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Zidane, Iham F, Ali, Hesham, Swadener, Greg, Eldrainy, Yehia and Shehata, Ali (2023). Effect of Upstream Deflector Utilization on H-Darrieus Wind Turbine Performance: An Optimization Study. Alexandria Engineering Journal, 63 , pp. 175-189.

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Zidane, Iham, Swadener, Greg, Ma, Xianghong, Shehadeh, Mohamed F., Salem, Mahmoud and Saqr, Khalid M. (2020). Performance of a Wind Turbine Blade in Sandstorms Using a CFD-BEM Based Neural Network. Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy, 12 (5),

Leslie, Laura Jane, Connolly, Ashley, Swadener, John G, Junaid, Sarah, Theivendran, Kanthan and Deshmukh, Subodh C (2018). Using three-dimensional rapid prototyping in the design and development of orthopaedic screws in standardised pull-out tests. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part H: Journal of Engineering in Medicine, 232 (6), pp. 565-572.

Zidane, Iham F., Saqr, Khalid M., Swadener, Greg, Ma, Xianghong and Shehadeh, Mohamed F. (2017). Computational fluid dynamics study of dusty air flow over NACA 63415 airfoil for wind turbine applications. Jurnal Teknologi, 79 (7-3), pp. 1-6.

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Book Section

Coldrick, Benjamin, Swadener, Gregory and Davies, Leon (2012). A sensitivity study of the human crystalline lens using finite element analysis. IN: Proceedings of the 20th UK national conference of the ACME. Yang, Z.J. (ed.) GBR: Association for Computational Mechanics in Engineering.

Wang, Y.-C., Höchbauer, T., Swadener, J.G., Darling, T., Misra, A., Hoagland, R. and Nastasi, M. (2006). Study on fatigue and energy-dissipation properties of nanolayered Cu/Nb thin films. IN: High performance structures and materials III. Brebbia, C.A. (ed.) WIT transactions on the built environment, 85 . BEL: WIT Press.

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