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Azam, Umair, Farooq, Muhammad, Munir, Muhammad Adeel, Riaz, Fahid, Sultan, Muhammad, Rehman, Ateekh Ur and Imran, Muhammad (2023). Modelling Framework for Reducing Energy Loads to Achieve Net-Zero Energy Building in Semi-Arid Climate: A Case Study. Buildings, 13 (11),

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Ukoba, M O, Diemuodeke, E O, Briggs, T A, Imran, M, Ojapah, M M, Owebor, K, Nwachukwu, C, Aminu, M D, Okedu, K E, Kalam, A and Colak, I (2023). Optimal sites for agricultural and forest residues energy conversion plant using geographic information system. Heliyon, 9 (9), e19660.

Ahmad, Gulzar, Imran, Shahid, Farooq, Muhammad, Shah, Asad Naeem, Anwar, Zahid, Rehman, Ateekh Ur and Imran, Muhammad (2023). Biodiesel Production from Waste Cooking Oil Using Extracted Catalyst from Plantain Banana Stem via RSM and ANN Optimization for Sustainable Development. Sustainability, 15 (18),

Sohrabi, Arvin, Asgari, Nima, Imran, Muhammad and Shahzad, Muhammad Wakil (2023). Comparative energy, exergy, economic, and environmental (4E) analysis and optimization of two high-temperature Kalina cycles integrated with thermoelectric generators for waste heat recovery from a diesel engine. Energy Conversion and Management, 291 ,

Asfahan, Hafiz M., Sultan, Muhammad, Farooq, Muhammad, Riaz, Fahid, Ibrahim, Sobhy M., Ahamed, Md Shamim and Imran, Muhammad (2023). Performance Evaluation of Phenol-Resin-Based Adsorbents for Heat Transformation Applications. Materials, 16 (15),

Ashraf, Hadeed, Qamar, Saliha, Riaz, Nadia, Shamshiri, Redmond R., Sultan, Muhammad, Khalid, Bareerah, Ibrahim, Sobhy M., Imran, Muhammad and Khan, Mohammed Usman (2023). Spatiotemporal Estimation of Reference Evapotranspiration for Agricultural Applications in Punjab, Pakistan. Agriculture, 13 (7),

Ahmed, Muhammad, Ayub, Abubakr, Sheikh, Nadeem Ahmed, Shahzad, Muhammad Wakil, Haroon, Muhammad and Imran, Muhammad (2023). Thermodynamic optimization and performance study of supercritical CO2 thermodynamic power cycles with dry cooling using response surface method. International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer, 142 ,

Ahmed, Israr, Umer, Jamal, Altamimi, Abdullah, Rana, Ahmad Raza Khan, Khan, Zafar A., Imran, Muhammad, Awais, Muhammad and Alyami, Saeed (2023). A Critical Analysis of the Energy Requirements of a Commercial Building Based on Various Types of Glass Insulations. Sustainability, 15 (4),

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Zahid, Imran, Farhan, M., Farooq, M., Asim, M. and Imran, M. (2023). Experimental investigation for thermal performance enhancement of various heat sinks using Al2O3 NePCM for cooling of electronic devices. Case Studies in Thermal Engineering, 41 ,

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Ur Rehman, Saad, Farooq, M., Qamar, Adnan, Usman, M., Ahmad, Gulzar, Sultan, M., Wajid Saleem, M., Hussain, Ijaz, Imran, M., Ali, Qasim, Yasar Javaid, M. and Siddiqui, Farrukh A. (2022). Experimental investigation to thermal performance of different photo voltaic modules for efficient system design. Alexandria Engineering Journal, 61 (12), pp. 12623-12634.

Khan, Asfand Y., Ahmad, Zeshan, Sultan, Tipu, Alshahrani, Saad, Hayat, Khazar and Imran, Muhammad (2022). Optimization of Photovoltaic Panel Array Configurations to Reduce Lift Force Using Genetic Algorithm and CFD. Energies, 15 (24),

Zahid, Imran, Farooq, Muhammad, Farhan, Muhammad, Usman, Muhammad, Qamar, Adnan, Imran, Muhammad, Alqahtani, Mejdal A., Anwar, Saqib, Sultan, Muhammad and Javaid, Muhammad Yasar (2022). Thermal Performance Analysis of Various Heat Sinks Based on Alumina NePCM for Passive Cooling of Electronic Components: An Experimental Study. Energies, 15 (22),

Farooq, M., Farhan, M., Ahmad, Gulzar, Tahir, Zia ul Rehman, Usman, M., Sultan, M., Saad Hanif, M., Imran, M., Anwar, Saqib, El-Sherbeeny, Ahmed M. and Ali Shakir, M. (2022). Thermal performance enhancement of nanofluids based parabolic trough solar collector (NPTSC) for sustainable environment. Alexandria Engineering Journal, 61 (11), pp. 8943-8953.

Alghassab, Mohammad, Khan, Zafar A., Altamimi, Abdullah, Imran, Muhammad and Alruwaili, Fahad F. (2022). Prospects of Hybrid Energy in Saudi Arabia, Exploring Irrigation Application in Shaqra. Sustainability, 14 (9),

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Khan, Zafar A., Imran, Muhammad, Altamimi, Abdullah, Diemuodeke, Ogheneruona E. and Abdelatif, Amged Osman (2021). Assessment of Wind and Solar Hybrid Energy for Agricultural Applications in Sudan. Energies, 15 (1),

Sajjad, Uzair, Hussain, Imtiyaz, Imran, Muhammad, Sultan, Muhammad, Wang, Chi-Chuan, Alsubaie, Abdullah Saad and Mahmoud, Khaled H. (2021). Boiling Heat Transfer Evaluation in Nanoporous Surface Coatings. Nanomaterials, 11 (12),

Khan, Zafar A., Imran, Muhammad, Umer, Jamal, Ahmed, Saeed, Diemuodeke, Ogheneruona E. and Abdelatif, Amged Osman (2021). Assessing Crop Water Requirements and a Case for Renewable-Energy-Powered Pumping System for Wheat, Cotton, and Sorghum Crops in Sudan. Energies, 14 (23),

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Kallannavar, Vinayak, Kattimani, Subhaschandra, Soudagar, Manzoore Elahi M., Mujtaba, M. A., Alshahrani, Saad and Imran, Muhammad (2021). Neural Network-Based Prediction Model to Investigate the Influence of Temperature and Moisture on Vibration Characteristics of Skew Laminated Composite Sandwich Plates. Materials, 14 (12),

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Riaz, Fahid, Qyyum, Muhammad Abdul, Bokhari, Awais, Klemeš, Jiří Jaromír, Usman, Muhammad, Asim, Muhammad, Awan, Muhammad Rizwan, Imran, Muhammad and Lee, Moonyong (2021). Design and Energy Analysis of a Solar Desiccant Evaporative Cooling System with Built-In Daily Energy Storage. Energies, 14 (9),

Sultan, Umair, Zhang, Yangjun, Farooq, Muhammad, Imran, Muhammad, Akhtar Khan, Alamgir, Zhuge, Weilin, Khan, Tariq Amin, Hummayun Yousaf, Muhammad and Ali, Qasim (2021). Qualitative assessment and global mapping of supercritical CO2 power cycle technology. Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments, 43 ,

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Alvi, Jahan Zeb, Feng, Yongqiang, Wang, Qian, Imran, Muhammad, Khan, Lehar Asip and Pei, Gang (2020). Effect of Phase Change Material Storage on the Dynamic Performance of a Direct Vapor Generation Solar Organic Rankine Cycle System. Energies, 13 (22),

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Muhammad, Hafiz Ali, Abdullah, Hafiz Muhammad, Rehman, Zabdur, Lee, Beomjoon, Baik, Young-Jin, Cho, Jongjae, Imran, Muhammad, Masud, Manzar, Saleem, Mohsin and Butt, Muhammad Shoaib (2020). Numerical Modeling of Ejector and Development of Improved Methods for the Design of Ejector-Assisted Refrigeration System. Energies, 13 (21),

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Sattar, Abdul, Farooq, Muhammad, Amjad, Muhammad, Saeed, Muhammad A., Nawaz, Saad, Mujtaba, M.A., Anwar, Saqib, El-Sherbeeny, Ahmed M., Soudagar, Manzoore Elahi M., Bandarra Filho, Enio P., Ali, Qasim, Imran, Muhammad and Pettinau, Alberto (2020). Performance Evaluation of a Direct Absorption Collector for Solar Thermal Energy Conversion. Energies, 13 (18),

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Muhammad, Hafiz Ali, Sultan, Haider, Lee, Beomjoon, Imran, Muhammad, Baek, Il Hyun, Baik, Young Jin and Nam, Sung Chan (2020). Energy minimization of carbon capture and storage by means of a novel process configuration. Energy Conversion and Management, 215 ,

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Book Section

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