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Abdul-Majid, Mariani, Saal, David S. and Battisti, Giuliana (2008). Efficiency in Islamic and conventional banking:an international comparison. Working Paper. Aston University, Birmingham (UK).

Abdul-Majid, Mariani, Saal, David S. and Battisti, Giuliana (2008). The efficiency and productivity of Malaysian banks:an output distance function approach. Working Paper. Aston University, Birmingham (UK).

Aidis, Ruta, Korosteleva, Julia and Mickiewicz, Tomasz (2008). Entrepreneurship in Russia. Working Paper. University College London, London (UK).

Aidis, Ruta, Mickiewicz, Tomasz and Sauka, Arnis (2008). Growth expectations and financial performance of small businesses:evidence from Latvia. Working Paper. University College London, London (UK).

Aidis, Ruta, Mickiewicz, Tomasz and Sauka, Arnis (2008). Why are optimistic entrepreneurs successful? An application of the regulatory focus theory. Working Paper. William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan, Michigan (US).

Alias, Jamsari, Bennett, David and Hall, Matthew (2008). Transferring knowledge of manufacturing techniques in multinational corporations:preliminary findings. IN: The Third European Conference on Management of Technology. Jolly, D. (ed.) FRA: IBIMA.

Amess, Kevin, Du, Jun and Girma, Sourafel (2008). Full and partial privatization in China:the labor consequences. Working Paper. University of Nottingham. (Unpublished)

Andrews, Jane, Booth, Malcolm, Halstead, Alison and Higson, Helen E. (2008). Relevant and rigorous? The work-study balance conundrum in foundation degrees: an exploratory study. IN: British Academy of Management conference 2008. 2008-09-10 - 2008-09-11. (Unpublished)

Armstrong, Kathy, Bailey, David, de Ruyter, Alex, Mahdon, Michelle and Thomas, Holli (2008). Auto plant closures, policy responses and labour market outcomes:a comparison of MG Rover in the UK and Mitsubishi in Australia. Policy Studies, 29 (3), pp. 343-355.


Bailey, David and MacNeill, Stewart (2008). The Rover Task Force:a case study in proactive and reactive policy intervention? Regional science policy and practice, 1 (1), pp. 109-124.

Ball, C., Davies, Stephen, Olczak, Matthew and Wilson, Christopher (2008). An evaluation of the impact upon productivity of ending resale price maintenance on books. Technical Report. Office of fair trading.

Bush, Joe, Langley, Christopher A., Jesson, Jill K. and Wilson, Keith A. (2008). Community pharmacy in a commissioning-led NHS:can pharmacy compete effectively? IN: British Pharmaceutical Conference 2008. 2008-09-07 - 2008-09-09.

Bush, Joe, Langley, Christopher A., Jesson, Jill K. and Wilson, Keith A. (2008). Developing the public health function of locum pharmacists under the auspices of the new pharmacy contract. IN: British Pharmaceutical Conference 2008. 2008-09-07 - 2008-09-09.


Carter, Matthew R., West, Michael, Dawson, Jeremy, Richardson, Joanne and Dunckley, Maria (2008). Developing team-based working in NHS trusts. Aston University. (Unpublished)

Cathcart, Abby, Kerr, Gayle, Fletcher, Marty and Mack, Janet (2008). Engaging staff and students with graduate attributes across diverse curricula landscapes. IN: ATN Assessment Conference : Engaging Students with Assessment. UNSPECIFIED.

Chelley-Steeley, Patricia L. and Lucey, Brian M. (2008). The microstructure of the Irish stock market. Multinational Finance Journal, 12 (3-4), pp. 279-311.

Cheng, X. (2008). UK industrial firms' dept decision under monetary policy transmission. Masters thesis, Aston University.


Davies, Stephen and Olczak, Matthew (2008). Assessing the efficacy of structural merger remedies:choosing between theories of harm? Working Paper. University of East Anglia, Norwich (UK).

Davies, Stephen and Olczak, Matthew (2008). Tacit vs. overt collusion firm asymmetries and numbers:what's the evidence? Competition Policy International, 4 (2), pp. 175-200.

Davis, Ann and Scully, Judith (2008). Strategic resourcing. IN: Strategic human resource management. Aston Centre for Human Resources (ed.) London (UK): CIPD.

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Decker, Stephanie (2008). Dekolonisation der Wirtschaft? Wirtschaftsnationalismus in Afrika nach 1945. Archiv für Sozialgeschichte, 48 , pp. 461-486.

Decker, Stephanie (2008). Return to imperial trade? John Holt & Co (Liverpool) Ltd. as a contemporary free-standing company, 1945-2006. IN: The empire in one city? Liverpool's inconvenient imperial past. Haggerty, Sherryllyne; Webster, Anthony and White, Nicholas (eds) Studies in imperialism . Manchester (UK): Manchester University Press.

Demetriades, Panicos O., Du, Jun, Girma, Sourafel and Xu, Chenggang (2008). Does the Chinese banking system promote the growth of firms? Working Paper. University of Leicester, Leicester (UK).

Devadoss, Paul R., Chiasson, Mike W. and van Daalen Fuente, Roger F.A. (2008). Knowing a few rules doesn't mean you can play the game:The limits of "best practice" in enterprise systems. IN: 14th Americas Conference on Information Systems, AMCIS 2008. CAN: UNSPECIFIED.

Dey, Prasanta K., Hariharan, Seetharaman and Despic, Ozren (2008). Managing healthcare performance in analytical framework. Benchmarking, 15 (4), pp. 444-468.

Diem, G. (2008). Process improvement and quality management systems in the financial services industry:the case for the OPEX quality management system and framework. Masters thesis, Aston University.

Driffield, Nigel, Du, Jun and Girma, Sourafel (2008). Optimal geographic diversification and firm performance:evidence from the U.K. Journal of Productivity Analysis, 30 (2), pp. 145-254.

Du, Jun and Girma, Sourafel (2008). Financing source and firm growth in a hybrid financial system:evidence from China United Nations World Institutes for Development Research. IN: WIDER Conference on Southern Engines of Global Growth: China, India, Brazil, and South Africa (CIBS): Financial Flows and Capital Markets. 2008-07-11 - 2008-07-12.


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Goddard, Robert J. (2008). Unfair prejudice relief in Jersey. Jersey and Guernsey Law Review, 12 (1), pp. 83-92.

Guillaume, Y.R.F. (2008). Relational diversity, social integration and individual effectiveness: a social self-regulation perspective. PHD thesis, Aston University.

Guilloux, Veronique, Locke, Joanne and Lowe, Alan D. (2008). Local skirmishes in the contruction of (global) digital business communication technologies. IN: Twenty Ninth International Conference on Information Systems. 2008-01-01 - 2008-01-01. (Unpublished)


Hart, Mark, Driffield, Nigel L., Roper, Stephen and Mole, Kevin F. (2008). Evaluation of regional selective assistance (RSA) and selective finance for investment in England (SFIE) 2000-2004 Report for the DTI. Discussion Paper. Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform.

Higson, Helen E. (2008). The journey towards cultural competence. Speaking English, 41 (1), pp. 12-16.

Huggins, Robert and Izushi, Hiro (2008). UK competitiveness index 2008. Cardiff (UK): Centre for International Competitiveness.

Huggins, Robert, Izushi, Hiro, Davies, Will and Shougui, Luo (2008). World knowledge competitiveness index 2008. Cardiff (UK): Centre for International Competitiveness.

Hutchinson, Odette (2008). Can silence ever amount to consent? Legal Executive Journal, March ,

Hutchinson, Odette (2008). Presumed consent in organ donation: the devil is in the detail. Personal Injury Brief Update Law Journal, Januar ,

Hutchinson, Odette (2008). To err is human to forgive divine: spotlight on complaints in the NHS, the crusade for perceived justice. Personal Injury Brief Update Law Journal, May ,


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Johnes, Geraint, Johnes, Jill and Thanassoulis, Emmanuel (2008). An analysis of costs in institutions of higher education in England. Studies in Higher Education, 33 (5), pp. 527-549.


Kaschewsky, Michael (2008). Constructing institutional change: emergence, contestation and convergence of business models in the field of Java application servers. PHD thesis, Aston University.

Kelly, Josie (2008). Creating citizen-consumers::changing publics and changing public services. International Journal of Public Sector Management, 21 (1), pp. 93-94.

Kimino, Satomi (2008). Determinants and impacts of inward FDI in Japan. PHD thesis, Aston University.

Korosteleva, Julia and Mickiewicz, Tomasz (2008). Start-up financing:a comparative perspective. Working Paper. University College London, London (UK).

Kouvonen, Anne M., Väänänen, Ari, Woods, Stephen A., Heponiemi, Tarja, Koskinen, Aki and Toppinen-Tann, Salla (2008). Sense of coherence and diabetes:a prospective occupational cohort. BMC Public Health, 8 (46), pp. 1-11.


Lee, Nick J. and Lings, Ian N. (2008). Doing business research:a guide to theory and practice. London: SAGE.

Lee, Nick, Butler, Michael J.R. and Senior, Carl (2008). The brain in business:the case for organizational cognitive neuroscience? Nature Precedings, online ,

Love, James H., Roper, Stephen and Hewitt-Dundas, Nola (2008). Service innovation, embeddedness and business performance:UK regional evidence. Working Paper. Aston University, Birmingham (UK).


Malhotra, Namrata, Morris, Tim and Smets, Michael (2008). Multi-level institutional work:maintaining or disputing up-or-out tournaments in elite law firms? IN: Society for the Advancement of Management Studies: Trajectories, Paths, Patterns and Practices of Strategising and Organising. 2008-09-01.

Manochin, Melina M. (2008). The role of trust in the resource allocation process of an old university. International Journal of Economic Sciences and Applied Research, 1 (2), pp. 38-52.

Mansury, Mica A. and Love, James H. (2008). Innovation, productivity and growth in US business services:a firm-level analysis. Technovation, 28 (1-2), pp. 52-62.

Mukherjee, Nilanjan and Dey, Prasanta (2008). Decision support system for spare parts warehousing. Cost Engineering, 50 (5), pp. 24-34.


Nunes, Breno and Bennett, David (2008). The contribution of modularity to green operations practices. Brazilian Journal of Operations and Production Management, 5 (2), pp. 93-108.


Owen, Chris, Love, Douglas and Albores, Pavel (2008). Selection of simulation tools for improving supply chain performance. IN: Proceedings of 2008 OR Society Simulation Workshop. 2008-01-01 - 2008-01-01.


Roper, Stephen, Du, Jun and Love, James H. (2008). Modelling the innovation value chain. Research policy, 37 (6-7), pp. 961-977.


SACRAMENTO, C.A. (2008). The interactive effect of workplace stressors and mood on creativity and implementation activities: a dual level approach. PHD thesis, Aston University.

Simpson, Gary and Essex, Anne (2008). Does attendance matter? IN: Good practice guide in learning and teaching. Higson, Helen E. (ed.) Good practice guide in learning and teaching . Birmingham (UK): Aston University.

Smets, Michael, Morris, Tim and Morris, W. (2008). Reputation and performance in large law firms. IN: 2008 Academy of Management annual meeting. 2008-08-08 - 2008-08-13.

Smith, J. (2008). To what extent do currently accepted for-profit new project development success factors apply in the small nonprofit context in the UK? Masters thesis, Aston University.

Stubbs, Graham (2008). The fossil fuel industry and the challenge of climate change:a study of Shell's position. PHD thesis, Aston University.


Temouri, Yama, Driffield, Nigel L. and Añón Higón, Dolores (2008). Analysis of productivity differences among foreign and domestic firms:evidence from Germany. Review of world economics, 144 (1), pp. 32-54.

Temouri, Yama, Driffield, Nigel and Añón Higón, Dolores (2008). Offshoring:a multi-country study of FDI in high-technology sectors. Working Paper. Aston University, Birmingham (UK).

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Tolikas, Konstantinos (2008). Value-at-risk and extreme value distributions for financial returns. The Journal of Risk, 10 (3), pp. 31-77.


Vaidya, Kirit (2008). Appropriate wage rate and related issues for employment intensive public works programmes in Timor Leste. Dili, Timor Leste: International Labour Organisation.

van Dick, Rolf, van Knippenberg, Daan, Hägele, Silvia, Guillaume, Yves R.F. and Brodbeck, Felix C. (2008). Group diversity and group identification:the moderating role of diversity beliefs. Human Relations, 61 (10), pp. 1463-1492.


Williams, Christine, Tomkins, Angela, McEwen, Lindsey, Higson, Helen E., Mason O'Connor, Kris and Wang, Xian (2008). Integrating employers in effective support for student work-based learning (WBL): an evidence base to inform innovative policy and practice. IN: HE Academy. 2008-07-01 - 2008-07-01. (Unpublished)

Wlazlowski, Szymon S. (2008). Asymmetric price transmission. PHD thesis, Aston University.

Woods, Margaret, Humphrey, Christopher and Dowd, Kevin (2008). Market risk reporting by the world's top banks:evidence on the diversity of reporting practice and the implications for international accounting harmonisation. Revista de contabilidad, 11 (2), pp. 9-42.

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