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Babin, Sergey A., El-Taher, Atalla E., Harper, Paul, Podivilov, Evgenii V. and Turitsyn, Sergei K. (2012). Broadly tunable high-power random fibre laser. IN: Fiber lasers IX. Honea, Eric C. and Hendow, Sami T. (eds) SPIE proceedings . USA: SPIE.

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Boscolo, Sonia, Turitsyn, Sergei K. and Finot, Christophe (2012). Amplifier similariton fibre laser with nonlinear spectral compression. IN: European Conference and Exhibition on Optical Communication 2012. OSA technical digest . NLD: Optical Society of America (OSA).

Boscolo, Sonia, Turitsyn, Sergei and Finot, Christophe (2012). Amplifier similariton fiber laser with nonlinear spectral compression. Optics Letters, 37 (21), pp. 4531-4533.

Boukouvalas, Alexios, Barillec, Remi and Cornford, Dan (2012). Gaussian process quantile regression using expectation propagation. IN: 29th International Conference on Machine Learning. 2012-06-26 - 2012-07-01.


Churkin, Dmitry V., El-Taher, Atalla E., Vatnik, Ilya D., Ania-Castañón, Juan Diego, Harper, Paul, Podivilov, Eugeny V., Babin, Sergey A. and Turitsyn, Sergei K. (2012). Experimental and theoretical study of longitudinal power distribution in a random DFB fiber laser. Optics Express, 20 (10), pp. 11178-11188.


Gill, Waljinder S., Nabney, Ian T. and Wells, D. (2012). Helicopter vibration sensor selection using data visualisation. IN: IEEE International Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing, MLSP 2012. Machine learning for signal processing . ESP: IEEE.

Gupta, Tushar, Jones, Richard, Bastin, Lucy and Cornford, Dan (2012). Integrating OpenMI and Uncertweb:managing uncertainty in OpenMI models. IN: International Environmental Modelling and Software Society (iEMSs) 2012 International Congress on Environmental Modelling and Software. Managing Resources of a Limited Planet: Pathways and Visions under Uncertainty, sixth biennial meeting, Leipzig, German. Seppelt, Ralf; Voinov, Alexey A.; Lange, Susanne and Bankamp, Dagmar (eds) DEU: International Environmental Modelling and Software Society.


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Joó, A.M., Ekárt, Aniko and Neirotti, Juan P. (2012). Genetic algorithms for discovery of matrix multiplication methods. IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, 16 (5), pp. 749-751.


Lin, Chenghua, He, Yulan, Everson, Richard and Rüger, Stefan (2012). Weakly supervised joint sentiment-topic detection from text. IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 24 (6), pp. 1134-1145.


Mou, Chengbo, Rozhin, Aleksey G., Arif, Raz, Zhou, Kaiming and Turitsyn, Sergei (2012). Polarization insensitive in-fiber mode-locker based on carbon nanotube with N-methyl-2-pryrrolidone solvent filled fiber microchamber. Applied Physics Letters, 100 (10),

Mozeika, Alexander and Saad, David (2012). Phase transitions and memory effects in the dynamics of Boolean networks. Philosophical Magazine, 92 (1-3), pp. 210-229.

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Rebollo-Neira, Laura, Bowley, James, Constantinides, Anthony G. and Plastino, A. (2012). Self-contained encrypted image folding. Physica A, 391 (23), pp. 5858-5870.


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Simitev, Radostin D. and Busse, Friedrich H. (2012). Bistable attractors in a model of convection-driven spherical dynamos. Physica Scripta, 86 (1),

Stepanenko, Alexander S., Yurkevich, Igor V., Lerner, Igor V. and Constantinou, Costas C. (2012). Fluctuation-induced traffic congestion in heterogeneous networks. Europhysics Letters, 100 (3),


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Wetzel, Benjamin, Blow, Keith J., Turitsyn, Sergei K., Millot, Guy, Larger, Laurent and Dudley, John M. (2012). Random walks and random numbers from supercontinuum generation. Optics Express, 20 (10), pp. 11143-11152.


Yang, Kevin, Blower, Jon, Bastin, Lucy, Lush, Victoria, Zabala, Alaitz, Masó, Joan, Cornford, Dan, Díaz, Paula and Lumsden, Jo (2012). An integrated view of data quality in earth observation. Philosophical Transactions A, 371 (1983),

Yeung, Chi and Saad, David (2012). Competition for shortest paths on sparse graphs. Physical Review Letters, 108 (20),

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