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Akinaga, Takeshi, Generalis, Sotos and Aifantis, Elias (2023). Pattern competition in the sequential bifurcation approach to turbulence in homogeneously heated inclined fluid and solid layers. Lobachevskii Journal of Mathematics, 44 (6), 2213–2221.

Akinaga, Takeshi, Generalis, Sotos and Aifantis, Elias C (2023). Pattern Competition for the Sequential Bifurcations Approach (SBA) to Turbulence in the Co-Rotating Taylor–Couette System: Quinary States. Lobachevskii Journal of Mathematics, 44 (6), 2202–2212.

Alamino, Roberto C. and Nunes, Breno (2023). Collapse and the interplay between essentiality and impact in socioecological systems. Physical Review E - Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics, 107 (5),


Barzas, Konstantinos, Fouad, Shereen, Jasa, Gainer and Landini, Gabriel (2023). An Explainable Deep Learning Framework for Mandibular Canal Segmentation from Cone Beam Computed Tomography volumes. IN: The 12th International Conference on Computational Advances in Bio and Medical Sciences. Lecture Notes in Computer Science: ICCABS proceedings . USA: Springer. (In Press)

Basu, Nabanita, Weber, Philip, Bali, Agnes S, Rosas-Aguilar, Claudia, Edmond, Gary, Martire, Kristy A and Morrison, Geoffrey Stewart (2023). Speaker identification in courtroom contexts – Part II: Investigation of bias in individual listeners’ responses. Forensic Science International, 349 ,

Borg, James M., Buskell, Andrew, Kapitany, Rohan, Powers, Simon T., Reindl, Eva and Tennie, Claudio (2023). Evolved Open-Endedness in Cultural Evolution:A New Dimension in Open-Ended Evolution Research. Artificial Life ,


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Chattopadhyay, Subhagata, Do, Nhat Phuong, Flower, Darren R. and Chattopadhyay, Amit K (2023). Extracting Prime Protein Targets As Possible Drug Candidates: Machine Learning Evaluation. Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing, 61 (11), pp. 3035-3048.

Chinnambedu Murugesan, Raghavan, Choudhury, Mohammed Thofike Ahmed and Rozhin, Alex (2023). 2D Excitation-Emission Fluorescence Mapping Analysis of Plant Food Pigments. Food Chemistry, 418 ,

Constantinides, Argyris, Belk, Marios, Fidas, Christos, Beumers, Roy, Vidal, David, Huang, Wanting, Bowles, Juliana, Webber, Thais, Silvina, Agastya and Pitsillides, Andreas (2023). Security and Usability of a Personalized User Authentication Paradigm:Insights from a Longitudinal Study with Three Healthcare Organizations. ACM Transactions on Computing for Healthcare, 4 (1), pp. 1-40.

Cuevas, Alberto Rodriguez, Kbashi, Hani J., Stoliarov, Dmitrii and Sergeyev, Sergey (2023). Polarization dynamics, stability and tunability of a dual-comb polarization-multiplexing ring-cavity fiber laser. Results in Physics, 46 ,


Dai, Lilong, Huang, Zinan, Huang, Qianqian, Al Araimi, Mohammed, Rozhin, Aleksey, Liang, Xindong and Mou, Chengbo (2023). Intracavity-loss controlled wavelength-tunable bidirectional mode-locked erbium-doped fiber laser. Optics Express, 31 (5), pp. 8998-9006.

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Farafonov, Vladimir S., Lebed, Alexander V., Nerukh, Dmitry A. and Mchedlov-Petrossyan, Nikolay O. (2023). Estimation of Nanoparticle’s Surface Electrostatic Potential in Solution Using Acid–Base Molecular Probes I: In Silico Implementation for Surfactant Micelles. Journal of Physical Chemistry: Part B, 127 (4), 1022–1030.

Farafonov, Vladimir S., Lebed, Alexander V., Nerukh, Dmitry A. and Mchedlov-Petrossyan, Nikolay O. (2023). Estimation of Nanoparticle’s Surface Electrostatic Potential in Solution Using Acid–Base Molecular Probes II: Insight from Atomistic Simulations of Micelles. Journal of Physical Chemistry: Part B, 127 (4), 1031–1038.

Farafonov, Vladimir S., Stich, Michael and Nerukh, Dmitry A. (2023). Complete Virion Simulated: All-Atom Model of an MS2 Bacteriophage with Native Genome. Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 19 (21), pp. 7924-7933.

Farhadi, Farzaneh, Chli, Maria and Jennings, Nicholas R. (2023). Optimal and Efficient Auctions for the Gradual Procurement of Strategic Service Provider Agents. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, 76 , pp. 959-1018.

Fouad, Shereen and Alkooheji, Ezzaldin (2023). Sentiment Analysis for Women in STEM using Twitter and Transfer Learning Models. IN: Proceedings - 17th IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing, ICSC 2023. Proceedings - 17th IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing, ICSC 2023 . USA: IEEE.


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Hine, Ariane, Bowles, Juliana and Webber, Thais (2023). The Need for a Non-Invasive Technology for Endometriosis Detection and Care. IN: Caring is Sharing - Exploiting the Value in Data for Health and Innovation - Proceedings of MIE 2023. Hagglund, Maria; Blusi, Madeleine; Bonacina, Stefano; Nilsson, Lina; Madsen, Inge Cort; Pelayo, Sylvia; Moen, Anne; Benis, Arriel; Lindskold, Lars and Gallos, Parisis (eds) Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, 302 . SWE: IOS Press BV.

Hongo, Jorge Augusto, Marques de Castro, Giovanni, Menezes, Alison, Picorelli, Agnello, Martins da Silva, Thieres, Imada, Eddie Luidy, Marchionni, Luigi, Del-Bem, Luiz Eduardo, Chaves, Anderson, Almeida, Gabriel, Campelo, Felipe and Lobo, Francisco (2023). CALANGO: a phylogeny-aware comparative genomics tool for discovering quantitative genotype-phenotype associations across species. Patterns ,

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Malhotra, Neeru, Frech, Bernadette, Leeflang, Peter, Kim, Young-Ah and Higson, Helen (2023). Understanding how satisfactory service relationships can be mutually beneficial in the higher education context. European Journal of Marketing, 57 (2), pp. 562-598.

Marcelino, C. G., Pérez-Aracil, J., Wanner, E. F., Jiménez-Fernández, S., Leite, G. M.C. and Salcedo-Sanz, S. (2023). Cross-entropy boosted CRO-SL for optimal power flow in smart grids. Soft computing, 27 (10), pp. 6549-6572.

Marcelino, C.G., Leite, G.M.C., Wanner, E.F., Jiménez-Fernández, S. and Salcedo-Sanz, S. (2023). Evaluating the use of a Net-Metering mechanism in microgrids to reduce power generation costs with a swarm-intelligent algorithm. Energy, 266 ,

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