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Al-Ani, Bahjat, Hewett, Peter W., Ahmed, Suborna, Cudmore, Melissa, Fujisawa, Takeshi, Ahmad, Shakil and Ahmed, Asif (2006). The release of nitric oxide from S-nitrosothiols promotes angiogenesis. PLoS ONE, 1 (1),

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Edwards, John (2006). Knowledge Management Strategy - What Have We Learnt? IN: Proceedings of the European Conference on Knowledge Management, ECKM. GBR: UNSPECIFIED.


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Masiye, Felix, Kirigia, Joses M., Emrouznejad, Ali, Sambo, Luis G., Mounkaila, Abdou, Chimfwembe, Davis and Okello, David (2006). Efficient management of health centres human resources in Zambia. Journal of Medical Systems, 30 (6), pp. 473-481.

Matthews, Darren W. (2006). Solid oral dosage forms of sparingly soluble compounds: enhancement of their release profiles to predict bioavailability of dissolution rate limited drugs. PHD thesis, Aston University.

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Nerukh, A., Ruzhytska, N. and Nerukh, D. (2006). Quasi-intermittency of waves and their complexity in modulated dielectric medium. IN: Conference Proceedings - 11th International Conference on Mathematical Methods in Electromagnetic Theory, MMET'06. UKR: UNSPECIFIED.

Norton, Lin, Pitt, Edd, Harrington, Katherine, Elander, James and Reddy, Peter (2006). Writing essays in Higher Education:a guide for students by students. Assessment plus . Write now CETL.


Parsons, R.L. (2006). Isolation, characterisation and application of novel microbial protein cross-linking enzymes. PHD thesis, Aston University.

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Roper, Stephen, Du, Jun and Love, James H. (2006). The innovation value chain. Working Paper. Aston University, Birmingham (UK). (Unpublished)


Schütte, Uwe (2006). Die Sprache des Wahnsinns. Harald Kaas und sein Erzählband ‘Uhren und Meere’:Harald Kaas and his short story collection 'watches and seas'. Zeitschrift für Literaturwissenschaft und Linguistik, 144 , pp. 146-157.

Shipton, Helen (2006). Cohesion or confusion? Towards a typology for organizational learning research. International Journal of Management Reviews, 8 (4), pp. 233-252.

Sierra, Mauricio, Senior, Carl, Phillips, Mary L. and David, Anthony S. (2006). Autonomic response in the perception of disgust and happiness in depersonalization disorder. Psychiatry Research : Neuroimaging, 145 (2-3), pp. 225-231.


Verbitsky, A., Vertsimakha, Y., Lutsyk, P., Studzinsky, S., Bereznev, S., Kois, J., Öpik, A. and Mellikov, E. (2006). Properties of CuInS2 free surface and the effect of conductive polymer layers on these properties,Elektrit juhtiva polümeerkile mõju CuInS2 pinna omadustele. Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences, 55 , pp. 111-119.


Wang, X. X., Chen, S., Lowe, D. and Harris, C. J. (2006). Sparse support vector regression based on orthogonal forward selection for the generalised kernel model. Neurocomputing, 70 (1-3), pp. 462-474.

Wilson, Sue, Parle, James V., Roberts, Lesley M., Roalfe, Andrea K., Hobbs, F. D. Richard, Clark, Penny, Sheppard, Michael C., Gammage, Michael D., Pattison, Helen M. and Franklyn, Jayne A. (2006). Prevalence of subclinical thyroid dysfunction and its relation to socioeconomic deprivation in the elderly:a community-based cross-sectional survey. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, 91 (12), pp. 4809-4816.


Zhou, Kaiming, Zhang, Lin, Chen, Xianfeng F. and Bennion, Ian (2006). Low thermal sensitivity grating devices based on ex-45° tilting structure capable of forward-propagating cladding modes coupling. Journal of Lightwave Technology, 24 (12), pp. 5087-5094.

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