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Yousif, Samar Taha, Ismail, Firas B. and Al-Bazi, Ammar (2024). A Hybrid Neural Network-Based Improved PSO Algorithm for Gas Turbine Emissions Prediction. Advanced Theory and Simulations ,

Mkalaf, Khelood A, Kadhum, Amer A., Al-Hadeethi, Rami Hikmat and Al-Bazi, Dr Ammar (2024). Navigating the Digital Landscape:How E-Marketing and Product Attractiveness Shape Company Reputation from a Customer-Centric Perspective. Journal of Contemporary Marketing Science ,

Ismail, Firas B., Al-Faiz, Hussein, Hasini, Hasril, Al-Bazi, Ammar and Kazem, Hussein (2024). A Comprehensive Review of the Dynamic Applications of the Digital Twin Technology Across Diverse Energy Sectors. Energy Strategy Reviews, 52 ,


Madi, Faris, Al-Bazi, Ammar, Buckley, Steve, Smallbone, John and Foster, Karl (2023). An agent-based heuristics optimisation model for production scheduling of make-to-stock connector plates manufacturing systems. Soft computing ,

Shbool, Mohammad A., Arabeyyat, Omar S., Al-Bazi, Dr Ammar, Al-Hyari, Abeer, Salem, Arwa, Abu-Hmaid, Thana’ and Ali, Malak (2023). Machine Learning Approaches to Predict Patient’s Length of Stay in Emergency Department. Applied Computational Intelligence and Soft Computing, 2023 ,

Yousif, Samar Taha, Ismail, Firas B., Al-Bazi, Ammar and THIRUCHELVAM, Sivadass (2023). Enhancing Power Plants Safety by Accurately Predicting CO and NOx Leakages from Gas Turbines Using FFNN and LSTM Neural Networks. IN: 11th International Workshop on Simulation for Energy, Sustainable Development and Environment, SESDE 2023. Bruzzone, Agostino G; Janosy, Janos Sebestyen; Nicoletti, Letizia and Zacharewicz, Gregory (eds) Proceedings of the International Workshop on Simulation for Energy, Sustainable Development and Environment, SESDE . GRC: I3M the International Multidisciplinary Modeling & Simulation Multiconference.

Ahmed, Sarfraz, Al-Bazi, Ammar, Saha, Chitta, Rajbhandari, Sujan and Huda, M. Nazmul (2023). Multi-scale pedestrian intent prediction using 3D joint information as spatio-temporal representation. Expert Systems with Applications, 225 ,

Al-Bazi, Dr Ammar and Ahmad, Mahmood (2023). Disruptions in Supply Chain Transportation: A literature review. IN: The 4th International Conference on Administrative & Financial Sciences. Cihan University.

Al-Bazi, Dr Ammar, Al-Salami, Qusay H., Abbas, Ali and Jerjees, Zina (2023). A System Based on Fuzzy Logic to Manage Operations in Container Yards. IN: The 4th International Conference on Administrative & Financial Sciences. UNSPECIFIED.

Shbool, Mohammad A., Al-Bazi, Ammar, Kokash, Alma, AlAlaween, Wafa' H., Albashabsheh, Nibal T. and Al-Taher, Raed (2023). The Economy of Motion for Laparoscopic Ball Clamping Surgery: A Feedback Educational Tool. MethodsX, 10 ,

Mkalaf, Khelood A., Alshaheen, Nedaa, Al-Hadeethi, Rami Hikmat and Al-Bazi, Ammar (2023). Recovery of a Green Hospital Systems Based on ISO 14001: 2015 Standards. Pesquisa Operacional, 43 ,


Adediran, Tunde V. and Al-Bazi, Dr Ammar (2022). Complex Production-Inventory Replenishment Problem with Uncertainty in Customer Behaviour. International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management, 13 (4), pp. 265-282.

Al-Shahri, Omar A, Ismail, Firas B, Al-Muhsen, Nizar F O, Al-Bazi, Ammar and Hannan, M A (2022). An improved model and performance analysis for grid-connected photovoltaic system in Oman. Heliyon, 8 (12),

Ismail, Firas Basim, Al-Bazi, Ammar and Aboubakr, Islam Gamal (2022). Numerical investigations on the performance and emissions of a turbocharged engine using an ethanol-gasoline blend. Case Studies in Thermal Engineering, 39 (12),

Ismail, Firas B., Mazwan, Maisarah, Al-Faiz, Hussein, Marsadek, Marayati, Hasini, Hasril, Al-Bazi, Ammar and Yang Ghazali, Young Zaidey (2022). An Offline and Online Approach to the OLTC Condition Monitoring: a Review. Energies, 15 (17),

Al-Salami, Qusay H., Saleh, Rabeea Kh and Al-Bazi, Ammar F.J. (2022). An efficient inventory model-based GA for food deterioration products in the tourism industry. Pesquisa Operacional, 42 ,

Ahmad, Mahmood and Al-Bazi, Ammar (2022). Literature Review on Supply Chain Transportation and Disruption Factors. International Journal of Logistics Systems and Management , (In Press)

Mkalaf, Khelood A, Al-Hadeethi, Rami Hikmat and Al-Bazi, Dr Ammar (2022). Industrial occupational risks: application study in renewable energy companies. Advances In Industrial Engineering And Management, 11 (1), pp. 20-28.

Abu-Monshar, Anees and Al-Bazi, Ammar (2022). A multi-objective centralised agent-based optimisation approach for vehicle routing problem with unique vehicles. Applied Soft Computing, 125 ,

Shbool, Mohammad A., Al-Bazi, Ammar and Al-Hadeethi, Rami (2022). The effect of customer satisfaction on parcel delivery operations using autonomous vehicles: An agent-based simulation study. Heliyon, 8 (5),

Abu-Monshar, Anees, Al-Bazi, Ammar and Palade, Vasile (2022). An agent-based optimisation approach for vehicle routing problem with unique vehicle location and depot. Expert Systems with Applications, 192 ,

Al-Bazi, Ammar and Adediran, Tunde V. (2022). Agent-based heuristics model for measuring customer disruption impact on production and inventory replenishment. International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering, 40 (3), pp. 370-398.

Mohammed, Nooriya A. and Al-Bazi, Ammar (2022). An adaptive backpropagation algorithm for long-term electricity load forecasting. Neural Computing and Applications, 34 (1), pp. 477-491.


Alnaimi, Firas Basim Ismail, Jasbeer Singh, Manmit Singh, Al-Bazi, Ammar, Al-Muhsen, Nizar F.O., Mohammed, Thabit Sultan and Al-Hadeethi, Rami Hikmat (2021). Parametric investigation of combustion process optimization for Gas Turbines at SJ Putrajaya. Energy Reports, 7 , pp. 5722-5732.

Shbool, Mohammad A., Arabeyyat, Omar S., Al-Bazi, Ammar and AlAlaween, Wafa’ H. (2021). An integrated multi-criteria decision-making framework for a medical device selection in the healthcare industry. Cogent Engineering, 8 ,

Ismail, Firas B., Al-Bazi, Ammar, Al-Hadeethi, Rami and Singh, Deshvin (2021). Application of Intelligent Computational Techniques in Power Plants: A review. Advances In Industrial Engineering And Management, 10 (1), pp. 10-21.

Al-Bazi, Ammar, Palade, Vasile, Al-Hadeethi, Rami and Abbas, Ali (2021). An Improved Fuzzy Knowledge-Based Model For Long Stay Container Yards. Advances In Industrial Engineering And Management, 10 (1),

Abu-Monshar, Anees, Al-Bazi, Ammar and Al-Salami, Qusay H. (2021). On the Development of a Multilayered Agent-based Heuristic System for Vehicle Routing Problem under Random Vehicle Breakdown. Cihan University-Erbil Scientific Journal, 5 (1), pp. 1-10.


Al-Bazi, Dr Ammar, Uney, Emre and Abu-Monshar, Anees (2020). Developing an Overbooking Fuzzy-Based Mathematical Optimization Model for Multi-Leg Flights. Transportation Research Procedia, 43 , pp. 165-177.


Adediran, Tunde, Al-Bazi, Dr Ammar and Santos, Luiz Eduardo dos (2019). Agent-Based Modelling and Heuristic Approach for Solving Complex OEM Flow-Shop Productions under Customer Disruptions. Computers and Industrial Engineering, 133 , pp. 29-41.


Abbas, Ali, Al-Bazi, Dr Ammar and Palade, Vasile (2018). A Constrained Fuzzy Knowledge-Based System for the Management of Container Yard Operations. International Journal of Fuzzy Systems, 20 , pp. 1205-1223.

Al-Bazi, Dr Ammar and Dawood, Nashwan (2018). Simulation-based optimisation using simulated annealing for crew allocation in the precast industry. Architectural Engineering and Design Management, 14 (1-2), pp. 109-126.

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