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Abdelhady, Ramy, Radwan, Ali, Rezk, Ahmed, Olabi, A.G., Sharma, Vikas, Hossain, A K, Alaswad, Abed and Abdelkareem, Mohammad Ali (2023). Energy and exergy study of the integrated adsorption-absorption system driven by transient heat sources for cooling and desalination. Energy Conversion and Management, 277 ,

Abdy, Charlotte, Zhang, Yuqing, Wang, Jiawei, Cheng, Yi, Artamendi, Ignacio and Allen, Bob (2023). Investigation of high-density polyethylene pyrolyzed wax for asphalt binder modification: Mechanism, thermal properties, and ageing performance. Journal of Cleaner Production, 405 ,

Akande, I., Bridgwater, T., van Koningsbruggen, P.J. and Yuan, Q. (2023). Advances in the modelling of concentration-dependent relative viscosity data for nanofluids by introducing the Dispersion Factor. Journal of Molecular Liquids, 380 ,


Bhindi, Meha, Massengo, Liam, Hammerton, James, Derry, Matthew and Worrall, Stephen D (2023). Structure Control Using Bioderived Solvents in Electrochemical Metal-Organic Framework Synthesis. Applied Sciences, 13 (2),

Bobadilla, L.F., Azancot, L., González-Castaño, M., Ruíz-López, E., Pastor-Pérez, L., Durán-Olivencia, F.J., Ye, R., Chong, K.J., Blanco-Sánchez, P.H., Wu, Z., Reina, T.R. and Odriozola, J.A. (2023). Biomass gasification, catalytic technologies and energy integration for production of circular methanol: New horizons for industry decarbonisation. Journal of Environmental Sciences ,

Buachi, Chatmani, Thammachai, Charothar, Tighe, Brian J., Topham, Paul D., Molloy, Robert and Punyamoonwongsa, Patchara (2023). Encapsulation of propolis extracts in aqueous formulations by using nanovesicles of lipid and poly(styrene-alt-maleic acid). Artificial Cells, Nanomedicine, and Biotechnology, 51 (1), pp. 192-204.


Cheng, Yi, Ekici, Ecrin, Yildiz, Güray, Yang, Yang, Coward, Brad and Wang, Jiawei (2023). Applied machine learning for prediction of waste plastic pyrolysis towards valuable fuel and chemicals production. Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, 169 ,

Cheng, Yi, Zhao, Chuzhi, Neupane, Pradeep, Benjamin, Bradley, Wang, Jiawei and Zhang, Tongsheng (2023). Applicability and Trend of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Bioenergy Research between 1991–2021: A Bibliometric Analysis. Energies, 16 (3),


Ferreira, Filipe v., Souza, Alana g., Ajdary, Rubina, De souza, Lucas p., Lopes, João h., Correa, Daniel s., Siqueira, Gilberto, Barud, Hernane s., Rosa, Derval dos s., Mattoso, Luiz h.c. and Rojas, Orlando j. (2023). Nanocellulose-based porous materials: Regulation and pathway to commercialization in regenerative medicine. Bioactive Materials, 29 , pp. 151-176.

Fielden, Stephen D. P., Derry, Matthew J., Miller, Alisha J., Topham, Paul D. and O’Reilly, Rachel K. (2023). Triggered Polymersome Fusion. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 145 (10), pp. 5824-5833.


Hirani, Rajan Arjan Kalyan, Wu, Hong, Asif, Abdul Hannan, Rafique, Nasir, Shi, Lei, Zhang, Shu, Wu, Zhentao, Zhang, Lai-Chang, Wang, Shaobin, Yin, Yu, Saunders, Martin and Sun, Hongqi (2023). Cobalt oxide functionalized ceramic membrane for 4-hydroxybenzoic acid degradation via peroxymonosulfate activation. Journal of hazardous materials, 448 ,

Homer, W Joseph A, Lisnenko, Maxim, Gardner, Adrian C, Kostakova, Eva K, Valtera, Jan, Wall, Ivan B, Jencova, Vera, Topham, Paul D and Theodosiou, Eirini (2023). Assessment of thermally stabilized electrospun poly(vinyl alcohol) materials as cell permeable membranes for a novel blood salvage device. Biomaterials Advances, 144 ,

Hossain, Abul K., Sharma, Vikas, Ahmad, Gulzar and Awotwe, Tabbi (2023). Energy outputs and emissions of biodiesels as a function of coolant temperature and composition. Renewable energy, 215 ,


Jia, Y., Liao, G., Wu, Y., Mykhaylyk, O., Topham, P.D., Dong, X.-H., Chen, C., Yu, Q. and Wang, L. (2023). Investigating the effect of crystallizability and glass transition temperature of supporting materials for preparing high enthalpy electrospun poly(lactic acid)/poly(ethylene glycol) phase change fibers. Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 256 ,


Korsten, Kristoffer, Reynolds-Green, Morgan, Hopkins, Bradley, McLellan, Allison, Derry, Matthew, Topham, Paul, Titman, Jeremy, Keddie, Daniel J., Taresco, Vincenzo and Howdle, Steven (2023). Synthesis of Core-Shell Polymer Particles in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide via Iterative Monomer Addition. Chemical Communications, 59 (98), pp. 14536-14539.


Liao, Guoxing, Chen, Lei, Zhang, Yunie, Mykhaylyk, Oleksandr O., Topham, Paul, Toolan, Daniel T.W., Derry, Matthew, Howse, Jonathan R., Yu, Qianqian, Feng, Guiji and Wang, Linge (2023). Solvent selectivity governed self-assembly of block copolymer in nanofabrication. Polymer, 283 ,


Masera, Kemal and Hossain, Abul Kalam (2023). Advancement of biodiesel fuel quality and NOx emission control techniques. Renewable and sustainable energy reviews, 178 ,

Masó-Martínez, Marta, Fryer, Benjamin, Aubert, Dimitri, Peacock, Benjamin, Lees, Rebecca, Rance, Graham A., Fay, Michael W., Topham, Paul D. and Fernández-Castané, Alfred (2023). Evaluation of cell disruption technologies on magnetosome chain length and aggregation behaviour from Magnetospirillum gryphiswaldense MSR-1. Frontiers In Bioengineering and Biotechnology, 11 ,

Medeiros, Guilherme S., Oliveira, Luis F.M., Ferreira, Filipe V., Souza, Lucas P., Martin, Richard A., de Oliveira, Ivone R. and Lopes, João H. (2023). A perfect pair: Niobium- and gallium-doped ceramic biomaterial enabled by coupled synthesis method with potential application for bone regeneration and cancer-targeted therapy. Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 599 ,

Mohammad, Omar, Onwudili, Jude A. and Yuan, Qingchun (2023). A critical review of the production of hydroxyaromatic carboxylic acids as a sustainable method for chemical utilisation and fixation of CO2. RSC Sustainability, 1 (3), pp. 404-417.


Namhongsa, Manasanan, Daranarong, Donraporn, Molloy, Robert, Ross, Sukunya, Ross, Gareth M., Tuantranont, Adisorn, Boonyawan, Dheerawan, Tocharus, Jiraporn, Sivasinprasasn, Sivanan, Topham, Paul D., Tighe, Brian J. and Punyodom, Winita (2023). Plasma surface modification of two-component composite scaffolds consisting of 3D-printed and electrospun fiber components from biodegradable PLGA and PLCL. European Polymer Journal, 194 ,


Pearce, Amanda K., Parkinson, Sam J., Akar, Irem, Derry, Matthew J., Topham, Paul D., Mathers, Robert T., Stavros, Vasilios G. and O’Reilly, Rachel K. (2023). Mechanistic Insights into Polymerization-Induced Self-Assembly Using Maleimide-Based Fluorophores. Macromolecules, 56 (23), pp. 9443-9454.

Phetsuk, Sawarot, Molloy, Robert, Topham, Paul D., Tighe, Brian J., Meepowpan, Puttinan, Limwanich, Wanich and Punyodom, Winita (2023). Use of Non‐isothermal DSC in Comparative Studies of Tin(II) Systems for the Ring‐Opening Polymerization of D‐lactide. Polymer International, 72 (10), pp. 949-956.

Powell, Robyn E., Lees, Martin R., Tizzard, Graham J., Coles, Simon J., Yuan, Qingchun and Koningsbruggen, Petra J. van (2023). Fe III in the high‐spin state in dimethylammonium bis[3‐ethoxysalicylaldehyde thiosemicarbazonato(2–)‐κ 3 O 2, N 1, S ]ferrate(III). Acta Crystallographica Section C: Structural Chemistry, 79 (Pt 1), pp. 18-24.

Price, Cameron-Alexander H., Torres-Lopez, Antonio, Evans, Robert, Hondow, Nicole S., Isaacs, Mark A., Jamal, Aina Syahida and Parlett, Christopher (2023). Impact of Porous Silica Nanosphere Architectures on the Catalytic Performance of Supported Sulphonic Acid Sites for Fructose Dehydration to 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural. ChemPlusChem, 88 (12),


Qiu, Yusheng, Zhao, Taoran, Lu, Xin, Yuan, Qingchun, Gregg, Sharon, Nze, René‐Ponce and Xiao, Bo (2023). Ultraviolet Light Responsive N‐Nitroso Polymers for Antibacterial Nitric Oxide Delivery. Macromolecular rapid communications, 44 (22),

Quan, Cui, Zhou, Yingying, Wang, Jiawei, Wu, Chunfei and Gao, Ningbo (2023). Biomass-based carbon materials for CO2 capture:A review. Journal of CO2 Utilization, 68 ,


Raja, Farah, Worthington, Tony and Martin, Richard (2023). The antimicrobial efficacy of copper, cobalt, zinc and silver nanoparticles: alone and in combination. Biomedical Materials, 18 (4),


Shaikh, M., Alaswad, A. and Junaid, Sarah (2023). The Immersive Placement Experience: Sink Or Swim? IN: SEFI 2023 - 51st Annual Conference of the European Society for Engineering Education. Reilly, Ger; Murphy, Mike; Nagy, Balazs Vince and Jarvinen, Hannu-Matti (eds) IRL: European Society for Engineering Education (SEFI).

Sharma, Vikas, Hossain, Abul Kalam, Duraisamy, Ganesh and Griffiths, Gareth (2023). Microalgal Biodiesel: A Challenging Route toward a Sustainable Aviation Fuel. Fermentation, 9 (10),

Sharma, Vikas, Hossain, Abul Kalam, Duraisamy, Ganesh and Jacob Thomas, Justine (2023). Sustainable biodiesel from flex-mix feedstock and its combustion in a VCR-CRDI engine with variable exhaust gas recirculation and injection pressure. Journal of Physics: Energy, 5 (1),

Simionesie, Dorin, O’Callaghan, Gregory, Manning, Joseph R. H., Düren, Tina, Preece, Jon A., Evans, Robert and Zhang, Zhenyu J. (2023). Combined Experimental and Computational Study of Polycyclic Aromatic Compound Aggregation: The Impact of Solvent Composition. Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds, 43 (4), pp. 3790-3809.

Swadener, John G. (2023). Strain Engineering of ZrO 2 @TiO 2 Core@shell Nanoparticle Photocatalysts. Solar, 3 (1), pp. 15-24.


Tang, Bridget, Chong, Katie, Ragauskas, Arthur J. and Evans, Robert (2023). Quantitative Low-Field 19F Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Analysis of Carbonyl Groups in Pyrolysis Oils. ChemSusChem, 16 (17),

Terrill, Nick J., Bombardi, A, Carla, F, Cinque, G, Derry, Matthew, Milsom, A, Siligardi, G, Snow, T, Topham, Paul, Zeng, X B and Zinn, Thomas (2023). Polymer and Soft Matter Research at Diamond Light Source. Synchrotron Radiaion News, 36 (2), pp. 37-45.

Topham, Paul D., Boucher, Raymond J., Chang, Taihyun, Smrčková, Miroslava Dušková, Farrell, Wesley S., Hu, Wenbing, He, Jiasong, Hess, Michael, Hutchins-Crawford, Helena J., Keddie, Daniel J., Mallon, Peter E., Merna, Jan, Stingelin, Natalie, Šturcová, Adriana and Vohlídal, Jiří (2023). A brief guide to polymer characterization: structure (IUPAC technical report). Pure and Applied Chemistry, 95 (10), pp. 1121-1126.

Tuancharoensri, Nantaprapa, Ross, Gareth M., Kongprayoon, Arisa, Mahasaranon, Sararat, Pratumshat, Supatra, Viyoch, Jarupa, Petrot, Narin, Ruanthong, Wuttipong, Punyodom, Winita, Topham, Paul D., Tighe, Brian J. and Ross, Sukunya (2023). In Situ Compatibilized Blends of PLA/PCL/CAB Melt-Blown Films with High Elongation: Investigation of Miscibility, Morphology, Crystallinity and Modelling. Polymers, 15 (2),


Vraitch, Rajan, Prince, Mark and Souppez, Jean-Baptiste R. G. (2023). Infill Density in Additive Manufacturing and Application to the DFMA of an Iron Man Helmet. IN: The 28th International Conference on Automation and Computing (ICAC2023). GBR: UNSPECIFIED.


Worrall, Stephen D., Wang, Jiawei and Najdanovic-Visak, Vesna (2023). Aqueous biphasic systems based on ethyl lactate: Molecular interactions and modelling. Chemical Engineering Communications, 210 (10), pp. 1742-1755.


Xu, Mengmeng, Tan, Fangrong, Luo, Wanru, Jia, Yifan, Deng, Yan, Topham, Paul D., Wang, LinGe and Yu, Qianqian (2023). In Situ Fabrication of Silver Peroxide Hybrid Ultrathin Co-Based Metal–Organic Frameworks for Enhanced Chemodynamic Antibacterial Therapy. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 15 (19), pp. 22985-22998.

Xu, Mengmeng, Xie, Xiaoqi, Liu, Yuan, Topham, Paul D, Zeng, Yuandong, Zhan, Jilai, Wang, LinGe and Yu, Qianqian (2023). Mild-temperature responsive nanocatalyst for controlled drug release and enhanced catalytic therapy. Acta Biomaterialia, 167 , pp. 473-488.


Zhang, Ming, Sharma, Vikas, Jia, Yu, Hossain, A K and Xu, Yuchun (2023). Data-driven Approach for Condition Assessment of a Diesel Engine Powered with Various Biodiesels. SAE Technical Papers, 2023-0 ,

Zhang, Ming, Sharma, Vikas, Wang, Zezhong, Jia, Yu, Hossain, Abul Kalam and Xu, Yuchun (2023). Online Big-Data Monitoring and Assessment Framework for Internal Combustion Engine with Various Biofuels. International Journal of Automotive Manufacturing and Materials, 2 (2),

Zhang, Tongsheng, Peng, Hui, Wu, Chang, Guo, Yiqun, Wang, Jiawei, Chen, Xinzhi, Wei, Jiangxiong and Yu, Qijun (2023). Process compatible desulfurization of NSP cement production: A novel strategy for efficient capture of trace SO2 and the industrial trial. Journal of Cleaner Production, 411 ,

Zhang, Zhicheng, Zhou, Wanglin, Wang, Tianlei, Gu, Zhenbin, Zhu, Yongfan, Liu, Zhengkun, Wu, Zhentao, Zhang, Guangru and Jin, Wanqin (2023). Ion–Conducting Ceramic Membrane Reactors for the Conversion of Chemicals. Membranes, 13 (7),

Zhu, Yuan, Miao, Jie, Zhang, Yingrui, Li, Chunchun, Wang, Yuanyuan, Cheng, Yi, Long, Mingce, Wang, Jiawei and Wu, Chunfei (2023). Carbon nanotubes production from real-world waste plastics and the pyrolysis behaviour. Waste Management, 166 , pp. 141-151.

Zidane, Iham F, Ali, Hesham, Swadener, Greg, Eldrainy, Yehia and Shehata, Ali (2023). Effect of Upstream Deflector Utilization on H-Darrieus Wind Turbine Performance: An Optimization Study. Alexandria Engineering Journal, 63 , pp. 175-189.

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