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Parkes, Christina; Kamal, Areege; Valentijn, Anthony J.; Alnafakj, Rafah; Gross, Stephane R.; Barraclough, Roger; Moss, Diana; Kirwan, John and Hapangama, Dharani (2017). Assessing estrogen-induced proliferative response in an endometrial cancer cell line using a universally applicable methodological guide. International Journal of Gynecological Cancer, In Pre ,

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Mercado, Mary L.T.; Nur-E-Kamal, Alam; Liu, Hsing-Yin; Gross, Stephane R.; Movahed, Reza and Meiners, Sally Neurite outgrowth by the alternatively spliced region of human tenascin-C is mediated by neuronal alpha7beta1 integrin. Journal of Neuroscience, 24 (1), pp. 238-247.

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Ismail, Thamir M.; Zhang, Shu; Fernig, David G.; Gross, Stephane R.; Martin-Fernandez., Mrisa L.; See, Violaine; Tozawa, Kaeko; Tynan, Christopher J.; Wang, Guozheng; Wilkinson, Mark C.; Rudland, Philip S. and Barraclough, Roger Self-association of calcium-binding protein S100A4 and metastasis. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 285 (2), pp. 914-922.

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Book Section

Gross, Stephane R. (2017). The actomyosin network and cellular motility:a S100A4 regulatory view into the process. IN: Cytoskeleton - structure, dynamics, function and disease. Jimenez-Lopez, Jose C. (ed.) InTech.

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