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Butt, Usman javed, Hussien, Osama, Hasanaj, Krison, Shaalan, Khaled, Hassan, Bilal and Al-Khateeb, Haider (2023). Predicting the Impact of Data Poisoning Attacks in Blockchain-Enabled Supply Chain Networks. Algorithms, 16 (12),

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Book Section

Adamyk, Oksana, Benson, Vladlena, Adamyk, Bogdan, Al-Khateeb, Haider and Chinnaswamy, Anitha (2023). Does Artificial Intelligence Help Reduce Audit Risks? IN: 2023 13th International Conference on Advanced Computer Information Technologies, ACIT 2023 - Proceedings. 2023 13th International Conference on Advanced Computer Information Technologies, ACIT 2023 - Proceedings . POL: IEEE.

Lee, Geraldine, Epiphaniou, Gregory, Al-Khateeb, Haider and Maple, Carsten (2018). Security and privacy of things:Regulatory challenges and gaps for the secure integration of cyber-physical systems. IN: Third International Congress on Information and Communication Technology. Yang, Xin-She; Sherratt, imon; Dey, Nilanjan and Joshi, Amit (eds) Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing (1). Springer Singapore.

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