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Al-Salem, Sultan Majed, Yang, Yang, Wang, Jiawei and Leeke, Gary Anthony (2020). Pyro-oil and wax recovery from reclaimed plastic waste in a continuous Auger pyrolysis reactor. Energies, 13 (8),

Awad, Nahid, Vega-Estévez, Samuel and Griffiths, Gareth (2020). Salicylic acid and aspirin stimulate growth of Chlamydomonas and inhibit lipoxygenase and chloroplast desaturase pathways. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, 149 , pp. 256-265.


Barakos, Elisabeth (2020). Linguistic and social justice: towards a debate of intersections and disjuncture. Journal of Sociolinguistics, 24 (2), pp. 265-277.

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Coelho, Mariana O. C., Monteyne, Alistair J., Kamalanathan, Ishara D., Najdanovic, Vesna, Finnigan, Tim J. A., Stephens, Francis B. and Wall, Benjamin T. (2020). Short-Communication: Ingestion of a Nucleotide-Rich Mixed Meal Increases Serum Uric Acid Concentrations but Does Not Affect Postprandial Blood Glucose or Serum Insulin Responses in Young Adults. Nutrients, 12 (4),

Cozza, Federica, Compagnoni, Matteo Monzio, Airoldi, Chiara, Braga, Chiara, Nigrotti, Gabriele, Vlasak, Natalia, Larcher, Silvano, Zeri, Fabrizio and Tavazzi, Silvia (2020). Efectos sobre el desempeño visual de dos filtros Longpass. Journal of Optometry, 13 (2), pp. 102-112.


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Foley, Elaine, Wood, Amanda G., Furlong, Paul L., Walsh, A. Richard, Kearney, Shauna, Bill, Peter, Hillebrand, Arjan and Seri, Stefano (2020). Mapping language networks and their association with verbal abilities in paediatric epilepsy using MEG and graph analysis. NeuroImage: Clinical, 27 ,

Franco, Israel, Hoebeke, Piet, Baka-Ostrowska, Małgorzata, Bolong, David, Davies, Leon, Dahler, Ellen, Snijder, Robert, Stroosma, Otto, Verheggen, Frank, Newgreen, Donald, Bosman, Brigitte and Vande Walle, Johan (2020). Long-term efficacy and safety of solifenacin in pediatric patients aged 6 months to 18 years with neurogenic detrusor overactivity: results from two phase 3 prospective open-label studies. Journal of Pediatric Urology, 16 (2), 180.e1-180.e8.

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Ljungberg, Liza U, Zegeye, Mulugeta M, Kardeby, Caroline, Fälker, Knut, Repsilber, Dirk and Sirsjö, Allan (2020). Global Transcriptional Profiling Reveals Novel Autocrine Functions of Interleukin 6 in Human Vascular Endothelial Cells. Mediators of inflammation, 2020 ,

Loktionova, Yulia I., Zharkikh, Elena V., Zherebtsov, Evgeny A., Kozlov, Igor O., Sidorov, Viktor V., Zherebtsova, Angelina I., Sokolovski, Sergei G., Dunaev, Andrey V. and Rafailov, Edik U. (2020). Wearable laser Doppler sensors for evaluating the nutritive and shunt blood flow. IN: Saratov Fall Meeting 2019. Tuchin, Valery V.; Tuchin, Valery V. and Genina, Elina A. (eds) Progress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging - Proceedings of SPIE . SUN: SPIE.

Luxton, Abigail and Marinov, Marin (2020). Terrorist Threat Mitigation Strategies for the Railways. Sustainability, 12 (8),


Martin, A. K., Kessler, K., Cooke, S., Huang, J. and Meinzer, M. (2020). The right temporoparietal junction is causally associated with embodied perspective taking. Journal of Neuroscience, 40 (15), pp. 3089-3095.

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Mellor, Duane, Hanna-Khalil, Bishoy and Carson, Raymond (2020). A Review of the Potential Health Benefits of Low Alcohol and Alcohol-Free Beer: Effects of Ingredients and Craft Brewing Processes on Potentially Bioactive Metabolites. Beverages, 6 (2), pp. 1-16.

Miriyala, Nikhila, Kirby, Daniel J., Cumont, Aude, Zhang, Ruoying, Shi, Baogui, Ouyang, Defang and Ye, Haitao (2020). Synthesis of Carbon Onion and Its Application as a Porous Carrier for Amorphous Drug Delivery. Crystals, 10 (4),

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Shaw, Daniel J, Czekóová, Kristína, Špiláková, Beáta, Salazar, Miguel, Řezáč, Pavel, Kurečková, Veronika, Zámečník, Petr and Brázdil, Milan (2020). A neuroscientific evaluation of driver rehabilitation:Functional neuroimaging demonstrates the effectiveness of empathy induction in altering brain responses during social information processing. PLoS ONE, 15 (4),

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Zharkikh, Elena V., Loktionova, Yulia I., Kozlov, Igor O., Zherebtsova, Angelina I., Sidorov, Victor V., Zherebtsov, Evgeny A., Dunaev, Andrey V. and Rafailov, Edik U. (2020). Wearable laser Doppler flowmetry for the analysis of microcirculatory changes during intravenous infusion in patients with diabetes mellitus. Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, 11363 ,

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