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Adams, A., Vail, L., Buckingham, C.D., Kidd, J., Weich, S. and Roter, D. (2014). Investigating the influence of African American and African Caribbean race on primary care doctors' decision making about depression. Social science and medicine, 116 , pp. 161-168.

Adnan, Muhammad, Lima, Antonio, Rossi, Luca, Veluru, Suresh, Longley, Paul, Musolesi, Mirco and Rajarajan, Muttukrishnan (2014). The uncertainty of identity toolset:analysing digital traces for user profiling. IN: SIN '14 : proceedings of the 7th international conference on Security of Information and Networks. GBR: ACM.

Alkhawaja, Linda (2014). The role of social agents in the translation into English of the novels of Naguib Mahfouz. PHD thesis, Aston University.

Azevedo, Alcino and Paxson, Dean (2014). Developing real option game models. European Journal of Operational Research, 237 (3), pp. 909-920.


Baker, Phillip, Kay, Adrian and Walls, Helen (2014). Trade and investment liberalization and Asia's noncommunicable disease epidemic: A synthesis of data and existing literature. Globalization and health, 10 ,

Bawa, Zharain, Routledge, Sarah J., Jamshad, Mohammed, Clare, Michelle, Sarkar, Debasmita, Dickerson, Ian, Ganzlin, Markus, Poyner, David R. and Bill, Roslyn M. (2014). Functional recombinant protein is present in the pre-induction phases of Pichia pastoris cultures when grown in bioreactors, but not shake-flasks. Microbial Cell Factories, 13 (1),

Boccia, M., Piccardi, L., Palermo, L., Nemmi, F., Sulpizio, V., Galati, G. and Guariglia, C. (2014). One's own country and familiar places in the mind's eye:different topological representations for navigational and non-navigational contents. Neuroscience Letters, 579 , pp. 52-57.

Bouchet, Freddy, Laurie, Jason and Zaboronski, Oleg (2014). Langevin dynamics, large deviations and instantons for the quasi-geostrophic model and two-dimensional Euler equations. Journal of Statistical Physics, 156 (6), pp. 1066-1092.


Cassim, Rizan, Talcott, Joel and Moores, Elisabeth (2014). Adults with dyslexia demonstrate large effects of crowding and detrimental effects of distractors in a visual tilt discrimination task. PLoS ONE, 9 (9),

Chen, Tao, Faniyi, Funmilade, Bahsoon, Rami, R. Lewis, Peter, Yao, Xin, Minku, Leandro L. and Esterle, Lukas (2014). The handbook of engineering self-aware and self-expressive systems. Technical Report. UNSPECIFIED.


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d'Huys, Otti, Jüngling, Thomas and Kinzel, Wolfgang (2014). Stochastic switching in delay-coupled oscillators. Physical Review E, 90 (3),


Fathalla, Radwa and Vogiatzis, George (2014). Multi-model fitting based on minimum spanning tree. IN: BMVC 2014 : proceedings of the British Machine Vision Conference 2014. Valstar, Michel; French, Andrew and Pridmore, Tony (eds) GBR: British Machine Vision Association, BMVA.

Fox, Chris, Smith, Toby, Maidment, Ian, Chan, Wei-Yee, Bua, Nelson, Myint, Phyo Kyaw, Boustani, Malaz, Kwok, Chun Shing, Glover, Michelle, Koopmans, Imogen and Campbell, Noll (2014). Effect of medications with anti-cholinergic properties on cognitive function, delirium, physical function and mortality:a systematic review. Age and Ageing, 43 (5), pp. 604-615.

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Gaffney, John (2014). Political leadership and the politics of performance:France, Syria and the chemical weapons crisis of 2013. French Politics, 12 (3), pp. 218-234.

Gialluisi, A., Newbury, D.F., Wilcutt, E.G., Olson, R.K., DeFries, J.C., Brandler, W.M., Pennington, B.F., Smith, S.D., Scerri, T.S., Simpson, N.H., SLI Consortium, Luciano, M., Evans, D.M., Bates, T.C., Stein, J.F., Talcott, J.B., Monaco, A.P., Paracchini, S., Francks, C. and Fisher, S.E. (2014). Genome-wide screening for DNA variants associated with reading and language traits. Genes, Brain and Behavior, 13 (7), 686–701.

Gibson, J.M. (2014). 25th RCOphth Congress, President's Session paper:25 years of progress in medical retina. Eye, 28 (9), pp. 1041-1052.

Grougiou, Vassiliki, Leventis, Stergios, Dedoulis, Emmanouil and Owusu-Ansah, Stephen (2014). Corporate social responsibility and earnings management in U.S. banks. Accounting Forum, 38 (3), pp. 155-169.


Hakobyan, Lilit, Lumsden, Jo and O'Sullivan, Dympna (2014). Participatory research with older adults with AMD:co-designing a SMART diet diary app. IN: HCI 2014 - Sand, Sea & Sky - Holiday HCI. GBR: BCS.

Hall, Lee (2014). Use of imaging technology to better understand soft contact lens fit dynamics. PHD thesis, Aston University.

Hanga, Mariana Petronela and Holdich, Richard G. (2014). Membrane emulsification for the production of uniform poly-N-isopropylacrylamide-coated alginate particles using internal gelation. Chemical Engineering Research and Design, 92 (9), pp. 1664-1673.

Harireche, Ouahid, Mehravar, Moura and Alani, Amir M. (2014). Soil conditions and bounds to suction during the installation of caisson foundations in sand. Ocean Engineering, 88 , pp. 164-173.

Hird, Matthew (2014). Synthesis of a molecularly tethered dual function germinant and antimicrobial agent. PHD thesis, Aston University.

Houldcroft, Laura, Farrow, Claire and Haycraft, Emma (2014). Perceptions of parental pressure to eat and eating behaviours in preadolescents:the mediating role of anxiety. Appetite, 80 , 61–69.

Huggins, Robert, Izushi, Hiro, Prokop, Daniel and Thompson, Piers (2014). Regional evolution and waves of growth:a knowledge-based perspective. Expert Systems with Applications, 41 (12), 5573–5586.


Jin, Guang-Zhen, Park, Jeong-Hui, Lee, Eun-Jung, Wall, Ivan B and Kim, Hae-Won (2014). Utilizing PCL microcarriers for high-purity isolation of primary endothelial cells for tissue engineering. Tissue engineering. Part C, Methods, 20 (9), pp. 761-768.


Karakuzu, H., Dubov, M. and Boscolo, S. (2014). Optimisation of micro-structured waveguides in lithium niobate (z-cut). IN: COMSOL Conference 2014 Cambridge. Churchill College, 2014-09-17 - 2014-09-19.

Kolpakov, Stanislav A., Sergeyev, Sergey, Mou, Chengbo, Gordon, Neil T. and Zhou, Kaiming (2014). Optimization of erbium-doped actively Q-switched fiber laser implemented in symmetric configuration. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 20 (5),


Lameras, Petros, Savin-Baden, Maggi, Petridis, Panagiotis, Dunwell, Ian and Liarokapis, Fotis (2014). Fostering science teachers' design for inquiry-based learning by using a serious game. IN: Proceedings - IEEE 14th International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, ICALT 2014. GRC: IEEE.

Le, Son Thai, Blow, Keith J., Mezentsev, Vladimir K. and Turitsyn, Sergei K. (2014). Bit error rate estimation methods for QPSK CO-OFDM transmission. Journal of Lightwave Technology, 32 (17), pp. 2951-2959.

Li, Kongjing, Tian, Gui Yun, Cheng, Liang, Yin, Aijun, Cao, Wenping and Crichton, Stuart (2014). State detection of bond wires in IGBT modules using eddy current pulsed thermography. IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, 29 (9), pp. 5000-5009.

Lloyd, Christine and Dey, Prasanta (2014). Supply chain integration in the UK bioenergy industry:findings from a pilot study. Journal of Cleaner Production, 79 , pp. 41-52.

Lowe, Pam, Jones, Demelza, West, Karen and Fuller, Crispian (2014). Experiences of families living in Kingshurst, North Solihull. Aston University.


Mahomed, Anisa and Tighe, Brian J. (2014). The design of contact lens based ocular drug delivery systems for single-day use:part (I) structural factors, surrogate ophthalmic dyes and passive diffusion studies. Journal of Biomaterials Applications, 29 (3), pp. 341-353.

McCracken, Sara and Edwards, John (2014). "Customer" knowledge management in healthcare. IN: Proceedings of the 15th European Conference on Knowledge Management. Vivas, Carla and Sequeira, Pedro (eds) PRT: Academic Conferences and Publishing International.

Mukherjee, Nilanjan (2014). A multi-modular second life hybrid battery energy storage system for utility grid applications. PHD thesis, Aston University.


Nagengast, Liane, Evanschitzky, Heiner, Blut, Markus and Rudolph, Thomas (2014). New insights in the moderating effect of switching costs on the satisfaction-repurchase behavior link. Journal of Retailing, 90 (3), pp. 408-427.

Nevo, Dorit and Kotlarsky, Julia (2014). Primary vendor capabilities in a mediated outsourcing model:can IT service providers leverage crowdsourcing? Decision Support Systems, 65 (C), pp. 17-27.

Nicol, Emma, Dunlop, Mark, Komninos, Andreas, McGee-Lennon, Marilyn, Baillie, Lynne, Edwards, Alistair, Eslambolchilar, Parisa, Goodman-Deane, Joy, Hakobyan, Lilit, Lumsden, Jo, Mulder, Ingrid, Rau, Patrick and Siek, Katie (2014). Re-imagining commonly used mobile interfaces for older adults. IN: MobileHCI '14 : proceedings of the 16th ACM international conference on Human-Computer interaction with Mobile devices and services. CAN: ACM.


Park, Kenneth S. and Kim, Ki P. (2014). Essential BIM input data study for housing refurbishment:Homeowners' preferences in the UK. Buildings, 4 (3), pp. 467-487.

Pyrko, Igor and Dörfler, Viktor (2014). SODA in qualitative research: Using cognitive mapping for analysing semi-structured interviews. IN: British Academy of Management Conference 2014. GBR: British Academy of Management.


Rana, Karan S., Griffiths, Helen R., Navas, Placido and Brown, James (2014). The interaction between metabolic disease and ageing. Global Journal of Obesity, Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome, 1 (1),

Reynolds, Lisa A., Harcus, Yvonne, Smith, Katherine A., Webb, Lauren M., Hewitson, James P., Ross, Ewan A., Brown, Sheila, Uematsu, Satoshi, Akira, Shizuo, Gray, David, Gray, Mohini, MacDonald, Andrew S., Cunningham, Adam F. and Maizels, Rick M. (2014). MyD88 signaling inhibits protective immunity to the gastrointestinal helminth parasite heligmosomoides polygyrus. Journal of Immunology, 193 (6), pp. 2984-2993.

Ritonga, Mara (2014). Exploration of metaphors used by Indonesian legislators and political elites in the Indonesian sociopolitical domain. PHD thesis, Aston University.


Senior, Carl and Howard, Chris (2014). Learning in friendship groups:developing students’ conceptual understanding through social interaction. Frontiers in Psychology, 5 ,

Shaheen, Fozia, Grammatopoulos, Dimitris K., Müller, Jürgen, Zammit, Victor A. and Lehnert, Hendrik (2014). Extra-nuclear telomerase reverse transcriptase (TERT) regulates glucose transport in skeletal muscle cells. BBA : Molecular Basis of Disease, 1842 (9), pp. 1762-1769.

Silva Portela, Maria Conceição A. and Thanassoulis, Emmanuel (2014). Economic efficiency when prices are not fixed:disentangling quantity and price efficiency. Omega (Elsevier), 47 , pp. 36-44.

Song, Meng (2014). The relationship between internationalisation and innovation:internationalisation strategies, foreign firms', patenting behaviour and FDI spillovers. PHD thesis, Aston University.

Sorokina, Irina T., Dvoyrin, Vladislav V., Tolstik, Nikolai and Sorokin, Evgeni (2014). Mid-IR Ultrashort Pulsed Fiber-Based Lasers. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 20 (5),

Sánchez-Luque, Francisco J., Stich, Michael, Manrubia, Susanna, Briones, Carlos and Berzal-Herranz, Alfredo (2014). Efficient HIV-1 inhibition by a 16 nt-long RNA aptamer designed by combining in vitro selection and in silico optimisation strategies. Scientific Reports, 4 ,


Taylor, J.S.H., Rastle, Kathleen and Davis, Matthew H. (2014). Distinct neural specializations for learning to read words and name objects. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 26 (9), pp. 2128-2154.


Yurkevich, Igor V. and Yevtushenko, Oleg M. (2014). Universal duality in a Luttinger liquid coupled to a generic environment. Physical Review B, 90 (11),

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