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Zhou, Wanglin, Fan, Zheng, Jiang, Hanjun, Wu, Zhentao, Liu, Zhengkun, Zhang, Guangru and Jin, Wanqin (2024). Cold sintering of perovskite‐based mixed conducting membrane for oxygen separation. AIChE Journal, 70 (4),

Subramaniam, Mahesan Naidu, Zheng, Jiaojiao, Wu, Zhentao, Goh, Pei Sean and Zhang, Guangru (2024). Visible Light-Driven Organic Pollutant Removal Using Fe-Based Photocatalysts Supported by Wheat Straw Biochar. Catalysts, 14 (1),


Subramaniam, Mahesan Naidu, Wu, Zhentao, Goh, Pei Sean and Zhou, Shouyong (2023). The state-of-the-art development of biochar based photocatalyst for removal of various organic pollutants in wastewater. Journal of Cleaner Production, 429 ,

Bobadilla, L.F., Azancot, L., González-Castaño, M., Ruíz-López, E., Pastor-Pérez, L., Durán-Olivencia, F.J., Ye, R., Chong, K.J., Blanco-Sánchez, P.H., Wu, Z., Reina, T.R. and Odriozola, J.A. (2023). Biomass gasification, catalytic technologies and energy integration for production of circular methanol: New horizons for industry decarbonisation. Journal of Environmental Sciences ,

Zhang, Zhicheng, Zhou, Wanglin, Wang, Tianlei, Gu, Zhenbin, Zhu, Yongfan, Liu, Zhengkun, Wu, Zhentao, Zhang, Guangru and Jin, Wanqin (2023). Ion–Conducting Ceramic Membrane Reactors for the Conversion of Chemicals. Membranes, 13 (7),

Hirani, Rajan Arjan Kalyan, Wu, Hong, Asif, Abdul Hannan, Rafique, Nasir, Shi, Lei, Zhang, Shu, Wu, Zhentao, Zhang, Lai-Chang, Wang, Shaobin, Yin, Yu, Saunders, Martin and Sun, Hongqi (2023). Cobalt oxide functionalized ceramic membrane for 4-hydroxybenzoic acid degradation via peroxymonosulfate activation. Journal of hazardous materials, 448 ,


Zhang, Zhicheng, Ning, Ke, Xu, Zhi, Zheng, Qiankun, Tan, Jingkun, Liu, Zhengkun, Wu, Zhentao, Zhang, Guangru and Jin, Wanqin (2021). Highly efficient preparation of Ce0.8Sm0.2O2-δ–SrCo0.9Nb0.1O3-δ dual-phase four-channel hollow fiber membrane via one-step thermal processing approach. Journal of Membrane Science, 620 ,


Mahyon, Nur Izwanne, Li, Tao, Tantra, Billy Digjaya, Martinez-botas, Ricardo, Wu, Zhentao and Li, Kang (2020). Integrating Pd-doped perovskite catalysts with ceramic hollow fibre substrate for efficient CO oxidation. Journal of Environmental Chemical engineering, 8 (4),


Wu, Hong, Xu, Xinyuan, Shi, Lei, Yin, Yu, Zhang, Lai-chang, Wu, Zhentao, Duan, Xiaoguang, Wang, Shaobin and Sun, Hongqi (2019). Manganese oxide integrated catalytic ceramic membrane for degradation of organic pollutants using sulfate radicals. Water Research, 167 ,

Sihar, Ainun Sailah, Othman, Nur Hidayati, Alias, Nur Hashimah, Shahruddin, Munawar Zaman, Asghrar Syed-hassan, Syed Shatir, Rahman, Mukhlis A., Ismail, Ahmad Fauzi and Wu, Zhentao (2019). Fabrication of lanthanum-based perovskites membranes on porous alumina hollow fibre (AHF) substrates for oxygen enrichment. Ceramics International, 45 (10), pp. 13086-13093.

Yu, Qinghua, Jiang, Zhu, Cong, Lin, Lu, Tiejun, Suleiman, Bilyaminu, Leng, Guanghui, Wu, Zhentao, Ding, Yulong and Li, Yongliang (2019). A novel low-temperature fabrication approach of composite phase change materials for high temperature thermal energy storage. Applied Energy, 237 , pp. 367-377.

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Ranieri, Giuseppe, Mazzei, Rosalinda, Poerio, Teresa, Bazzarelli, Fabio, Wu, Zhentao, Li, Kang and Giorno, Lidietta (2018). Biorefinery of olive leaves to produce dry oleuropein aglycone:use of homemade ceramic capillary biocatalytic membranes in a multiphase system. Chemical Engineering Science, 185 , pp. 149-156.


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Chi, Yunsi, Li, Tao, Wang, Bo, Wu, Zhentao and Li, Kang (2017). Morphology, performance and stability of multi-bore capillary La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3-δ oxygen transport membranes. Journal of Membrane Science, 529 , 224–233.

Li, Tao, Lu, Xuekun, Wang, Bo, Wu, Zhentao, Li, Kang, Brett, Dan J.L. and Shearing, Paul R. (2017). X-ray tomography-assisted study of a phase inversion process in ceramic hollow fiber systems – Towards practical structural design. Journal of Membrane Science, 528 , pp. 24-33.


Othman, Nur Hidayati, Shahruddin, Munawar Zaman, Sihar, Ainun Sailah, Wu, Zhentao and Li, K. (2016). In-Situ catalytic surface modification of micro-structured La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3-δ (LSCF) Oxygen Permeable Membrane Using Vacuum-Assisted technique. MATEC Web of Conferences, 69 ,

Ranieri, Giuseppe, Mazzei, Rosalinda, Wu, Zhentao, Li, Kang and Giorno, Lidietta (2016). Use of a ceramic membrane to improve the performance of two-separate-phase biocatalytic membrane reactor. Molecules, 21 (3),


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Liu, Xinlei, Demir, Nilay Keser, Wu, Zhentao and Li, Kang (2015). Highly Water-Stable Zirconium Metal-Organic Framework UiO-66 Membranes Supported on Alumina Hollow Fibers for Desalination. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 137 (22), pp. 6999-7002.

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