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Akande, Ifeoluwa, Bridgwater, Tony, van Koningsbruggen, Petra J. and Yuan, Qingchun (2023). A viscosity study of charcoal-based nanofluids towards enhanced oil recovery. Journal of Molecular Liquids, 387 ,

Akande, I., Bridgwater, T., van Koningsbruggen, P.J. and Yuan, Q. (2023). Advances in the modelling of concentration-dependent relative viscosity data for nanofluids by introducing the Dispersion Factor. Journal of Molecular Liquids, 380 ,

Powell, Robyn E., Lees, Martin R., Tizzard, Graham J., Coles, Simon J., Yuan, Qingchun and Koningsbruggen, Petra J. van (2023). Fe III in the high‐spin state in dimethylammonium bis[3‐ethoxysalicylaldehyde thiosemicarbazonato(2–)‐κ 3 O 2, N 1, S ]ferrate(III). Acta Crystallographica Section C: Structural Chemistry, 79 (Pt 1), pp. 18-24.


Powell, Robyn E, Lees, Martin R, Tizzard, Graham J and Koningsbruggen, Petra J van (2022). FeIII in a high-spin state in bis­(5-bromo­sali­cyl­alde­hyde 4-ethyl­thio­semicarbazonato-κ3O,N1,S)ferrate(III) nitrate monohydrate, the first example of such a cationic FeIII com­plex unit. Acta Crystallographica Section C: Structural Chemistry, 78 (Pt 1), pp. 63-69.


Powell, Robyn E., Stöger, Berthold, Knoll, Christian, Müller, Danny, Weinberger, Peter and Koningsbruggen, Petra J. Van (2020). Ammonium bis(salicylaldehyde thiosemicarbazonato)ferrate(III), a supramolecular material containing low-spin FeIII. Acta Crystallographica Section C: Structural Chemistry, 76 (6), pp. 625-631.


Powell, Robyn Elizabeth, Schwalbe, Carl H., Tizzard, Graham J. and van Koningsbruggen, Petra J. (2015). Caesium bis­(5-bromo­salicyl­aldehyde thio­semicarbazonato-κ3O,N,S)ferrate(III): supramolecular arrangement of low-spin FeIII complex anions mediated by Cs+ cations. Acta Crystallographica Section C: Structural Chemistry, 71 (3), pp. 169-174.


Powell, Robyn, Schwalbe, Carl, Tizzard, Graham J. and Van Koningsbruggen, Petra (2014). Fe III in a low-spin state in caesium bis[3-ethoxysalicylaldehyde 4-methylthiosemicarbazonato(2–)-κ3O2,N1,S]ferrate(III) methanol monosolvate. Acta Crystallographica Section C: Structural Chemistry, 70 (6), pp. 595-598.


Antal, Á., Jánossy, A., Forró, L., Vertelman, E.J.M., Van Koningsbruggen, Petra and Van Loosdrecht, Paul H.M. (2010). Origin of the ESR spectrum in the Prussian Blue analogue RbMn[Fe(CN)6]*H2O. Physical Review B, 82 (1),


Van Koningsbruggen, Petra, Haasnoot, Jaap G., de Graaff, Rudolf A.G., Reedijk, Jan and Slingerland, Stephan (1992). Structure of bis[µ-4-amino-3,5-bis(aminomethyl)-1,2,4-triazole-N',N1,N2,N"]bis [diaquacopper(II)] bis(sulfate) tetrahydrate. Acta Crystallographica Section C: Crystal Structure Communications, C48 (11), pp. 1923-1926.


Faulmann, C., Van Koningsbruggen, Petra, de Graaff, R. A. G., Haasnoot, J. G. and Reedijk, J. (1990). Structure of trans-bis[4-amino-3,5-bis(pyridin-2-yl)-1,2,4-triazole-N1,N'[diaqua- manganese(II) dibromide. Acta Crystallographica Section C: Crystal Structure Communications, C46 , pp. 2357-2360.

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