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Griffiths, Helen R.; Gao, Dan and Pararasa, Chathyan (2017). Redox regulation in metabolic programming and inflammation. Redox biology, 12 , pp. 50-57.

Refaat, Alaa; Pararasa, Chathyan; Arif, Muhammad; Brown, James E.P.; Carmichael, Amtul; Ali, Sameh S.; Sakurai, Hiroaki and Griffiths, Helen R. (2017). Bardoxolone-methyl inhibits migration and metabolism in MCF7 cells. Free Radical Research, 51 (2), pp. 211-221.

Pararasa, Chathyan; Ikwuobe, John; Shigdar, Shahjahan; Boukouvalas, Alexis; Nabney, Ian T.; Brown, James E.; Devitt, Andrew; Bailey, Clifford J.; Bennett, Stuart J. and Griffiths, Helen R. (2016). Age-associated changes in long-chain fatty acid profile during healthy aging promote pro-inflammatory monocyte polarization via PPARγ. Aging Cell, 15 (1), pp. 128-139.

Pararasa, Chathyan; Bailey, Clifford J. and Griffiths, Helen R. (2015). Ageing, adipose tissue, fatty acids and inflammation. Biogerontology, 16 (2), pp. 235-248.

Pararasa, Chathyan; Bailey, Clifford and Griffiths, Helen (2014). Macrophage polarisation by fatty acids is PPARgamma-dependent. Free Radical Biology and Medicine, 75 (Suppl.), S31-S32.

Bennett, Stuart J.; Augustyniak, Edyta M.; Dunston, Christopher R.; Brown, Richard A.; Shantsila, Eduard; Lip, Gregory Y.H.; Torrão, Rita D.C.; Pararasa, Chathyan; Hussein, Ali R.; Ladouce, Romain; Friguet, Bertrand and Griffiths, Helen R. CD4+ T cell surface alpha enolase is lower in older adults. Mechanisms of Ageing and Development, 152 , 56–62.

Taylor, Simon; Lam, Matthew; Pararasa, Chathyan; Brown, James E.P.; Carmichael, Amtul R. and Griffiths, Helen R. Evaluating the evidence for targeting FOXO3a in breast cancer:a systematic review. Cancer Cell International, 15 (1),

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