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Azevedo, Ana, Ormerzel, Doris G., Andrews, Jane, Higson, Helen, Caballero, Antonio and Frech, Bernadette (2012). Satisfaction with knowledge and competencies:a multi-country study of employers and business graduates. American Journal of Economics and Business Administration, 4 (1), pp. 23-29.


Bolsmann, C. (2012). Representation in the first African World Cup:'world-class', Pan-Africanism, and exclusion. Soccer and society, 13 (2), pp. 156-172.

Bolsmann, Christian and Guoth, Nick (2012). Dominions apart:scandal and sporting mismatch in Australian-South African association football encounters, 1947-1955. International Journal of the History of Sport, 29 (3), pp. 472-491.

Bringas López, Ana, Castro Vázquez, Olga, Fariña Busto, María Jesús, Martín Lucas, Belén and Suárez Briones, Beatriz (2012). Manual de linguaxe inclusiva no ámbito universitario. Vigo (ES): Unidade de Igualdade da Universidade de Vigo.


Dodds, Anneliese (2012). Logics, thresholds, strategic power, and the promotion of liberalisation by governments: a case study from British Higher Education. Public Policy and Administration, 27 (4), pp. 303-323.

Dodds, Anneliese and Kodate, Naonori (2012). Understanding institutional conversion:the case of the National Reporting and Learning System. Journal of Public Policy, 32 (2), pp. 117-139.

Doherty, Brian and Hayes, Graeme (2012). Tactics, traditions, and opportunities:British and French crop-trashing actions in comparative perspective. European Journal of Political Research, 51 (4), pp. 540-562.


Fay, Stephen (2012). Review of: Aída Beaupied, Libertad en cadenas: sacrifico, aporías y perdón en las letras cubanas. New West Indian Guide, 86 (1-2), pp. 184-186.

Fay, Stephen (2012). Review of: Todd F. Tietchen, The Cubalogues: Beat Writers in Revolutionary Havana. New West Indian Guide, 86 (3-4), pp. 357-359.

Fuller, Crispian (2012). 'Worlds of justification’ in the politics and practices of urban regeneration. Environment and Planning D, 30 (5), pp. 913-929.


Garner, Steven (2012). A moral economy of whiteness:behaviours, belonging and Britishness. Ethnicities, 12 (4), pp. 445-464.

Garton, Sue (2012). Speaking out of turn? Taking the initiative in teacher-fronted classroom interaction. Classroom Discourse, 3 (1), pp. 29-45.


Hayes, Graeme (2012). Bossnapping:situating repertoires of industrial action in national and global contexts. Modern and Contemporary France, 20 (2), pp. 185-201.

Hayes, Graeme (2012). The French Greens in the 2012 presidential and legislative elections. Environmental Politics, 21 (6), pp. 987-993.


Jimenez-Anca, Juan (2012). 很显然有些人是拥有牙齿和耳朵的:论后现代主义时代的马克思主义主体. 文艺理论与批评, 157 (5), pp. 18-22.

Jimenez-Anca, Juan (2012). Sujetos que sobreviven a su propia muerte:la ciudadanía exiliada de María Zambrano. IN: Exilio e identidad en el mundo hispánico. López Fernández, Laura; Caballero Rodríguez, Beatriz and Bowron, Tim (eds) Alicante (ES): Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes.

Jones, Chris and Higson, Helen (2012). Work placements and degree performance:do placements lead to better marks or do better students do placements? how can we incorporate findings into wider practice? IN: Good practice guide in learning and teaching. Green, Julie and Higson, Helen (eds) Good practice guide in learning and teaching . Aston University.


Kelly, Josie and Dodds, Anneliese (2012). Public administration in an age of austerity:the future of the discipline. Public Policy and Administration, 27 (3), pp. 199-211.


Labeau, Emmanuelle (2012). Une façon d’indiquer la «non-coïncidence entre les mots et les choses», on va dire…. IN: Proceedings of Congres Mondial de Linguistique francaise 2012. SHS Web of Conferences . FRA: UNSPECIFIED.

Lopez Avila, Cristina (2012). The translation into Spanish of the language of sex and violence in Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire. Masters thesis, Aston University.


Macleod, Nicci and Grant, Tim (2012). Whose Tweet? Authorship analysis of micro-blogs and other short-form messages. IN: Proceedings of the International Association of Forensic Linguists’ tenth biennial conference. Tomblin, Samuel; MacLeod, Nicci; Sousa-Silva, Rui and Coulthard, Malcolm (eds) GBR: Aston University.

Medina, Raquel (2012). Donde impere el olvido:poesía y Alzheimer en Los cuerpos oscuros de Juana Castro. Revista canadiense de estudios hispánicos, 36 (3), pp. 541-561.

Mischia, Lea (2012). Legal translation of German and English wills – translation problems arising from two different legal systems and translation approaches. Masters thesis, Aston University.

Mora Mau, Miriam (2012). The U.S. socio-cultural influence on translation services in the Peruvian pharmaceutical field after the 2009 Trade Promotion Agreement. Masters thesis, Aston University.

Morrison, Geoffrey Stewart (2012). Perception of natural vowels by monolingual Canadian-English, Mexican-Spanish, and Peninsular-Spanish listeners. Canadian Acoustics - Acoustique Canadienne, 40 (4), pp. 29-39.

Mrgudovic, Nathalie (2012). The French overseas territories today. IN: The non-independent territories of the Caribbean and Pacific. Clegg, Peter and Killingray, David (eds) London: Institute of Commonwealth Studies.

Mullan, Killian and Daraganova, Galina (2012). Reading: The home and family context. IN: Year Book Australia 2012. Canberra: Australian Bureau of Statistics.


Petyko, Marton (2012). A blog műfaji jellemzőinek korpuszalapú vizsgálata. Magyar Nyelvőr, 136 (1), pp. 45-72.

Popov, Anton (2012). Country based reports on historical discourse production as manifested in sites of memory (United Kingdom). European Commission.


Schäffner, Christina (2012). Finding space under the umbrella:the Euro crisis, metaphors, and translation. Journal of Specialised Translation (17b), pp. 250-270.

Schäffner, Christina (2012). Follow-ups and interpreter-mediated discourse. IN: Proceedings of the ESF Strategic Workshop on discourse follow-ups across discourse domains. Fetzer, Anita; Weizman, Elda and Reber, Elisabeth (eds) DEU: Universität Würzburg.

Schäffner, Christina (2012). Introduction. IN: Versatility in translation studies. Herrero, Isis and Klaiman, Todd (eds) Leuven (DE): KU Leuven.

Schäffner, Christina (2012). Unknown agents in translated political discourse. Target, 24 (1), pp. 103-125.

Schütte, Uwe (2012). Produktive Verzettelung und literarische Doppelhelix:Anmerkungen zu Gerhard Roths Doppelzyklus Die Archive des Schweigens & Orkus. Weimarer Beiträge, 58 (3), pp. 353-371.

Schütte, Uwe (2012). Zwischen Pazifismus und Gewalt:Zur Genese der anarchistischen Utopie bei Erich Mühsam. Zagreber Germanistische Beiträge, 21 , pp. 279-298.

Shirane, Risako, Smith, Katherine, Ross, Hana, Silver, Karin E., Williams, Simon and Gilmore, Anna (2012). Tobacco industry manipulation of tobacco excise and tobacco advertising policies in the Czech Republic:an analysis of tobacco industry documents. PLoS Medicine, 9 (6),

Sudlow, Brian (2012). Agamben, Girard and the life that does not live. IN: Intensities. Shakespeare, Steven and Moody, Katharine S. (eds) Intensities: contemporary continental philosophy of religion . Ashgate.

Sudlow, Brian (2012). A room with a view:window images and 'open immanence' in the writings of adolphe retté and G.K. chesterton. Literature and Theology, 26 (1), pp. 38-52.

Szent-Iványi, Balázs (2012). Aid allocation of the emerging Central and Eastern European donors. Journal of International Relations and Development, 15 (1), pp. 65-89.

Szent-Iványi, Balázs (2012). Hungarian international development cooperation:context, stakeholders and performance. Perspectives on European Politics and Society, 13 (1), pp. 50-65.


Wilson, Amanda (2012). 'Little man' and other interesting tourist finds. Examining English translations of French tourist websites. Masters thesis, Aston University.

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