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Abdul-Majid, Mariani, Saal, David S. and Battisti, Giuliana (2011). The impact of Islamic banking on the cost efficiency and productivity change of Malaysian commercial banks. Applied Economics, 43 (16), pp. 2033-2054.

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Shaw, Duncan, Albores, Pavel, Anson, Susan, Kailiponi, Paul, Nagarajan, Magesh, Tissington, Pat and Hart, Tom (2011). Evacuation responsiveness by government organisations (ERGO):final report. Aston University.

Shaw, Duncan, Albores, Pavel, Anson, Susan, Kailiponi, Paul, Nagarajan, Magesh and Tissington, Patrick (2011). Evacuation responsiveness by government organisations (ERGO):the evacuation preparedness assessment workbook. Birmingham (UK): Aston University.

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Thomas, Ekaterina (2011). Technology improvements and innovation in the forestry products sectors in Russia. PHD thesis, Aston University.

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