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Abdelhalim, Abdelsattar O.E., Semenov, Konstantin N., Nerukh, Dmitry A., Murin, Igor V., Maistrenko, Dmitrii N., Molchanov, Oleg E. and Sharoyko, Vladimir V. (2022). Functionalisation of graphene as a tool for developing nanomaterials with predefined properties. Journal of Molecular Liquids, 348 ,

Ali, Abdallah, Boscolo, Sonia, Nguyen, Thanh Tu and Ellis, Andrew D. (2022). Reduction of SBS effects in fibre-based optical phase conjugation of high-order modulation formats. IN: Book of Abstracts of Telecommunications, Optics & Photonics (TOP) Conference 2022. GBR: European Photonics Industry Consortium.

Ampong, Isaac, John Ikwuobe, O., Brown, James Ep, Bailey, Clifford J, Gao, Dan, Gutierrez-merino, Jorge and Griffiths, Helen R (2022). Odd chain fatty acid metabolism in mice after a high fat diet. International Journal of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, 143 ,

Anas, Shafeena, Kyrou, Ioannis, Rand-Weaver, Mariann and Karteris, Emmanouil (2022). The effect of online and in-person team-based learning (TBL) on undergraduate endocrinology teaching during COVID-19 pandemic. BMC Medical Education, 22 (1),

Armengol, Josep Maria and Medina, Raquel (2022). Introduction: Ageing Men and Masculinities in Contemporary Spanish Literature. Bulletin of Spanish Studies , (In Press)

Azevedo, Flávio, Liu, Meng, Pennington, Charlotte R., Pownall, Madeleine, Evans, Thomas Rhys, Parsons, Sam, Elsherif, Mahmoud Medhat, Micheli, Leticia, Westwood, Samuel J. and FORRT (2022). Towards a culture of open scholarship: the role of pedagogical communities. BMC Research Notes, 15 ,


Baev, Artyom Y, Vinokurov, Andrey Y, Novikova, Irina N, Dremin, Viktor V, Potapova, Elena V and Abramov, Andrey Y (2022). Interaction of Mitochondrial Calcium and ROS in Neurodegeneration. Cells, 11 (4),

Bamel, Umesh, Pereira, Vijay, Del Giudice, Manlio and Temouri, Yama (2022). The extent and impact of intellectual capital research:a two decade analysis. Journal of Intellectual Capital, 23 (2), pp. 375-400.

Bilkhu, Paramdeep, Sivardeen, Zimar, Chen, Connie, Craig, Jennifer P, Mann, Kylie, Wang, Michael T M, Jivraj, Saleel, Mohamed-Noriega, Karim, Charles-Cantú, David E and Wolffsohn, James S (2022). Patient-reported experience of dry eye management:An international multicentre survey. Contact Lens and Anterior Eye, 45 (1),

Bird, Jordan J., Barnes, Chloe M., Manso, Luis J., Ekárt, Anikó and Faria, Diego R. (2022). Fruit quality and defect image classification with conditional GAN data augmentation. Scientia Horticulturae, 293 ,

Bouguerra, Abderaouf, Mellah, Kamel, Glaister, Keith, Sadeghi, Arash, Temouri, Yama and Tatoglu, Ekrem (2022). Absorptive capacity and organizational performance in an emerging market context: Evidence from the banking industry in Turkey. Journal of Business Research, 139 , pp. 1575-1587.

Brown, Poppy, Waite, Felicity, Larkin, Michael, Lambe, Sinéad, McShane, Helen, Pollard, Andrew J and Freeman, Daniel (2022). “It seems impossible that it’s been made so quickly”: a qualitative investigation of concerns about the speed of COVID-19 vaccine development and how these may be overcome. Human Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics, 18 (1),

Butt, Rohan Zafar, Kazmi, Syed Ali Abbas, Alghassab, Mohammed, Khan, Zafar A., Altamimi, Abdullah, Imran, Muhammad and Alruwaili, Fahad F. (2022). Techno-Economic and Environmental Impact Analysis of Large-Scale Wind Farms Integration in Weak Transmission Grid from Mid-Career Repowering Perspective. Sustainability, 14 (5),


Cao, Wenping, Alalibo, Belema P., Ji, Bing, Chen, Xiangping and Hu, Cungang (2022). Optical FBG-T Based Fault Detection Technique for EV Induction Machines. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2195 (1),


Day, William and Shaw, Rachel (2022). When benefit eligibility and patient-led care intersect. Living in the UK with chronic illness:Experiences of the work capability assessment. Journal of Health Psychology, 27 (2), pp. 456-469.

Dmitrijeva, Jekaterina, Schroeder, Andreas, Ziaee Bigdeli, Ali and Baines, Tim (2022). Paradoxes in Servitization: A processual perspective. Industrial Marketing Management, 101 , pp. 141-152.


Ezema, Benjamin. O., Omeje, Kingsley. O., Bill, Roslyn M., Goddard, Alan D., O. Eze, Sabinus Oscar and Fernandez-Castane, Alfred (2022). Bioinformatic characterization of a triacylglycerol lipase produced by Aspergillus flavus isolated from the decaying seed of Cucumeropsis mannii. Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics ,


Filipe, Alice, Katopodis, Periklis, Chudasama, Dimple, Kerslake, Rachel, Jeyaneethi, Jeyarooban, Anikin, Vladimir, Silva, Elisabete, Kyrou, Ioannis, Randeva, Harpal S., Sisu, Cristina, Hall, Marcia and Karteris, Emmanouil (2022). Differential Expression of RAD51AP1 in Ovarian Cancer: Effects of siRNA In Vitro. Journal of Personalized Medicine, 12 (2),

Fooks, Gary Jonas and Godziewski, Charlotte (2022). The World Health Organization, Corporate Power, and the Prevention and Management of Conflicts of Interest in Nutrition Policy:Comment on "Towards Preventing and Managing Conflict of Interest in Nutrition Policy? An Analysis of Submissions to a Consultation on a Draft WHO Tool". International Journal of Health Policy and Management, 11 (2), pp. 228-232.


Geampana, Alina and Perrotta, Manuela (2022). Accounting for complexity in healthcare innovation debates: Professional views on the use of new IVF treatments. Health: An Interdisciplinary Journal ,


Hancox, Ellis, Liarou, Evelina, Town, James S., Jones, Glen R., Layton, Siân A., Huband, Steven, Greenall, Martin J., Topham, Paul D. and Haddleton, David M. (2022). Correction: Microphase separation of highly amphiphilic, low N polymers by photoinduced copper-mediated polymerization, achieving sub-2 nm domains at half-pitch. Polymer Chemistry, 13 (7), pp. 998-1000.

Hearn, Jasmine Heath and Stocker, Claire J. (2022). Mindfulness practice correlates with reduced exam-induced stress and improved exam performance in preclinical medical students with the “acting with awareness”, “non-judging” and “non-reacting” facets of mindfulness particularly associated with improved exam performance. BMC Psychology, 10 (1),

Hulme, Rachael, Webber, Charlotte, Fox, Amy, Ricketts, Jessie, Shapiro, Laura and Taylor, Jo (2022). Do family learning phonics courses improve parents’ reading-related skills and ability to support their children’s reading? Journal of Research in Reading ,


Ishida, Hiroaki, Vogel, Hans J., Conner, Alex C., Kitchen, Philip, Bill, Roslyn M. and Macdonald, Justin A. (2022). Simultaneous binding of the N- and C-terminal cytoplasmic domains of aquaporin 4 to calmodulin. BBA -Biomembranes, 1864 (2),


Jafari-Sadeghi, Vahid, Amoozad Mahdiraji, Hannan, Devalle, Alain and Pellicelli, Anna Claudia (2022). Somebody is hiding something:Disentangling interpersonal level drivers and consequences of knowledge hiding in international entrepreneurial firms. Journal of Business Research, 139 , pp. 383-396.

Jarman, M., Edwards, K. and Blissett, J. (2022). Influences on the dietary intakes of preschool children:a systematic scoping review. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 19 (1),

Jones, Andrew, Earnest, Jessica, Adam, Martyna, Clarke, Ross, Yates, Jack and Pennington, Charlotte Rebecca (2022). Careless responding in crowdsourced alcohol research: a systematic review and meta-analysis of practices and prevalence. Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology ,

Jones, Henry and Sudlow, Brian (2022). A contemporary history of Silicon Valley as global heterotopia: Silicon Valley metaphors in the French news media. Globalizations ,


Kashif, Rao Raahim, D’cunha, Nathan M., Mellor, Duane D., Alexopoulos, Natalie I., Sergi, Domenico and Naumovski, Nenad (2022). Prickly Pear Cacti (Opuntia spp.) Cladodes as a Functional Ingredient for Hyperglycemia Management: A Brief Narrative Review. Medicina, 58 (2),


Liu, Xingyi (2022). Competitive pricing and advertising with spillover. Journal of Mathematical Economics ,

Loo, Lay Khoon, Salim, Omar, Liang, Di, Goel, Aimee, Sumangala, Salini, Gowda, Ashwin S., Davies, Brendan and Rajabally, Yusuf A. (2022). Acute‐onset polyradiculoneuropathy after SARS‐CoV2 vaccine in the West and North Midlands, United Kingdom. Muscle and Nerve, 65 (2), pp. 233-237.

Lunin, Boris and Tokmakov, Kirill V. (2022). The formation of microcrystalline defects on the surface of silica glass arising from mechanochemical processing. International Journal of Applied Glass Science ,


MacNicholas, Olivia and Pryce, Helen (2022). Clinical physiologists’ experiences of working with people with non epileptic attack disorder: A qualitative study. Epilepsy and Behavior, 127 ,

Marwah, Mandeep, Shokr, Hala, Sanchez Aranguren, Lissette, Badhan, Raj K.S., Wang, Keqing and Ahmad, Shakil (2022). Transdermal Delivery of a Hydrogen Sulphide Donor, ADT-OH Using Aqueous Gel Formulations for the Treatment of Impaired Vascular Function:an Ex Vivo Study. Pharmaceutical Research, 39 (2), pp. 341-352.

McDevitt, William M, Farley, Margaret, Martin-Lamb, Darren, Jones, Timothy J, Morris, Kevin P, Seri, Stefano and Scholefield, Barnaby R (2022). Feasibility of non-invasive neuro-monitoring during extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in children. Perfusion ,

Medina, Raquel (2022). Ageing Detectives and Terrorists in Lorenzo Silva´s El mal de Corcira (2020): Rubén Bevilacqua’s Memoirs of Violent Masculinities. Bulletin of Spanish Studies , (In Press)

Medina, Raquel (2022). Writing the Past to Fight Alzheimer's Disease: Masculinity, Temporality, and Agency in Memoir of a Murderer. IN: Ageing Masculinities, Alzheimer’s and Dementia Narratives. Hartung, Heike; Kunow, Rudiger and Sweney, Matthew (eds) Bloomsbury Studies in the Humanities, Ageing and Later Life . London: Bloomsbury.

Merriel, Abi, Larkin, Michael, Hussein, Julia, Makwenda, Charles, Malata, Address and Coomarasamy, Arri (2022). Working lives of maternity healthcare workers in Malawi: an ethnography to identify ways to improve care. AJOG Global Reports, 2 (1),

Mickiewicz, Tomasz and Kaasa, Anneli (2022). Creativity and security as a cultural recipe for entrepreneurship. Journal of Institutional Economics, 18 (Specia), pp. 119-137.

Ming, Tingzhen, Li, Wei, Yuan, Qingchun, Davies, Philip, de Richter, Renaud, Peng, Chong, Deng, Qihong, Yuan, Yanping, Caillol, Sylvain and Zhou, Nan (2022). Perspectives on removal of atmospheric methane. Advances in Applied Energy, 5 ,


Olive, Lisa S., Sciberras, Emma, Berkowitz, Tomer S., Hoare, Erin, Telford, Rohan M., O'Neil, Adrienne, Mikocka-Walus, Antonina, Evans, Subhadra, Hutchinson, Delyse, McGillivray, Jane A., Berk, Michael, Teague, Sam J., Wood, Amanda G., Olsson, Craig and Westrupp, Elizabeth M. (2022). Child and Parent Physical Activity, Sleep, and Screen Time During COVID-19 and Associations With Mental Health: Implications for Future Psycho-Cardiological Disease? Frontiers in Psychiatry, 12 ,


Richardson, Beth H. and Nash, Robert A. (2022). ‘Rapport myopia’ in investigative interviews:Evidence from linguistic and subjective indicators of rapport. Legal and Criminological Psychology, 27 (1), pp. 32-47.

Richardson, Emma, Haworth, Kate and Deamer, Felicity (2022). For the Record: Questioning transcription processes in legal contexts. Applied Linguistics ,

Romano, Julia A., Vosper, Laura, Kingslake, Jonathan A., Dourish, Colin T., Higgs, Suzanne, Thomas, Jason M., Raslescu, Andreea and Dawson, Gerard R. (2022). Validation of the P1vital® Faces Set for Use as Stimuli in Tests of Facial Emotion Recognition. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 13 ,

Rungrod, Amlika, Kapanya, Apichaya, Punyodom, Winita, Molloy, Robert, Mahomed, Anisa and Somsunan, Runglawan (2022). Synthesis and characterization of semi-IPN hydrogels composed of sodium 2-acrylamido-2-methylpropanesulfonate and poly(ε-caprolactone) diol for controlled drug delivery. European Polymer Journal, 164 ,


Sciberras, Emma, Patel, Pooja, Stokes, Mark A, Coghill, David, Middeldorp, Christel M, Bellgrove, Mark A, Becker, Stephen P, Efron, Daryl, Stringaris, Argyris, Faraone, Stephen V, Bellows, Susannah T, Quach, Jon, Banaschewski, Tobias, McGillivray, Jane, Hutchinson, Delyse, Silk, Tim J, Melvin, Glenn, Wood, Amanda G, Jackson, Anna, Loram, George, Engel, Lidia, Montgomery, Alicia and Westrupp, Elizabeth (2022). Physical Health, Media Use, and Mental Health in Children and Adolescents With ADHD During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Australia. Journal of attention disorders, 26 (4), pp. 549-562.

Sena, Matheus R., Freire, Pedro J., Coelho, Leonardo D., Santos, Alex F., Napoli, Antonio and Almeida, Raul C. (2022). Novel Evolutionary Planning Technique for Flexible-grid Transmission in Optical Networks. Optical Switching and Networking, 43 ,

Shah, Uzair, O’Reilly, Dermot and Analoui, Bejan (2022). Who is responsible for responsible business education? Insights into the dialectical inter-relations of dimensions of responsibility. Management Learning ,

Shepotylo, Oleksandr, Vakhitov, Volodymyr, Movchan, Veronika and Panha, Mariia (2022). Non-tariff Measures and Productivity of Ukrainian Food Processing Firms. Journal of Agricultural Economics, 73 (1), pp. 234-256.

Stewart, Suzanne L. K., Pennington, Charlotte Rebecca, da Silva, Gonçalo R., Ballou, Nick, Butler, Jessica, Dienes, Zoltan, Jay, Caroline, Rossit, Stephanie and Samara, Anna (2022). Reforms to improve reproducibility and quality must be coordinated across the research ecosystem: the view from the UKRN Local Network Leads. BMC Research Notes, 15 ,

Stone, Rebecca A., Blissett, Jacqueline, Haycraft, Emma and Farrow, Claire (2022). Predicting preschool children's emotional eating: The role of parents' emotional eating, feeding practices and child temperament. Maternal and Child Nutrition ,

Stone, Rebecca A, Haycraft, Emma, Blissett, Jacqueline and Farrow, Claire (2022). Preschool-Aged Children's Food Approach Tendencies Interact with Food Parenting Practices and Maternal Emotional Eating to Predict Children's Emotional Eating in a Cross-Sectional Analysis. Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics ,


Taghavi, Atefeh, Ghanbari, Reza, Ghorbani-moghadam, Khatere, Davoodi, Alireza and Emrouznejad, Ali (2022). A genetic algorithm for solving bus terminal location problem using data envelopment analysis with multi-objective programming. Annals of Operations Research, 309 (1), pp. 259-276.

Toolan, Miriam, Barnard, Katie, Lynch, Mary, Maharjan, Nashna, Thapa, Meena, Rai, Nisha, Lavender, Tina, Larkin, Michael, Caldwell, Deborah M, Burden, Christy, Manandhar, Dharma S and Merriel, Abi (2022). A systematic review and narrative synthesis of antenatal interventions to improve maternal and neonatal health in Nepal. AJOG Global Reports, 2 (1),

Tran, Hai-Anh, Strizhakova, Yuliya, Usrey, Bryan and Johnson, Samuel (2022). Consumer Cynicism in Service Failures. Psychology and Marketing, 39 (2), pp. 346-359.


Villeseche, Florence, Meliou, Elina and Jha, Harsh (2022). Feminism in women’s business networks: A freedom-centred perspective. Human Relations ,


Yevu, Sitsofe Kwame, Yu, Ann T.W., Adinyira, Emmanuel, Darko, Amos and Antwi-Afari, Maxwell Fordjour (2022). Optimizing the application of strategies promoting electronic procurement systems towards sustainable construction in the building lifecycle: A neurofuzzy model approach. Journal of Cleaner Production, 336 ,


Zeng, Youjun, Zhou, Jie, Sang, Wei, Kong, Weifu, Qu, Junle, Ho, Ho-Pui, Zhou, Kaiming, Gao, Bruce Zhi, Chen, Jiajie and Shao, Yonghong (2022). Corrigendum: High-Sensitive Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging Biosensor Based on Dual-Wavelength Differential Method. Frontiers in Chemistry, 10 ,

Zhang, Feng, Sun, Weihao, Liu, Chao, Xiao, Hongchao and Zhang, Yong (2022). Application of Multichannel Active Vibration Control in a Multistage Gear Transmission System. Shock and Vibration, 2022 ,

Zhang, Jiasheng, Xiang, Pengcheng, Zhong, Jia, Zhang, Jian, Wu, Zezhou and Antwi-Afari, Maxwell Fordjour (2022). Exploring Key Factors for Contractors in Opening Prefabrication Factories: A Chinese Case Study. Frontiers in Public Health, 10 ,

Zherebtsov, Evgenii A., Potapova, Elena V., Mamoshin, Andrian V., Shupletsov, Valery V., Kandurova, Ksenia Y., Dremin, Viktor V., Abramov, Andrey Y. and Dunaev, Andrey V. (2022). Fluorescence lifetime needle optical biopsy discriminates hepatocellular carcinoma. Biomedical Optics Express, 13 (2), pp. 633-646.

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