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Atkins, Sarah (2023). The ethics of engagement::Research relationships in an applied linguistics partnership with a professional medical body. Journal of Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice ,

Atkins, Sarah, Pilnick, Alison, Maben, Jill and Thompson, Laura (2023). Storytelling and affiliation between healthcare staff in Schwartz Round interactions: A conversation analytic study. Social science and medicine, 333 ,

Augustova, Karolina, Farrand-Carrapico, Helena and Obradovic-Wochnik, Jelena (2023). Push and back: The ripple effect of EU border externalisation from Croatia to Iran. Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space, 41 (5), pp. 847-865.

Avsievich, Tatiana, Zhu, Ruixue, Popov, Alexey P., Yatskovskiy, Alexander, Popov, Anton A., Tikhonowsky, Gleb, Pastukhov, Andrei I., Klimentov, Sergei, Bykov, Alexander, Kabashin, Andrei and Meglinski, Igor (2023). Impact of Plasmonic Nanoparticles on Poikilocytosis and Microrheological Properties of Erythrocytes. Pharmaceutics, 15 (4),


Baggaley, Rebecca, Martin, Chris, Ekezie, Winifred and Pareek, Manish (2023). Association between ethnicity and migration status with the prevalence of single and multiple long-term conditions in UK healthcare workers. BMC Medicine , (In Press)

Beltagui, Ahmad, Sudlow, Brian and Yang, Miying (2023). Insights from history on the parallel digital & sustainable transitions. IN: British Academy of Management Annual Conference. University of Sussex, 2023-09-01 - 2023-09-06. (Unpublished)

Brusenbauch Meislová, Monika and Szent-Iványi, Balázs (2023). Exploitation Opportunities for Distant Crises: Political Framings of Brexit in the Czech Republic and Hungary. Problems of Post-Communism, 70 (1), pp. 55-65.

Burrell, Amy, Costello, Benjamin, Hobson, William, Morton, Ralph, Muñoz, Carolina Gutierrez, Thomas, Katie and Kloess, Juliane A. (2023). Being prepared for emotionally demanding research. Communications Psychology, 1 ,


Chaloner, Jonathan, Qureshi, Irtiza, Gogoi, Mayuri, Ekezie, Winifred, Al-Oraibi, Amani, Wobi, Fatimah, Agbonmwandolor, Joy O., Nellums, Laura B. and Pareek, manish (2023). A qualitative study exploring healthcare workers’ lived experiences of the impacts of COVID-19 policies and guidelines on maternal and reproductive healthcare services in the United Kingdom. European Journal of Midwifery, 7 ,

Chiang, Emily, De Rond, Mark and Lok, Jaco (2023). Identity in a Self-styled ‘Paedophile-hunting’ Group: A Linguistic Analysis of Stance in Facebook Group Chats. Applied Linguistics ,

Copland, Fiona, Garton, Sue and Barnett, Camilla (2023). Languages in the primary classroom: teachers’ views and practices. ELT Journal, 77 (1), pp. 11-22.


Davies, Thom, Isakjee, Arshad and Obradovic-Wochnik, Jelena (2023). Epistemic Borderwork:Violent Pushbacks, Refugees, and the Politics of Knowledge at the EU Border. Annals of the American Association of Geographers, 113 (1), pp. 169-188.


Elstein, Solly and Kredens, Krzysztof (2023). Occupational stress in forensic linguistic practice. Journal of Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice, 17 (1), pp. 50-72.


Fooks, Gary Jonas, Mullan, Killian, Willmott, Jennifer, Yates, Dave, Mills, Tom and Davis, Manon (2023). Who Gained, who Lost? The Distributional Impact of COVID-19 Government Support for Business. Aston University.

Fooks, Gary Jonas, Mullan, Killian, Willmott, Jennifer, Yates, David and Mills, Tom (2023). Executive Summary. Who Won? Who Lost? The Distributional Impact of COVID-19 Government Support for Business. Aston University, Birmingham.

Fooks, Gary Jonas, Mullan, Killian, Yates, David, Mills, Tom and Willmott, Jennifer (2023). Who Won? Who Lost? The Distributional Impact of COVID-19 Government Support for Business.:Aston Centre for Health and Society Policy Brief. Aston University, Birmingham.


Harrison, Chloe (2023). 99 Ways to Retell a Story::The Styles and Functions of Narrator Reconstrual. Style, 57 (2), pp. 163-186.

Harrison, Chloe (2023). Stylistics and Cognitive Grammar. IN: The Routledge Handbook of Stylistics. Burke, Michael (ed.) Routledge Taylor & Francis Group.

Haworth, Kate, Tompkinson, James, Richardson, Emma, Deamer, Felicity and Hamann, Magnus (2023). 'For the Record': applying linguistics to improve evidential consistency in police investigative interview records. Frontiers in Communication, 8 ,

Heini, Annina and Kredens, Krzysztof (2023). Remote data collection in sociolinguistics: Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic. International Journal of Social Research Methodology ,


Levy, David T, Thirlway, Frances, Sweanor, David, Liber, Alex, Sanchez-Romero, Luz Maria, Meza, Rafael, Douglas, Clifford E and Cummings, K Michael (2023). Do Tobacco Companies Have an Incentive to Promote “Harm Reduction” Products?: The Role of Competition. Nicotine & Tobacco Research ,

Love, Robbie, Darics, Erika and Palmieri, Rudi (2023). Engaging the public:English local government organisations’ social media communications during the COVID-19 pandemic. Applied Corpus Linguistics, 3 (3), p. 100060.

Love, Robbie and Stenström, Anna-Brita (2023). Corpus-pragmatic perspectives on the contemporary weakening of fuck: The case of teenage British English conversation. Journal of Pragmatics, 216 , pp. 167-181.

Lowe, Pam and Page, Sarah-Jane (2023). Raising ‘True Believers’: Anti-abortion ‘education’ for primary children in the UK. Sociological research online ,


Makouar, Nadia, Devine, Lauren and Parker, Stephen (2023). Legislating to Control Online Hate Speech: a Corpus-assisted semantic Analysis of French Parliamentary Debates. International Journal for the Semiotics of Law, 36 (6), pp. 2323-2353.

Malhotra, Neeru, Frech, Bernadette, Leeflang, Peter, Kim, Young-Ah and Higson, Helen (2023). Understanding how satisfactory service relationships can be mutually beneficial in the higher education context. European Journal of Marketing, 57 (2), pp. 562-598.

Minto, Rachel, Rowe, Carolyn and Royles, Elin (2023). Sub-states in transition: changing patterns of EU paradiplomacy in Scotland and Wales, 1992–2021. Territory, Politics, Governance ,

Mojedano Batel, Andrea, Alberich, Neus and Kredens, Krzysztof (2023). Estabilidad idiolectal a través de cuatro géneros de comunicación:aportaciones al análisis de autoría forense. Revista de Llengua i Dret (79), pp. 285-304.

Mojedano Batel, Andrea, Soler Bonafont, Amparo and Kredens, Krzysztof (2023). Epistemic Modality Constructions as Stable Idiolectal Features: A Cross-genre Study of Spanish. International Journal for the Semiotics of Law ,


Pager-McClymont, Kimberley and Giovanelli, Marcello (2023). The Role of Stylistics in Writing and Translating Poetry. Journal of Languages Text and Society, 6 ,

Paragi, Beata and Szent-Iványi, Balázs (2023). Understanding Hungary's support for persecuted Christians: Scrutinising religious motives for giving aid. Progress in Development Studies , (In Press)

Paton, Alexis, Cupit, Caroline and Armstrong, Natalie (2023). Organising work in neonatal transfer: Optimising place of care for babies born moderately preterm. Sociology of health and illness, 45 (8), pp. 1634-1651.

Piemontese, Stefano and Maestri, Gaja (2023). Home, Migration, and Roma People in Europe. IN: Handbook on Home and Migration. Boccagni, Paolo (ed.) Edward Elgar.

Pilcher, Katy (2023). Orgasm as women’s work? Rethinking pleasure, ‘sex’ and the power dynamics of orgasm through the embodied experiences of orgasmic meditation practitioners. Sexualities ,

Prott, Volker (2023). Assessing the "Paris System":Self-determination and Ethnic Violence in Alsace-Lorraine and Asia Minor, 1919–23. IN: Sovereignty, Nationalism, and the Quest for Homogeneity in Interwar Europe. Dalle Mulle, Emmanuel; Rodogno, Davide and Bieling, Mona (eds) London: Bloomsbury.

Prott, Volker (2023). ‘We have to tread warily’:East Pakistan, India and the pitfalls of foreign intervention in the Cold War. Cold War History, 23 (1), pp. 23-44.


Richardson, Emma, Hamann, Magnus, Tompkinson, James, Haworth, Kate and Deamer, Felicity (2023). Understanding the role of transcription in evidential consistency of police interview records in England and Wales. Language in Society ,

Roleston, Caity, Shaw, Rachel and West, Karen (2023). Compassionate communities interventions: a scoping review. Annals of palliative medicine, 12 (5), pp. 936-951.

Rozbicka, Patrycja (2023). Achieving Democracy through Interest Representation? Revisited. Agenda Política , (In Press)

Rozbicka, Patrycja and Mahrenbach, Laura (2023). Beyond the usual suspects: interest groups in the Global South. Interest Groups and Advocacy, 12 (2), pp. 115-131.

Rozbicka, Patrycja and Patel, Ashwin (2023). Population ecology of interest groups in India: a basis for comparative framework. Interest Groups and Advocacy, 12 (2), pp. 153-171.


Stavrevska, Elena B, Lazic, Sladjana, Musliu, Vjosa, Karabegović, Dženeta, Sardelić, Julija and Obradovic-Wochnik, Jelena (2023). Of Love and Frustration as Post-Yugoslav Women Scholars: Learning and Unlearning the Coloniality of IR in the Context of Global North Academia. International Political Sociology, 17 (2),

Summers, Robert, Burgess, Adrian, Higson, Helen and Moores, Elisabeth (2023). How you teach and who you teach both matter: lessons from learning analytics data. Studies in Higher Education ,


Thirlway, Frances (2023). Subculture wars::The struggle for the vape industry. British Journal of Sociology, 74 (1), pp. 3-16.

Tonkiss, Katie (2023). Two little hearts on my wrist: dialogues on tattooing, infertility, and potentially good mothers. Women's Studies International Forum, 98 ,


Vampa, Davide (2023). Multi-level political change: Assessing electoral volatility in 58 European regions (1993-2022). Party Politics ,

Vampa, Davide, Giovannini, Arianna and Valbruzzi, Marco (2023). The 2022 Italian general election: a political shock or the new normal? Italian Journal of Electoral Studies, 86 (1), pp. 3-11.

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