, Amar S, Onwudili, Jude and Williams, Paul T (2016). Thermal decomposition and gasification of biomass pyrolysis gases using a hot bed of waste derived pyrolysis char. Bioresource Technology, 204 , pp. 71-79.

Alemany Server, R., Martens, D., Jans, K., Bienstman, P. and Hill, D. (2016). Advances towards reliable identification and concentration determination of rare cells in peripheral blood. Proceedings of SPIE - International Society for Optical Engineering, 9705 ,

Alturas, Ahmed M., Gadoue, Shady M., Zahawi, Bashar and Elgendy, Mohammed A. (2016). On the identifiability of steady-state induction machine models using external measurements. IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion, 31 (1), pp. 251-259.

Atkins, Judi and Finlayson, Alan (2016). 'As Shakespeare so memorably said...':Quotation, rhetoric, and the performance of politics. Political Studies, 64 (1), pp. 164-181.

Audain, Enrique, Ramos, Yassel, Hermjakob, Henning, Flower, Darren R. and Perez-Riverol, Yasset (2016). Accurate estimation of isoelectric point of protein and peptide based on amino acid sequences. Bioinformatics, 32 (6), pp. 821-827.

Babu, Nishat (2016). Employee social responsibility:development of an ESR measure and a multi-level investigation of antecedent and boundary conditions. PHD thesis, Aston University.

Ben Abda, A., Johansson, B.T. and Khalfallah, S. (2016). Leak identification in saturated unsteady flow via a Cauchy problem. Applied Mathematical Modelling, 41 , pp. 25-36.

Bennett, James A., Wilson, Karen and Lee, Adam F. (2016). Catalytic applications of waste derived materials. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 4 (10), pp. 3617-3637.

Benton, David M. (2016). Concurrent codes:a holographic-type encoding robust against noise and loss. PLoS ONE, 11 (3),

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Buttigieg, Sandra Catherine, Dey, Prasanta Kumar and Cassar, Mary Rose (2016). Combined quality function deployment and logical framework analysis to improve quality of emergency care in Malta. International Journal of Health Care Quality assurance, 29 (2), pp. 123-140.

Calice, Giovanni, Ioannidis, Christos and Miao, RongHui (2016). A Markov switching unobserved component analysis of the CDX index term premium. International Review of Financial Analysis, 44 , pp. 189-204.

Cartledge, John C., Ellis, Andrew D., Shiner, Andrew, El-Rahman, A.I.A., McCarthy, Mary, Reimer, Michael, Borowiec, Andrzej and Kashi, Aazar (2016). Signal processing techniques for reducing the impact of fiber nonlinearities on system performance. IN: Optical Fiber Communication Conference 2016. USA: Optical Society of America (OSA).

Chen, Xianfeng, Liu, Chen, Cardoso, Marcos R., Mendonça, Cleber R., Nagel, David A., Hine, Anna V. and Zhang, Lin (2016). Label-free oligonucleotide biosensor based on dual-peak long period fiber grating. IN: Optical Fibers and Sensors for Medical Diagnostics and Treatment Applications XVI. Gannot, Israel (ed.) SPIE Proceedings . USA: SPIE.

Croker, Steve and Knibb, Rebecca C (2016). The Role of Outcome and Experience in Hypothesis Testing about Food Allergy. Health Psychology Update, 25 (1), pp. 17-26.

Cuschieri, Ronald (2016). A holistic supply chain integration theoretical framework within the Maltese manufacturing SMEs. PHD thesis, Aston University.

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Eisend, Martin, Evanschitzky, Heiner and Calantone, Roger J. (2016). The relative advantage of marketing over technological capabilities in influencing new product performance:the moderating role of country institutions. Journal of International Marketing, 24 (1), pp. 41-56.

Ellis, A.D., Mac Suibhne, N., Saad, D. and Payne, D.N. (2016). Communication networks beyond the capacity crunch. Philosophical Transactions A, 374 (2062),

Ellis, Andrew and McCarthy, Mary (2016). Impact of optical phase conjugation on the Shannon capacity limit. IN: Optical Fiber Communication Conference 2016. USA: Optical Society of America (OSA).

Ferreira, Filipe, MacSuibhne, Naoise, Sánchez, Christian, Sygletos, Stylianos and Ellis, Andrew D. (2016). Advantages of strong mode coupling for suppression of nonlinear distortion in few-mode fibers. IN: Optical Fiber Communication Conference 2016. USA: Optical Society of America (OSA).

Gan, Chun, Wu, Jianhua, Yang, Shiyou, Hu, Yihua and Cao, Wenping (2016). Wavelet packet decomposition-based fault diagnosis scheme for SRM drives with a single current sensor. IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion, 31 (1), pp. 303-313.

Gorodetsky, Andrei, Bazieva, Natalia and Rafailov, Edik U. (2016). Quantum-dot based ultrafast photoconductive antennae for efficient THz radiation. IN: Synthesis and Photonics of Nanoscale Materials XIII. Kabashin, Andrei V.; Geohegan, David B. and Dubowski, Jan J. (eds) SPIE Proceedings . USA: SPIE.

Granger, Kiri T., Moran, Paula M., Buckley, Matthew G. and Haselgrove, Mark (2016). Enhanced latent inhibition in high schizotypy individuals. Personality and Individual Differences, 91 , pp. 31-39.

Green, DJ, Jordan, KP, Protheroe, J and van, der Windt DA (2016). Development of hand phenotypes and changes in hand pain and problems over time in older people. Pain, 157 (3), pp. 569-576.

Gutiérrez, Fernando A., Martin, Eamonn P., Perry, Philip, Ellis, Andrew D. and Barry, Liam (2016). All-analogue real-time filter bank OFDM over 50 Km of SSMF using a novel synchronization technique. IN: Optical Fiber Communication Conference 2016. OSA Technical Digest . USA: Optical Society of America (OSA).

Hafner-Fink, Mitja, Nowak, Meta, Fink-Hafner, Danica, Eising, Rainer, Rasch, Daniel and Rozbicka, Patrycja (2016). Giants and dwarfs:the multilevel lobbying strategies of national interest organizations. Teorija in Praksa, 53 (3), pp. 605-624.

Hakobyan, Lilit (2016). Engaging older adults with age-related macular degeneration in the design and evaluation of mobile assistive technologies. PHD thesis, Aston University.

Harris, Margaret (2016). Where did we come from? The emergence and early development of voluntary sector studies in the UK. Voluntary Sector Review, 7 (1), pp. 5-25.

Ioannidis, Christos, Pym, David and Williams, Julian (2016). Is public co-ordination of investment in information security desirable? Journal of Information Security, 7 , pp. 60-80.

Jüttner, Martin, Wakui, Ellie, Petters, Dean D and Davidoff, Jules (2016). Developmental commonalities between object and face recognition in adolescence. Frontiers in Psychology, 7 ,

Kenyon, Sara, Jolly, Kate, Hemming, Karla, Hope, Lucy, Blissett, Jackie, Dann, Sophie-anna, Lilford, Richard and Macarthur, Christine (2016). Lay support for pregnant women with social risk: a randomised controlled trial. BMJ Open, 6 (3),

Kitchen, Philip, Conner, Matthew T., Bill, Roslyn M. and Conner, Alex C. (2016). Structural determinants of oligomerization of the aquaporin-4 channel. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 291 (13), pp. 6858-6871.

Kundrát, Vojtech (2016). An investigation of diamond thin film deposition on steel substrates. PHD thesis, Aston University.

Lane, Jacqueline M., Vlasac, Irma, Anderson, Simon G., Kyle, Simon D., Dixon, William G., Bechtold, David A., Gill, Shubhroz, Little, Max A., Luik, Annemarie, Loudon, Andrew, Emsley, Richard, Scheer, Frank A.J.L., Lawlor, Deborah A., Redline, Susan, Ray, David W., Rutter, Martin K. and Saxena, Richa (2016). Genome-wide association analysis identifies novel loci for chronotype in 100,420 individuals from the UK Biobank. Nature Communications, 7 ,

Le, S.T., Phillips, I.D., Prilepsky, J.E., Harper, P., Doran, N.J., Ellis, A.D. and Turitsyn, S.K. (2016). First experimental demonstration of nonlinear inverse synthesis transmission over transoceanic distances. IN: Optical Fiber Communication Conference 2016. OSA Technical Digest . USA: Optical Society of America (OSA).

Lee, Kisung, Kinnunen, Matti, Khokhlova, Maria D., Lyubin, Evgeny V., Priezzhev, Alexander V., Meglinski, Igor and Fedyanin, Andrey A. (2016). Optical tweezers study of red blood cell aggregation and disaggregation in plasma and protein solutions. Journal of Biomedical Optics, 21 (3),

Lohrey, Sven (2016). The effects of servant leadership on follower performance and well-being:underlying mechanisms, boundary conditions, and the role of training. PHD thesis, Aston University.

Lungare, Shital, Bowen, James and Badhan, Raj (2016). Development and evaluation of a novel intranasal spray for the delivery of amantadine. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 105 (3), pp. 1209-1220.

Luo, Yiyang, Xu, Zhilin, Sun, Qizhen, Li, Borui, Shum, Perry Ping, Zhang, Lin and Liu, Deming (2016). Controllable group delay in a θ-shaped microfiber resonator with coupled-resonator-induced transparency. IN: Optical Fiber Communication Conference 2016. USA: Optical Society of America (OSA).

Maidment, Ian D., Aston, Lydia, Hilton, Andrea, Iqbal, Naveed, Child, Anne and Shaw, Rachel (2016). Role of community pharmacists in the use of antipsychotics for behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD):a qualitative study. BMJ Open, 6 (3),

Maidment, Ian D., Shaw, Rachel L., Killick, Kirsty, Damery, Sarah, Hilton, Andrea, Wilcock, Jane, Barnes, Nigel, Brown, Graeme, Gillespie, Sarah, Fox, Chris, Barton, Garry, Iliffe, Steve and Seare, Nichola (2016). Improving the management of behaviour that challenges associated with dementia in care homes:protocol for pharmacy-health psychology intervention feasibility study. BMJ Open, 6 (3),

Manayil, Jinesh C., Inocencio, Carlos V.M., Lee, Adam F. and Wilson, Karen (2016). Mesoporous sulfonic acid silicas for pyrolysis bio-oil upgrading via acetic acid esterification. Green Chemistry, 18 (5), pp. 1387-1394.

Marcos, J. Víctor, Hornero, Roberto, Nabney, Ian T., Álvarez, Daniel, Gutiérrez-Tobal, Gonzalo C. and del Campo, Félix (2016). Regularity analysis of nocturnal oximetry recordings to assist in the diagnosis of sleep apnoea syndrome. Medical Engineering and Physics, 38 (3), pp. 216-224.

McCreight, Laura J., Bailey, Clifford J. and Pearson, Ewan R. (2016). Metformin and the gastrointestinal tract. Diabetologia, 59 (3), pp. 426-435.

Montoya, C.A., Gómez, C.F., Paninho, A.B., Nunes, A.V.M., Mahmudov, K.T., Najdanovic-Visak, V., Martins, L.M.D.R.S., Guedes Da Silva, M.F.C., Pombeiro, A.J.L. and Nunes Da Ponte, M. (2016). Cyclic carbonate synthesis from CO2and epoxides using zinc(II) complexes of arylhydrazones of β-diketones. Journal of Catalysis, 335 , pp. 135-140.

Nagle, Mark (2016). The association between glycated haemoglobin levels and P100 visual evoked potentials in diabetes mellitus. PHD thesis, Aston University.

Nakubulwa, Mable (2016). Developing multidimensional metrics for evaluating paediatric neurodevelopmental disorders. PHD thesis, Aston University.

Omonedo, Priscilla (2016). Factors that influence the successful adoption of m-Commerce via SIM-enabled devices in Nigeria. PHD thesis, Aston University.

Orfi, Jamel, Loussif, Nizar and Davies, Philip A. (2016). Heat and mass transfer in membrane distillation used for desalination with slip flow. Desalination, 381 , pp. 135-142.

Orme, Richard (2016). A systems approach to developing a unified methodology and deployment model to help maximize impact of lean thinking and six sigma in organizations. PHD thesis, Aston University.

Palmer, Scott, Litvinova, Karina, Dunaev, Andrey, Fleming, Stewart, McGloin, David and Nabi, Ghulam (2016). Changes in autofluorescence based organoid model of muscle invasive urinary bladder cancer. Biomedical Optics Express, 7 (4), pp. 1193-1201.

Patman, Robert and Southgate, Laura (2016). Globalization, the Obama administration and the refashioning of US exceptionalism. International Politics, 53 (2), pp. 220-238.

Pearson, Mark J., Philp, Ashleigh M., Heward, James A., Roux, Benoit T., Walsh, David A., Davis, Edward T., Lindsay, Mark A. and Jones, Simon W. (2016). Long Intergenic Noncoding RNAs Mediate the Human Chondrocyte Inflammatory Response and Are Differentially Expressed in Osteoarthritis Cartilage. Arthritis and Rheumatology, 68 (4), pp. 845-856.

Pennington, Charlotte, Qureshi, Adam, Monk, Rebecca L and Heim, Derek (2016). The effects of stereotype threat and contextual cues on alcohol users' inhibitory control. Addictive Behaviors, 54 , pp. 12-17.

Perez Esteban, Patricia, Jenkins, A. Toby A. and Arnot, Tom C. (2016). Elucidation of the mechanisms of action of Bacteriophage K/nano-emulsion formulations against S. aureus via measurement of particle size and zeta potential. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 139 , pp. 87-94.

Petridis, Konstantinos, Chatzigeorgiou, Alexander and Stiakakis, Emmanouil (2016). A spatiotemporal Data Envelopment Analysis (S-T DEA) approach:the need to assess evolving units. Annals of Operations Research, 238 (1-2), pp. 475-496.

Pietrosanti, Stefano, Holderbaum, William and Becerra, Victor (2016). Optimal Power Management Strategy for Energy Storage with Stochastic Loads. Energies, 9 (3),

Poole, Andrew (2016). The integration of ProxiMAX randomisation with CIS display for the production of novel peptides. PHD thesis, Aston University.

Preuss, Kathrin, Kannuchamy, Vasanth Kumar, Marinovic, Adam, Isaacs, Mark, Wilson, Karen, Abrahams, Isaac and Titirici, Maria-Magdalena (2016). Bio-inspired carbon electro-catalysis for the oxygen reduction reaction. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 25 (2), pp. 228-235.

Ranieri, Giuseppe, Mazzei, Rosalinda, Wu, Zhentao, Li, Kang and Giorno, Lidietta (2016). Use of a ceramic membrane to improve the performance of two-separate-phase biocatalytic membrane reactor. Molecules, 21 (3),

Redyuk, Alexey, Stephens, Marc F.C. and Doran, Nick (2016). Characterisation of cascaded Raman-assisted fibre optical parametric amplifiers using WDM QPSK signals. IN: Optical Fiber Communication Conference 2016. OSA Technical Digest . USA: Optical Society of America (OSA).

Rodríguez-Espíndola, Oscar (2016). A multi-organisational approach for disaster preparedness and response:the use of optimisation and GIS for facility location, stock pre-positioning, resource allocation and relief distribution. PHD thesis, Aston University.

Rodríguez-Espíndola, Oscar, Albores, Pavel and Brewster, Christopher (2016). GIS and optimisation:potential benefits for emergency facility location in humanitarian logistics. Geosciences, 6 (2),

Rozbicka, Patrycja (2016). Policy ideas through the prism of knowledge regimes and framing. Interest Groups and Advocacy, 5 (1), pp. 107-112.

Rozbicka, Patrycja and Spohr, Florian (2016). Interest groups in multiple streams:specifying their involvement in the framework. Policy Sciences, 49 (1), pp. 55-69.

Röder, Mirjam and Thornley, Patricia (2016). Bioenergy as climate change mitigation option within a 2 °C target—uncertainties and temporal challenges of bioenergy systems. Energy, Sustainability and Society, 6 (1),

Santosh, Paramala, Tarver, Joanne, Gibbons, Felicity, Vitoratou, Silia and Simonoff, Emily (2016). Protocol for the development and validation of a questionnaire to assess concerning behaviours and mental health in individuals with autism spectrum disorders:the Assessment of Concerning Behaviour (ACB) scale. BMJ Open, 6 (3),

Sharma, Arun and Evanschitzky, Heiner (2016). Returns on key accounts:do the results justify the expenditures? Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, 31 (2), pp. 174-182.

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Sugavanam, Srikanth, Fabbri, Simon, Le, Son Thai, Lobach, Ivan, Kablukov, Sergey, Khorev, Serge and Churkin, Dmitry (2016). Real-time high-resolution heterodyne-based measurements of spectral dynamics in fibre lasers. Scientific Reports, 6 ,

Szantoi, Zoltan, Brink, Andreas, Buchanan, Graeme, Bastin, Lucy, Lupi, Andrea, Simonetti, Dario, Mayaux, Philippe, Peedell, Stephen and Davy, James (2016). A simple remote sensing based information system for monitoring sites of conservation importance. Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation ,

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Yadav, Amit, Titkov, Ilya, Sokolovskii, Grigorii S., Karpov, Sergey Yu, Dudelev, Vladislav V., Soboleva, Ksenya K., Strassburg, Martin, Pietzonka, Ines, Lugauer, Hans-Juergen and Rafailov, Edik U. (2016). AlGaInP red-emitting light emitting diode under extremely high pulsed pumping. IN: Light-emitting diodes. Jeon, Heonsu; Tu, Li-Wei; Krames, Michael R. and Strassburg, Martin (eds) SPIE proceedings . GBR: SPIE.

Yan, Zhijun, Mou, Chengbo, Wang, Yishan, Li, Jianfeng, Zhang, Zuxing, Liu, Xianglian, Zhou, Kaiming and Zhang, Lin (2016). 45°-tilted fiber gratings and their application in ultrafast fiber lasers. IN: Fibre laser. Chandra Paul, Mukul (ed.) InTech.

Yu, Hye-Sun, Kim, Jung-Ju, Kim, Hae-Won, Lewis, Mark P and Wall, Ivan (2016). Impact of mechanical stretch on the cell behaviors of bone and surrounding tissues. Journal of Tissue Engineering, 7 ,

Yunusov, Timur, Frame, Damien, Holderbaum, William and Potter, Ben (2016). The impact of location and type on the performance of low-voltage network connected battery energy storage systems. Applied Energy, 165 , pp. 202-213.

Zarubina, Valeriya, Talebi, Hesamoddin, Jansma, Harrie, Góra-Marek, Kinga, Nederlof, Christian, Kapteijn, Freek, Makkee, Michiel and Melián-Cabrera, Ignacio (2016). On the thermal stabilization of carbon-supported SiO2 catalysts by phosphorus:evaluation in the oxidative dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene to styrene and a comparison with relevant catalysts. Applied Catalysis A: General, 514 , pp. 173-181.

Zhang, Fengge, Du, Guanghui, Wang, Tianyu, Wang, Fengxiang, Cao, Wenping and Kirtley, James L. (2016). Electromagnetic design and loss calculations of a 1.12-MW high-speed permanent-magnet motor for compressor applications. IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion, 31 (1), pp. 132-140.

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di Bella, Laura and Crisp, Richard (2016). Women’s adaptation to STEM domains promotes resilience and a lesser reliance on heuristic thinking. Group Processes and Intergroup Relations, 19 (2), pp. 184-201.

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