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Abdy, Charlotte, Zhang, Yuqing, Wang, Jiawei, Yang, Yang, Artamendi, Ignacio and Allen, Bob (2022). Pyrolysis of polyolefin plastic waste and potential applications in asphalt road construction: A technical review. Resources, conservation and recycling, 180 ,

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Antwi-Afari, Maxwell Fordjour, Qarout, Yazan, Herzallah, Randa, Anwer, Shahnawaz, Umer, Waleed, Zhang, Yongcheng and Manu, Patrick (2022). Deep learning-based networks for automated recognition and classification of awkward working postures in construction using wearable insole sensor data. Automation in Construction, 136 ,

Atkinson, Robert, Tennakoon, Maheshi and Wedawatta, Gayan (2022). Use of new models of construction procurement to enhance collaboration in construction projects: the UK construction industry perspective. Journal of Financial Management of Property and Construction ,


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Davoudabadi, Soudabeh, Pedo, Barbara, Tezel, Algan and Koskela, Lauri (2022). A Cognitive Review for Improving the Collaboration between BIM and Lean Experts. IN: Proceedings of the 30th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC30). The International Group for Lean Construction.

Dobrucali, Esra, Sadikoglu, Emel, Demirkesen, Sevilay, Zhang, Chengyi and Tezel, Algan (2022). Exploring the Impact of COVID-19 on the United States Construction Industry: Challenges and Opportunities. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management ,


Fadaie Sestelani, Sina, Mehravar, Moura, Webb, David and Zhang, Wei (2022). Nearshore Contamination Monitoring in Sandy Soils Using Polymer Optical Fibre Bragg Grating Sensing Systems. Sensors, 22 (14),

Fu, Ziyan, Corker, Jorge, Papathanasiou, Theodosios, Wang, Yuxuan, Zhou, Yonghui, Madyan, Omar Abo, Liao, Feiyu and Fan, Mizi (2022). Critical review on the thermal conductivity modelling of silica aerogel composites. Journal of Building Engineering, 57 ,


Gao, Yangming, Zhang, Yuqing, Zhang, Chao, Liu, Xueyan and Jing, Ruxin (2022). Quantifying oxygen diffusion in bitumen films using molecular dynamics simulations. Construction and Building Materials, 331 ,


Hu, Jiashun, Gu, Ruixing, Mi, Hao-Yang, Jing, Xin, Antwi-Afari, Maxwell Fordjour, Dong, Binbin, Liu, Chuntai and Shen, Changyu (2022). Self-Reinforced Thermoplastic Polyurethane Wrinkled Foams with High Energy Absorption Realized by Gas Cooling Assisted Supercritical CO2 Foaming. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 61 (14), pp. 4832-4841.


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Luo, Hanbin, Ling, Lin, Chen, Ke, Fordjour, Antwi-Afari Maxwell and Chen, Lijun (2022). Digital technology for quality management in construction:A review and future research directions. Developments in the Built Environment, 12 ,


Marsh, Alastair t.m., Yue, Zengliang, Dhandapani, Yuvaraj, Button, Katharine, Sam, Adu-Amankwah and Bernal, Susan a. (2022). Influence of limestone addition on sodium sulphate activated blast furnace slag cements. Construction and Building Materials, 360 , pp. 1-14.

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Shibani, Abdussalam, Hasan, Dyaa, Saaifan, Jalal, Sabboubeh, Heba, Eltaip, Mohamad, Saidani, Messaoud and Gherbal, Nawal (2022). Financial risk management in the construction projects. Journal of King Saud University – Engineering Sciences ,


Tezel, Algan, Kifokeris, Dimosthenis, Formoso, Carlos Torres, Koskela, Lauri and Koch, Christian (2022). A Conceptual Framework for Lean Construction and Blockchain Synergy. IN: Proceedings of the 30th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC30). UNSPECIFIED.

Torku, Alex, Chan, Albert P. C., Yung, Esther H. K., Seo, JoonOh and Antwi-Afari, Maxwell F. (2022). Wearable Sensing and Mining of the Informativeness of Older Adults’ Physiological, Behavioral, and Cognitive Responses to Detect Demanding Environmental Conditions. Environment and Behavior, 54 (6), pp. 1005-1057.

Tota-Maharaj, Kiran and Adeleke, Blessing Oluwaseun (2022). Thermal Performance of Radiant Floor Heating Systems Concrete Slabs with Embedded Fine Steel. Proceedings of Institution of Civil Engineers: Energy ,

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Wang, Chonghui, Zhou, Xiaodong, Liu, Pengfei, Lu, Guoyang, Wang, Hainian and Oeser, Markus (2022). Study on pre-compaction of pavement graded gravels via imaging technologies, artificial intelligent and numerical simulations. Construction and Building Materials, 345 ,

Wang, Lin, Cui, Wenhao, Mi, Hao-Yang, Hu, Dongdong, Antwi-Afari, Maxwell Fordjour, Liu, Chuntai and Shen, Changyu (2022). Fabrication of skinless cellular poly (vinylidene fluoride) films by surface-constrained supercritical CO2 foaming using elastic gas barrier layers. Journal of Supercritical Fluids, 184 ,

Wu, Zezhou, Deng, Kaiwen, Chen, Changhong, Li, Heng, Antwi-Afari, Maxwell Fordjour and Wang, Ying (2022). STATUS QUO AND FUTURE TRENDS OF BIM-BASED COORDINATION RESEARCH: A CRITICAL REVIEW. Journal of Civil Engineering and Management, 28 (6), pp. 469-484.

Wu, Zezhou, Lu, Yun, He, Qiufeng, Hong, Qing, Chen, Changhong and Antwi-Afari, Maxwell Fordjour (2022). Investigating the Key Hindering Factors and Mechanism of BIM Applications Based on Social Network Analysis. Buildings, 12 (8), e1270.

Wu, Zezhou, Zhang, Danting, Li, Shenghan, Jianbo, Fei, Chen, Changhong, Tian, Bin and Antwi Afari, Maxwell Fordjour (2022). Visualizing and Understanding Shrinking Cities and Towns (SCT) Research: A Network Analysis. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 19 (18),


Zhang, Hanyu, Soenen, Hilde, Carbonneau, Xavier, Lu, Xiaohu, Robertus, Carl and Zhang, Yuqing (2022). Experimental and Statistical Analysis of Bitumen’s Field Ageing in Asphalt Pavements. Transportation Research Record (7), pp. 495-511.

Zhang, Jiasheng, Xiang, Pengcheng, Zhong, Jia, Zhang, Jian, Wu, Zezhou and Antwi-Afari, Maxwell Fordjour (2022). Exploring Key Factors for Contractors in Opening Prefabrication Factories: A Chinese Case Study. Frontiers in Public Health, 10 ,

Zhang, Yongcheng, Xing, Xuejiao, Antwi-Afari, Maxwell Fordjour and Wu, Mingqing (2022). Safety Risk Estimation of Construction Project Based on Energy Transfer Model and System Dynamics: A Case Study of Collapse Accident in China. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 19 (21),

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