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International Health Informatics Study (IHIS) Network (2018). Tpeak-Tend, Tpeak-Tend/QT ratio and Tpeak-Tend dispersion for risk stratification in Brugada Syndrome:A systematic review and meta-analysis. Journal of Arrhythmia, 34 (6), pp. 587-597.


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Kouli, Georgia Maria, Panagiotakos, Demosthenes B., Georgousopoulou, Ekavi N., Mellor, Duane D., Chrysohoou, Christina, Zana, Adela, Tsigos, Constantine, Tousoulis, Dimitrios, Stefanadis, Christodoulos and Pitsavos, Christos (2018). J-shaped relationship between habitual coffee consumption and 10-year (2002–2012) cardiovascular disease incidence:the ATTICA study. European Journal of Nutrition, 57 (4), pp. 1677-1685.

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Patel, Vanlata, Karteris, Emmanouil, Chen, Jing, Kyrou, Ioannis, Mattu, Harman S, Dimitriadis, Georgios K, Rodrigo, Glenn, Antoniades, Charalambos, Antonopoulos, Alexios, Tan, Bee K, Hillhouse, Edward W, Ng, Andre and Randeva, Harpal (2018). Functional Cardiac Orexin Receptors: Role of Orexin-B/Orexin 2 Receptor in Myocardial Protection. Clinical Science, 132 (24), 2547–2564.

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Sanchez Aranguren, Lissette and Ahmed, Asif (2018). Breakfast and subclinical atherosclerosis: a novel association that highlights the importance of dietary habits in the prevention of atherosclerotic diseases. Annals of Research Hospitals, 2018 , pp. 1-3.

Sanchez Aranguren, Lissette, Espinosa-González, Cindy T., González-Ortiz, Laura M., Sanabria-Barrera, Sandra M., Riaño-Medina, Carlos E., Nuñez, Andrés F., Ahmed, Asif, Vasquez-Vivar, Jeannette and López, Marcos (2018). Soluble Fms-like tyrosine kinase-1 alters cellular metabolism and mitochondrial bioenergetics in preeclampsia. Frontiers in Physiology, 9 ,

Song, Tianyu, Liang, Shenghui, Liu, Jiye, Zhang, Tingyue, Yin, Yifei, Geng, Chenlu, Gao, Shaobing, Feng, Yan, Xu, Hao, Guo, Dongqing, Roberts, Amanda, Gu, Yuchun and Cang, Yong (2018). CRL4 antagonizes SCFFbxo7-mediated turnover of cereblon and BK channel to regulate learning and memory. PLoS Genetics, 14 (1),

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Thomas, Jason M, Dourish, Colin T, Tomlinson, Jeremy, Hassan-Smith, Zaki, Hansen, Peter C and Higgs, Suzanne (2018). The 5-HT2C receptor agonist meta-chlorophenylpiperazine (mCPP) reduces palatable food consumption and BOLD fMRI responses to food images in healthy female volunteers. Psychopharmacology, 235 (1), 257–267.


Verrastro, Ivan, Tveen Jensen, Karina, Spickett, Corinne M and Pitt, Andrew R (2018). The effect of HOCl-induced modifications on phosphatase and tensin homolog (PTEN) structure and function. Free Radical Research, 52 (2), pp. 232-247.


Weickert, Martin O., John, Hattersley, Kyrou, Ioannis, Arafat, Ayman, Rudovich, Natalia, Roden, Michael, Nowotny, Peter, von Loeffelholz, Christian, Matysik, Silke, Schmitz, Gerd and Pfeiffer, Andreas (2018). Effects of supplemented isoenergetic diets varying in cereal fiber and protein content on the bile acid metabolic signature and relation to insulin resistance. Nutrition & Diabetes, 8 ,

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