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Ademowo, Opeyemi Stella and Dias, Irundika Hk (2022). Circulating Oxysterols in Alzheimer’s disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. Redox Experimental Medicine ,

Aktaa, Suleman, Abdin, Amr, Arbelo, Elena, Burri, Haran, Vernooy, Kevin, Blomström-lundqvist, Carina, Boriani, Giuseppe, Defaye, Pascal, Deharo, Jean-claude, Drossart, Inga, Foldager, Dan, Gold, Michael R, Johansen, Jens Brock, Leyva-Leon, Francisco, Linde, Cecilia, Michowitz, Yoav, Kronborg, Mads Brix, Slotwiner, David, Steen, Torkel, Tolosana, José Maria, Tzeis, Stylianos, Varma, Niraj, Glikson, Michael, Nielsen, Jens Cosedis and Gale, Chris P (2022). European Society of Cardiology Quality Indicators for the care and outcomes of cardiac pacing:developed by the Working Group for Cardiac Pacing Quality Indicators in collaboration with the European Heart Rhythm Association of the European Society of Cardiology. Europace, 24 (1), pp. 165-172.

Anas, Shafeena, Kyrou, Ioannis, Rand-Weaver, Mariann and Karteris, Emmanouil (2022). The effect of online and in-person team-based learning (TBL) on undergraduate endocrinology teaching during COVID-19 pandemic. BMC Medical Education, 22 (1),

Androutsakos, Theodoros, Nasiri-Ansari, Narjes, Bakasis, Athanasios-Dimitrios, Kyrou, Ioannis, Efstathopoulos, Efstathios, Randeva, Harpal S. and Kassi, Eva (2022). SGLT-2 Inhibitors in NAFLD: Expanding Their Role beyond Diabetes and Cardioprotection? International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 23 (6),


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Boriani, Giuseppe, Vitolo, Marco and Leyva-Leon, Francisco (2022). Implantable cardioverter defibrillators for primary prevention of sudden cardiac death: what are the barriers to implementation in the “real world”? European Journal of Heart Failure, 24 (7), pp. 1223-1226.


Cooper, James J M, Polanco, Jessie J, Saraswat, Darpan, Peirick, Jennifer J, Seidl, Anna, Li, Yi, Ma, Dan and Sim, Fraser J (2022). Chronic demyelination of rabbit lesions is attributable to failed oligodendrocyte progenitor cell repopulation. Glia ,


Dias, Irundika H.K., Shokr, Hala, Shephard, Freya and Chakrabarti, Lisa (2022). Oxysterols and Oxysterol Sulfates in Alzheimer’s Disease Brain and Cerebrospinal Fluid. Journal of Alzheimer's disease, 87 (4), pp. 1527-1536.

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Filipe, Alice, Katopodis, Periklis, Chudasama, Dimple, Kerslake, Rachel, Jeyaneethi, Jeyarooban, Anikin, Vladimir, Silva, Elisabete, Kyrou, Ioannis, Randeva, Harpal S., Sisu, Cristina, Hall, Marcia and Karteris, Emmanouil (2022). Differential Expression of RAD51AP1 in Ovarian Cancer: Effects of siRNA In Vitro. Journal of Personalized Medicine, 12 (2),

Flessa, Christina-Maria, Nasiri-Ansari, Narjes, Kyrou, Ioannis, Leca, Bianca M., Lianou, Maria, Chatzigeorgiou, Antonios, Kaltsas, Gregory, Kassi, Eva and Randeva, Harpal S. (2022). Genetic and Diet-Induced Animal Models for Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) Research. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 23 (24),


Garriga, Roger, Mas, Javier, Abraha, Semhar, Nolan, Jon, Harrison, Oliver, Tadros, George and Matic, Aleksandar (2022). Machine learning model to predict mental health crises from electronic health records. Nature medicine, 28 (6), pp. 1240-1248.

George, Elena, Georgoupolou, Ekavi, Mellor, Duane, Chrysohoou, Christina, Pitasavos, Christos and Panagiotakos, Demosthenes (2022). Exploring the Path of Mediterranean Diet, Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) and Inflammation towards 10-Year Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Risk: The ATTICA Study 10-Year Follow-Up (2002–2012). Nutrients, 14 (12),

Gharanei, Seley, Ramanjaneya, Manjunath, Patel, Aaran Hitesh, Patel, Vanlata, Shabir, Kiran, Auld, Callum, Karteris, Emmanouil, Kyrou, Ioannis and Randeva, Harpal Singh (2022). NUCB2/Nesfatin-1 Reduces Obesogenic Diet Induced Inflammation in Mice Subcutaneous White Adipose Tissue. Nutrients, 14 (7),

Ghzaiel, Imen, Sassi, Khouloud, Zarrouk, Amira, Ghosh, Shubhrima, Dias, Irundika H K, Nury, Thomas, Ksila, Mohamed, Essadek, Soukaina, Tahri Joutey, Mounia, Brahmi, Fatiha, Mihoubi, Wafa, Rup-Jacques, Sandrine, Samadi, Mohammad, Rezig, Leila, Meziane, Smail, Ghrairi, Taoufik, Masmoudi-Kouki, Olfa, Hammami, Sonia, Nasser, Boubker, Hammami, Mohamed, Wang, Yuqin, Griffiths, William J, Vejux, Anne and Lizard, Gérard (2022). Sources of 7-ketocholesterol, metabolism and inactivation strategies: food and biomedical applications. Redox Experimental Medicine, 2022 (1), R40-R56.


Hassan-Smith, Zaki K and 2021 PARAT Working Group (2022). European Expert Consensus on Practical Management of Specific Aspects of Parathyroid Disorders in Adults and in Pregnancy:Recommendations of the ESE Educational Program of Parathyroid Disorders. European journal of endocrinology, 186 (2), R33-R63.

Hearn, Jasmine Heath and Stocker, Claire J. (2022). Mindfulness practice correlates with reduced exam-induced stress and improved exam performance in preclinical medical students with the “acting with awareness”, “non-judging” and “non-reacting” facets of mindfulness particularly associated with improved exam performance. BMC Psychology, 10 (1),

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Kashif, Rao Raahim, D’cunha, Nathan M., Mellor, Duane D., Alexopoulos, Natalie I., Sergi, Domenico and Naumovski, Nenad (2022). Prickly Pear Cacti (Opuntia spp.) Cladodes as a Functional Ingredient for Hyperglycemia Management: A Brief Narrative Review. Medicina, 58 (2),

Kerslake, Rachel, Panfilov, Suzana, Mustafa, Nashrah, Hall, Marcia, Kyrou, Ioannis, Randeva, Harpal S, Karteris, Emmanouil and Godfrey, Richard (2022). Elevated Circulating Lactate Levels and Widespread Expression of Its Cognate Receptor, Hydroxycarboxylic Acid Receptor 1 (HCAR1), in Ovarian Cancer. Journal of Clinical Medicine, 12 (1),

Kite, Chris, Parkes, Elizabeth, Taylor, Suzan R, Davies, Robert W, Lagojda, Lukasz, Brown, James E, Broom, David R, Kyrou, Ioannis and Randeva, Harpal S (2022). Time to Load Up-Resistance Training Can Improve the Health of Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS): A Scoping Review. Medical sciences (Basel, Switzerland), 10 (4),

Krishnan, Aditya, Odejimi, Opeyemi, Bertram, Ian, Chukowry, Priyamvada Sneha and Tadros, George (2022). A systematic review of interventions aiming to improve newly-qualified doctors’ wellbeing in the United Kingdom. BMC Psychology, 10 (1),


Lee, Sunwoo, Ochoa, Eguzkine, Barwick, Katy, Cif, Laura, Rodger, Fay, Docquier, France, Pérez-Dueñas, Bélen, Clark, Graeme, Martin, Ezequiel, Banka, Siddharth, Kurian, Manju A. and Maher, Eamonn R. (2022). Comparison of methylation episignatures in KMT2B- and KMT2D-related human disorders. Epigenomics, 14 (9), pp. 537-547.


Maher, Eamonn R., Adlard, Julian, Barwell, Julian, Brady, Angela F., Brennan, Paul, Cook, Jackie, Crawford, Gillian S., Dabir, Tabib, Davidson, Rosemarie, Dyer, Rebecca, Harrison, Rachel, Forde, Claire, Halliday, Dorothy, Hanson, Helen, Hay, Eleanor, Higgs, Jenny, Jones, Mari, Lalloo, Fiona, Miedzybrodzka, Zosia, Ong, Kai Ren, Pelz, Frauke, Ruddy, Deborah, Snape, Katie, Whitworth, James and Sandford, Richard N. (2022). Evaluation of tumour surveillance protocols and outcomes in von Hippel-Lindau disease in a national health service. British Journal of Cancer, 126 (9), pp. 1339-1345.

Marwah, M. K., Shehzad, S., Shokr, H., Sacharczuk, J., Wang, K., Ahmad, S. and Sanchez-Aranguren, L. (2022). Novel controlled-release polylactic-co-glycolic acid (PLGA) nanoparticles for sodium thiosulphate, a hydrogen sulphide donor, retains pro-angiogenic potential of hydrogen sulphide. Journal of Experimental Nanoscience, 17 (1), pp. 197-213.

Marwah, M., Shokr, H., Demitry, A., Wang, K., Ahmad, S., Marwah, S. and Wandroo, F. (2022). SARS-2 COVID-19-induced immunity response, a new prognostic marker for the pregnant population correlates inversely with neonatal Apgar score. Infection, 50 (5), pp. 1121-1129.

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Marwah, Mandeep, Shokr, Hala, Sanchez Aranguren, Lissette, Badhan, Raj K.S., Wang, Keqing and Ahmad, Shakil (2022). Transdermal Delivery of a Hydrogen Sulphide Donor, ADT-OH Using Aqueous Gel Formulations for the Treatment of Impaired Vascular Function:an Ex Vivo Study. Pharmaceutical Research, 39 (2), pp. 341-352.

McGuigan, Anthony, Whitworth, James, Andreou, Avgi, Hearn, Timothy, Tischkowitz, Marc and Maher, Eamonn R. (2022). Multilocus Inherited Neoplasia Allele Syndrome (MINAS): an update. European Journal of Human Genetics, 30 (3), pp. 265-270.

Morgan, Hannah L, Furse, Samuel, Dias, Irundika H K, Shabir, Kiran, Castellanos, Marcos, Khan, Iqbal, May, Sean T, Holmes, Nadine, Carlile, Matthew, Sang, Fei, Wright, Victoria, Koulman, Albert and Watkins, Adam J (2022). Paternal low protein diet perturbs inter-generational metabolic homeostasis in a tissue-specific manner in mice. Communications Biology, 5 (1),

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Okafor, Osita Nathaniel (2022). Vectorcardiographic evaluation of electrical dyssynchrony and its role in predicting response to cardiac resynchronization therapy. PHD thesis, Aston University.

Olayanju, Adetokunbo, Mellor, Duane, Khatri, Yunus and Pickles, Neil (2022). The efficacy of fermented foods in the treatment and management of diarrhoeal diseases:A systematic review and meta-analysis. Nutrition and Health ,

Omran, Farah, Kyrou, Ioannis, Osman, Faizel, Lim, Ven Gee, Randeva, Harpal Singh and Chatha, Kamaljit (2022). Cardiovascular Biomarkers: Lessons of the Past and Prospects for the Future. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 23 (10),


Püsküllüoğlu, Mirosława, Nowakowski, Michał, Ochenduszko, Sebastian, Hope, David and Cameron, Helen (2022). Medical students' perception of e-learning approach (MeSPeLA) - a mixed method research. Folia medica Cracoviensia, 62 (2), pp. 49-70.


Reid, Kimberly M., Spaull, Robert, Salian, Smrithi, Barwick, Katy, Meyer, Esther, Zhen, Juan, Hirata, Hiromi, Sheipouri, Diba, Benkerroum, Hind, Gorman, Kathleen M., Papandreou, Apostolos, Simpson, Michael A., Hirano, Yoshinobu, Farabella, Irene, Topf, Maya, Grozeva, Detelina, Carss, Keren, Smith, Martin, Pall, Hardev, Lunt, Peter, De Gressi, Susanna, Kamsteeg, Erik-Jan, Haack, Tobias B, Carr, Lucinda, Guerreiro, Rita, Bras, Jose, Maher, Eamonn R., Vandenberg, Robert J., Raymond, F. Lucy, Chong, Wui K, Sudhakar, Sniya, Mankad, Kshitij, Reith, Maarten E, Campeau, Philippe M., Harvey, Robert J. and Kurian, Manju A. (2022). MED27, SLC6A7, and MPPE1 Variants in a Complex Neurodevelopmental Disorder with Severe Dystonia. Movement Disorders, 37 (10), pp. 2139-2146.

Robbins, Tim, Hopper, Adam, Brophy, Jack, Pearson, Elle, Suthantirakumar, Risheka, Vankad, Maariyah, Igharo, Natalie, Baitule, Sud, Clark, Cain CT, Arvanitis, Theodoros N, Sankar, Sailesh, Kyrou, Ioannis and Randeva, Harpal (2022). Digitally enabled flash glucose monitoring for inpatients with COVID-19: Feasibility and pilot implementation in a teaching NHS Hospital in the UK. Digital Health, 8 ,


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Shokr, Hala, Lush, Victoria, Dias, Irundika Hk, Ekárt, Anikó, De Moraes, Gustavo and Gherghel, Doina (2022). The Use of Retinal Microvascular Function and Telomere Length in Age and Blood Pressure Prediction in Individuals with Low Cardiovascular Risk. Cells, 11 (19),

Stegemann, Berthold, Shun-Shun, Mathew, Whinnett, Zachary and Francis, Darrell (2022). Effects of haemodynamically atrio-ventricular optimized His-pacing on heart failure symptoms and exercise capacity: The His Optimized Pacing Evaluated for Heart Failure (HOPE-HF) randomised, double-blind, cross-over trial. European Journal of Heart Failure ,

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Vijapurapu, Ravi, Bradlow, William, Leyva, Francisco, Moon, James C., Zegard, Abbasin, Lewis, Nigel, Kotecha, D., Jovanovic, Ana, Hughes, Derralynn A., Woolfson, Peter, Steeds, Richard P. and Geberhiwot, Tarekegn (2022). Cardiac device implantation and device usage in Fabry and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases, 17 (1),


Williams, Jackson, D'Cunha, Nathan M., Kellett, Jane, Georgoupolou, Ekavi N., McKune, Andrew J., Mellor, Duane D. and Naumovski, Nenad (2022). Physicochemical, antioxidant and sensory properties of Mango Sorbet containing L-theanine as a potential functional food product. Journal of Food Science and Technology, 59 (12), pp. 4833-4843.


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Zegard, Abbasin, Okafor, Osita, de Bono, Joseph, Kalla, Manish, Lencioni, Mauro, Marshall, Howard, Hudsmith, Lucy, Qiu, Tian, Steeds, Richard, Stegemann, Berthold and Leyva-Leon, Francisco (2022). Greyzone myocardial fibrosis and ventricular arrhythmias in patients with a left ventricular ejection fraction >35%. Europace, 24 (1), pp. 31-39.

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