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Amin, Shohel and Tamima, Umma (2015). The Spatial Pattern of Sustainable Urban Development Indicator for the Montreal Urban Community. Journal of Architecture and Urbanism, 39 (4), pp. 220-231.

Ankrah, Nii A., Manu, Emmanuel and Booth, Colin (2015). Cradle to Cradle Implementation in Business Sites and the Perspectives of Tenant Stakeholders. Energy Procedia, 83 , pp. 31-40.

Antle, Joshua (2015). An action research study with low proficiency learners in Japan to promote the learning of vocabulary through collocations. PHD thesis, Aston University.

Atsonios, K., Panopoulos, K.D., Bridgwater, A.V. and Kakaras, E. (2015). Biomass fast pyrolysis energy balance of a 1kg/h test rig. International Journal of Thermodynamics, 18 (4), pp. 267-275.

Bandera, Valentina, Bartoli, Beatrice, Luoni, Chiara, Selvini, Claudia, Rossi, Giorgio, Balottin, Umberto, Cavanna, Andrea and Termine, Cristiano (2015). O055. Headache and psychopathological aspects in Gilles de la Tourette Sindrome:a comparison between paediatric and adult patients. Journal of Headache and Pain, 16 ,

Becker, Bettina (2015). Public R&D policies and private R&D investment:a survey of the empirical evidence. Journal of Economic Surveys, 29 (5), 917–942.

Belal, Ataur, Cooper, Stuart M. and Khan, Niaz Ahmed (2015). Corporate environmental responsibility and accountability:what chance in vulnerable Bangladesh? Critical Perspectives on Accounting, 33 , 44–58.

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Brice, D, Marinov, Marin and Rueger, B (2015). A Newly Designed Baggage Transfer System Implemented Using Event-Based Simulations. Urban Rail Transit, 1 (4), pp. 194-214.

Brès, Jacques and Labeau, Emmanuelle (2015). Venir de (+ infinitive):an immediate anteriority marker in French. Diachronica, 32 (4), 530–570.

Burton, A.E. and Shaw, R.L. (2015). Pain management programmes for non-English-speaking black and minority ethnic groups with long-term or chronic pain. Musculoskeletal Care, 13 (4), pp. 187-203.

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Chattopadhyay, Amit K. and Mukherjee, Prabir K. (2015). Dynamics of cholesteric liquid crystals in the presence of a random magnetic field:stochastic dynamics of cholesteric liquid crystal. Europhysics Letters, 112 (6),

Chaudhry, Sajid Mukhtar, Mullineux, Andrew and Agarwal, Natasha (2015). Balancing the regulation and taxation of banking. International Review of Financial Analysis, 42 , pp. 38-52.

Clark, Tony and Barn, Balbir (2015). Goal Driven Architecture Development using LEAP. International Journal of Conceptual Modeling, 8 (1), pp. 40-61.

Dias, Irundika H.K., Brown, Caroline L.R., Polidori-Nelles, Maria Cristina, Lip, Gregory Y.H. and Griffiths, Helen R. (2015). LDL-Lipids from patients with hypercholesterolaemia and Alzheimer's disease are inflammatory to microvascular endothelial cells:mitigation by statin intervention. Clinical Science, 129 (12), pp. 1195-1206.

Dintcheva, Nadka, Al-Malaika, Sahar and Morici, Elisabetta (2015). Novel organo-modifier for thermally-stable polymer-layered silicate nanocomposites. Polymer Degradation and Stability, 122 , pp. 88-101.

Donaghue, Helen (2015). The construction and negotiation of identity and face in post observation feedback. PHD thesis, Aston University.

Dong, Haifeng, Liu, Conghui, Ye, Haitao, Hu, Linping, Fugetsu, Bunshi, Dai, Wenhao, Cao, Yu, Qi, Xueqiang, Lu, Huiting and Zhang, Xueji (2015). Three-dimensional nitrogen-doped graphene supported molybdenum disulfide nanoparticles as an advanced catalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction. Scientific Reports, 5 ,

Dornseifer, Simon, Willkomm, Sarah, Far, Rosel Kretschmer Kazemi, Liebschwager, Janine, Beltsiou, Foteini, Frank, Kirsten, Laufer, Sandra D., Martinetz, Thomas, Sczakiel, Georg, Claussen, Jens Christian and Restle, Tobias (2015). RNAi revised - Target mRNA-dependent enhancement of gene silencing. Nucleic Acids Research, 43 (22), pp. 10623-10632.

Du, Sijun, Jia, Yu and Seshia, Ashwin A (2015). Maximizing Output Power in a Cantilevered Piezoelectric Vibration Energy Harvester by Electrode Design. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 660 (1),

Durndell, Lee (2015). An investigation of support effects on the Pt-catalysed selective transformation of α,β-unsaturated substrates. PHD thesis, Aston University.

Elewuwa, Francis A. and Makkawi, Yassir T. (2015). Hydrogen production by steam reforming of DME in a large scale CFB reactor. Part I:computational model and predictions. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 40 (46), pp. 15865-15876.

Fertman, E. L., Fedorchenko, A. V., Kotlyar, A. V., Desnenko, V. A., Čižmár, E., Baran, A., Khalyavin, D. D., Salak, A. N., Shvartsman, V. V. and Feher, A. (2015). Exchange bias phenomenon in (Nd1-xYx)2/3Ca1/3MnO3 (x = 0, 0.1) perovskites. Low Temperature Physics, 41 (12), pp. 1001-1005.

Fisher, Kimberly, Gershuny, Jonathan, Mullan, Killian, Sullivan, Oriel and Morris, Sarah (2015). Innovations and lessons from the UK 2014-2015 everyday life survey. Electronic International Journal of Time Use Research, 12 , pp. 163-169.

Glencross, Andrew (2015). From "Doing History" to Thinking Historically:Historical Consciousness across History and International Relations. International Relations, 29 (4), pp. 413-433.

Golovinski, P. A., Astapenko, V. A. and Manuylovich, E. S. (2015). Diffraction of ultrashort pulse on a nanoscale conductive cone. IN: Proceedings of the International Conference Days on Diffraction 2015, DD 2015. Goray, L.I.; Kiselev, A.P.; Kirpichnikova, A.S.; Motygin, O.V.; Belov, P.A. and Kazakov, A.Ya. (eds) SUN: IEEE.

Gouveia Gil, Ana, Wu, Zhentao, Chadwick, David and Li, K. (2015). A catalytic hollow fibre membrane reactor for combined steam methane reforming and water gas shift reaction. Chemical Engineering Science, 137 , pp. 364-372.

Grechnev, G. E., Lyogenkaya, A. A., Panfilov, A. S., Logosha, A. V., Kotlyar, O. V., Gnezdilov, V. P., Makarova, I. P., Chareev, D. A. and Mitrofanova, E. S. (2015). Features of the electron structure of FeTe compounds. Low Temperature Physics, 41 (12), pp. 990-995.

Gutiérrez, Fernando A., Perry, Philip, Martin, Eamonn P., Ellis, Andrew D., Smyth, Frank and Barry, Liam P. (2015). All-analogue real-time broadband filter bank multicarrier optical communications system. Journal of Lightwave Technology, 33 (24), pp. 5073-5083.

Han, Li-Li, Kulinich, Sergei A., Zhang, Yang-Yang, Zou, Jin, Liu, Hui, Wang, Wei-Hua, Liu, Hui, Li, Hao-Bo, Yang, Jing, Xin, Huolin L., Qiao, Shi-Zhang and Du, Xi-Wen (2015). Synergistic synthesis of quasi-monocrystal CdS nanoboxes with high-energy facets. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 3 (46), pp. 23106-23112.

Heath, Gemma, Cooke, Richard and Cameron, Elaine (2015). A theory-based approach for developing interventions to change patient behaviours:a medication adherence example from paediatric secondary care. Healthcare, 3 (4), pp. 1228-1242.

Heitmar, Rebekka and Kalitzeos, Angelos A. (2015). Reliability of retinal vessel calibre measurements using a retinal oximeter. BMC Ophthalmology, 15 ,

Hitchcock, Jessica R., Cook, Charlotte N., Bobat, Saeeda, Ross, Ewan A., Flores-Langarica, Adriana, Lowe, Kate L., Khan, Mahmood, Coral Dominguez-Medina, C., Lax, Sian, Carvalho-Gaspar, Manuela, Hubscher, Stefan, Ed Rainger, G., Cobbold, Mark, Buckley, Christopher D., Mitchell, Tim J., Mitchell, Andrea, Jones, Nick D., Van Rooijen, N., Kirchhofer, Daniel, Henderson, Ian R., Adams, David H., Watson, Steve P. and Cunningham, Adam F. (2015). Inflammation drives thrombosis after Salmonella infection via CLEC-2 on platelets. Journal of Clinical Investigation, 125 (12), pp. 4429-4446.

Jarman, Megan, Ogden, Jane, Inskip, Hazel, Lawrence, Wendy, Baird, Janis, Cooper, Cyrus, Robinson, Sian and Barker, Mary (2015). How do mothers manage their preschool children's eating habits and does this change as children grow older?:A longitudinal analysis. Appetite, 95 , pp. 466-474.

Jia, Yu, Du, Sijun and Seshia, Ashwin A (2015). Cantilevers-on-membrane design for broadband MEMS piezoelectric vibration energy harvesting. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 660 (1),

Jia, Yu, Yan, Jize, Feng, Tao, Du, Sijun, Fidler, Paul, Soga, Kenichi, Middleton, Campbell and Seshia, Ashwin A (2015). A vibration powered wireless mote on the Forth Road Bridge. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 660 (1),

Kalia, Munishikha, Willkomm, Sarah, Claussen, Jens Christian, Restle, Tobias and Bonvin, Alexandre M.J.J. (2015). Novel insights into guide RNA 5ʹ-Nucleoside/Tide binding by human argonaute 2. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 17 (1),

Kandola, Jo-Anne (2015). Workplace gender discrimination and the implicit association test. PHD thesis, Aston University.

Kitchen, Philip, Day, Rebecca E., Salman, Mootaz M., Conner, Matthew T., Bill, Roslyn M. and Conner, Alex C. (2015). Beyond water homeostasis:diverse functional roles of mammalian aquaporins. BBA - General Subjects, 1850 (12), pp. 2410-2421.

Kumar, Mukesh, Shetty, Rohit, Jayadev, Chaitra and Dutta, Debarun (2015). Comparability and repeatability of pachymetry in keratoconus using four noncontact techniques. Indian journal of ophthalmology, 63 (9), pp. 722-727.

Laughton, Deborah S., Coldrick, Benjamin J., Sheppard, Amy L. and Davies, Leon N. (2015). A program to analyse optical coherence tomography images of the ciliary muscle. Contact Lens and Anterior Eye, 38 (6), pp. 402-408.

Lee, Allan, Martin, Robin, Thomas, Geoff, Guillaume, Yves and Maio, Gregory R. (2015). Conceptualizing leadership perceptions as attitudes:using attitude theory to further the understanding of the relation between leadership and outcomes. Leadership Quarterly, 26 (6), 910–934.

Lin, Ya-Huei, Currinn, Heather, Pocha, Shirin Meher, Rothnie, Alice, Wassmer, Thomas and Knust, Elisabeth (2015). AP-2 complex-mediated endocytosis of Drosophila Crumbs regulates polarity via antagonizing Stardust. Journal of Cell Science, 128 (24), pp. 4538-4549.

Manso, Luis J., Bustos, Pablo, Bachiller, Pilar and Núñez, Pedro (2015). A Perception-aware Architecture for Autonomous Robots. International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems, 12 (12),

Marinelli, Chiara V., Romani, Cristina, Burani, Cristina and Zoccolotti, Pierluigi (2015). Spelling acquisition in English and Italian:a cross-linguistic study. Frontiers in Psychology, 6 ,

Mizen, Phil (2015). The madness that is the world:young activists' emotional reasoning and their participation in a local Occupy movement. Sociological Review, 63 (S2), pp. 167-182.

Mohammed, Isah Y., Abakr, Yousif A., K. Kazi, Feroz, Yusup, Suzana, Alshareef, Ibraheem and Chin, Soh A. (2015). Comprehensive characterization of Napier grass as a feedstock for thermochemical conversion. Energies, 8 (5), pp. 3403-3417.

Pajares, Marta, Jiménez-Moreno, Natalia, Dias, Irundika H.K., Debelec, Bilge, Vucetic, Milica, Fladmark, Kari E., Basaga, Huveyda, Ribaric, Samo, Milisav, Irina and Cuadrado, Antonio (2015). Redox control of protein degradation. Redox biology, 6 , pp. 409-420.

Porcaro, Camillo, di Lorenzo, Giorgio, Seri, Stefano, Pierelli, Francesco, Tecchio, Franca and Coppola, Gianluca (2015). Sub-cortical sources of the somatosensory pathway are hypoactive in migraine interictally:a Functional Source Separation analysis. Journal of Headache and Pain, 16 (Suppl.),

Reece, Daniel Connor and Marinov, Marin (2015). How to facilitate the movement of passengers by introducing baggage collection systems for travel from North Shields to Newcastle International Airport. Transport Problems, 10 (SE), pp. 141-154.

Reece, Daniel and Marinov, Marin (2015). Modelling the implementation of a Baggage Transport System in Newcastle upon Tyne for passengers using Mixed-Mode Travel. Transport Problems, 10 (4), pp. 149-155.

Reymen, Isabelle, Andries, Petra, Berends, Hans, Mauer, Rene, Stephan, Ute and van Burg, Elco (2015). Understanding dynamics of strategic decision-making in venture creation:a process study of effectuation and causation. Strategic entrepreneurship journal, 9 (4), 351–379.

Rosa, Paweł, Le, Son Thai, Rizzelli, Giuseppe, Tan, Mingming and Ania-Castañón, Juan Diego (2015). Signal power asymmetry optimisation for optical phase conjugation using Raman amplification. Optics Express, 23 (25), pp. 31772-31778.

Schütte, Uwe (2015). Poetry + Electricity = Rock’n’Roll:Über Lyrik, Songtexte und Musikerromane. Volltext, 2005 (4), pp. 4-10.

Seyedebrahimi, Mirghiasaldin (2015). Quality-driven resource utilization methods for video streaming in wireless communication networks. PHD thesis, Aston University.

Shields, James (2015). The Front National at the polls:transformational elections or the status quo reaffirmed? French Politics, 13 (4), pp. 415-433.

Souppez, Jean-Baptiste (2015). A Student’s Take on Education in the Maritime Industry. IN: Proceedings of the Education & Professional Development of Engineers in the Maritime Industry Conference. GBR: Royal Institution of Naval Architects.

Spadaro, Paola A., Law, Charlotte R., Widagdo, Jocelyn, Ratnu, Vikram S., Troup, Michael, Ragan, Chikako, Mattick, John S. and Bredy, Timothy W. (2015). Long Noncoding RNA-Directed Epigenetic Regulation of Gene Expression Is Associated With Anxiety-like Behavior in Mice. Biological Psychiatry, 78 (12), pp. 848-859.

Sumetsky, M. (2015). Microscopic optical buffering in a harmonic potential. Scientific Reports, 5 ,

Szent-Iványi, Balazs (2015). Are democratising countries ‘rewarded’ with higher levels of foreign aid? Acta Oeconomica, 65 (4), pp. 593-615.

Taylor, Caroline M., Humphriss, Rachel, Hall, Amanda, Golding, Jean and Emond, Alan M. (2015). Balance ability in 7- and 10-year-old children:associations with prenatal lead and cadmium exposure and with blood lead levels in childhood in a prospective birth cohort study. BMJ Open, 5 (12),

Tonkiss, Katherine and Bloom, Tendayi (2015). Theorising noncitizenship:concepts, debates and challenges. Citizenship Studies, 19 (8), pp. 837-852.

Tse, Erin (2015). The role of amyloid precursor protein in neuronal and non-neuronal cell lines. PHD thesis, Aston University.

Tunney, Richard J. and Ziegler, Fenja V. (2015). Surrogate utility estimation by long-term partners and unfamiliar dyads. Frontiers in Psychology, 6 (MAR),

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Yao, B.C., Rao, Y.J., Wang, Z.N., Wu, Y., Zhou, J.H., Wu, H., Fan, M.Q., Cao, X.L., Zhang, W.L., Chen, Y.F., Li, Y.R., Churkin, D., Turitsyn, S. and Wong, C.W. (2015). Graphene based widely-tunable and singly-polarized pulse generation with random fiber lasers. Scientific Reports, 5 ,

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Zhang, Fengge, Jia, Guanglong, Zhao, Yunwu, Yang, Zheng, Cao, Wenping and Kirtley, James L. (2015). Simulation and experimental analysis of a brushless electrically excited synchronous machine with a hybrid rotor. IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 51 (12),

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