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Sterliński, Maciej, Zakrzewska-Koperska, Joanna, Maciąg, Aleksander, Sokal, Adam, Osca-Asensi, Joaquin, Wang, Lingwei, Spyropoulou, Vasiliki, Maus, Baerbel, Lemme, Francesca, Okafor, Osita, Stegemann, Berthold, Cornelussen, Richard and Leyva, Francisco (2022). Acute Hemodynamic Effects of Simultaneous and Sequential Multi-Point Pacing in Heart Failure Patients With an Expected Higher Rate of Sub-response to Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy: Results of Multicenter SYNSEQ Study. Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine, 9 ,

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Jackson, Tom, Lenarczyk, Radoslaw, Sterlinski, Maciej, Sokal, Adam, Francis, Darrell, Whinnett, Zachary, Van Heuverswyn, Frederic, Vanderheyden, Marc, Heynens, Joeri, Stegemann, Berthold, Cornelussen, Richard and Rinaldi, Christopher Aldo (2018). Left ventricular scar and the acute hemodynamic effects of multivein and multipolar pacing in cardiac resynchronization. IJC Heart & Vasculature, 19 , pp. 14-19.

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