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Pownall, Madeleine, Azevedo, Flavio, Aldoh, Alaa, Elsherif, Mahmood, Vasilev, Martin, Pennington, Charlotte Rebecca, Robertson, Olly, Vel Tromp, Myrthe, Liu, Meng, Makel, Matthew C., Tongue, Natasha, Moreau, David, Horry, Ruth, Shaw, John, Tzavella, Loukia, McGarrigle, Ronan, Talbot, Catherine, FORRT and Parsons, Sam (2022). Embedding open and reproducible science into teaching: A bank of lesson plans and resources. Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Psychology ,

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Book Section

Pennington, Charlotte and Norris, Emma (2015). The PhD journey: A guide to applying, starting and succeeding. IN: A Guide for Psychology Postgraduates: Surviving Postgraduate Study. Norris, Emma (ed.) British Psychological Society.

Conference or Workshop Item

Pennington, Charlotte Rebecca, Shaw, Daniel Joel, Adams, Jennifer, Kavanagh, Phoebe, Reed, Holly, Robinson, Madeleine, Shave, Emily and White, Hollie (2020). Where’s that wine? A pre-registered study assessing the utility of visual search to measure alcohol-related attentional bias. IN: Early Career Alcohol Research Symposium, Sheffield Alcohol Research Group. 2020-07-07 - 2020-07-08.

Porter, Lucy, Button, Kate, Adams, Rachel, Pennington, Charlotte Rebecca, Chambers, Chris, van Beurden, Samantha, Johannsson, Olivia, Townsend, Bea, Powell, Sophie, Lipskis, Britani, Evans, Natalie, Mastrogiannopoulou, Melita, Roy, Jessica, Marlowe, Helen, Smith, Lucie, Watters, Elliot, Goldie, Rebecca, Zingman, Alisa, Follett, Charlie and Chong, Sophie (2020). Does device matter? Impacts of food-specific inhibition training on food choice, liking and approach bias when delivered by smartphone or computer. IN: Experimental Psychology Society online conference.. 2020-06-30 - 2020-07-02.

Pennington, Charlotte and Shaw, Daniel Joel (2020). What do implicit measures of bias actually measure? IN: Experimental Psychology Society Meeting, 2020. 2020-01-08 - 2020-01-10.

Clark, Kait, Pennington, Charlotte, Hedge, Craig, Lee, Joshua T and Petrie, Austin C P (2019). Test-retest reliability for common tasks in vision science. IN: Vision Sciences Society Annual Meeting, 2019. 2019-05-17 - 2019-05-22.

Pennington, Charlotte and Shaw, Daniel Joel (2019). Profiling prejudice: Elucidating the socio-cognitive mechanisms underpinning implicit bias. IN: Society of Australasian Social Psychologists (SASP) Annual Conference, 2019. 2019-04-25 - 2019-04-27.

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