Caesium bis­(5-bromo­salicyl­aldehyde thio­semicarbazonato-κ3O,N,S)ferrate(III): supramolecular arrangement of low-spin FeIII complex anions mediated by Cs+ cations


The synthesis and crystal structure determination (at 293 K) of the title complex, Cs[Fe(C8H6BrN3OS)2], are reported. The compound is composed of two dianionic O,N,S-tridentate 5-bromo­salicyl­aldehyde thio­semicarbazonate(2-) ligands coord­inated to an FeIII cation, displaying a distorted octa­hedral geometry. The ligands are orientated in two perpendicular planes, with the O- and S-donor atoms in cis positions and the N-donor atoms in trans positions. The complex displays inter­molecular N-H...O and N-H...Br hydrogen bonds, creating R44(18) rings, which link the FeIII units in the a and b directions. The FeIII cation is in the low-spin state at 293 K.

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Divisions: College of Engineering & Physical Sciences > School of Infrastructure and Sustainable Engineering > Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry
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Additional Information: Acta Crystallographica Section C. DOI: Funding: EPSRC Supplementary data avaialbe on the journal website.
Uncontrolled Keywords: spin-crossover behaviour,low-spin state Fe(III),crystal structure,caesium salt,salicyl­aldehyde thio­semicarbazone,Fe(III) coordination compound,Inorganic Chemistry,Physical and Theoretical Chemistry,Materials Chemistry,Condensed Matter Physics
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Published Date: 2015-03
Published Online Date: 2015-02-06
Authors: Powell, Robyn Elizabeth
Schwalbe, Carl H.
Tizzard, Graham J.
van Koningsbruggen, Petra J. (ORCID Profile 0000-0001-9366-1913)



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