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Al-Ani, Bahjat, Hewett, Peter W., Ahmed, Suborna, Cudmore, Melissa, Fujisawa, Takeshi, Ahmad, Shakil and Ahmed, Asif (2006). The release of nitric oxide from S-nitrosothiols promotes angiogenesis. PLoS ONE, 1 (1),

Anand, Monika, Balar, Barvhi, Ulloque, Rory, Gross, Stephane R. and Kinzy, Terri G. (2006). Domain and nucleotide dependence of the interaction between Saccharomyces cerevisiae translation elongation factors 3 and 1A. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 281 , pp. 32318-32326.

Aricescu, A.R., Assenberg, R., Bill, Roslyn M., Busso, D., Chang, V.T., Davis, S.J., Dubrovsky, A., Gustafsson, L., Hedfalk, K., Heinemann, U., Jones, I.M., Ksiazek, D., Lang, C., Maskos, K., Messerschmidt, A., Macieira, S., Peleg, Y., Perrakis, A., Poterszman, A., Schneider, G., Sixma, T.K., Sussman, J.L., Sutton, G., Tarboureich, N., Zeev-Ben-Mordehai, T. and Jones, E. Yvonne (2006). Eukaryotic expression:Developments for structural proteomics. Acta Crystallographica: Section D, 62 (10), pp. 1114-1124.


Balklava, Zita and Grant, Barth D. (2006). The regulation of endocytosis by kinases: cell biology meets genomics. Genome Biology, 6 (13), p. 245.

Beck, Katy E., De Girolamo, Luigi A., Griffin, Martin and Billett, E. Ellen (2006). The role of tissue transglutaminase in 1-methyl-4-phenylpyridinium (MPP+)-induced toxicity in differentiated human SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cells. Neuroscience Letters, 405 (1-2), pp. 46-51.


Casey, A.L., Worthington, T., Bonser, R.S., Lambert, P.A. and Elliott, T.S.J. (2006). Rapid serodiagnosis of Staphylococcus aureus surgical site infection following median sternotomy. Journal of Infection, 52 (4), pp. 276-281.

Casey, A.L., Worthington, T., Caddick, J.M., Hilton, A.C., Lambert, P.A. and Elliott, T.S.J. (2006). RAPD for the typing of coagulase-negative staphylococci implicated in catheter-related bloodstream infection. Journal of Infection, 52 (4), pp. 282-289.

Champaneria, R (2006). Evidence based pharmacogenetics study of the use of anti-psychotics in treatment of schizophrenia. Masters thesis, Aston University.

Cole, Jacqueline M., Hannon, Alex C., Martin, Richard A. and Newport, Robert J. (2006). Direct observation of R...R distances in rare-earth (R) phosphate glasses by magnetic difference neutron diffraction. Physical Review B, 73 (10),

Conner, Alex C., Simms, John, Howitt, Stephen G., Wheatley, Mark and Poyner, David R. (2006). The second intracellular loop of the calcitonin gene-related peptide receptor provides molecular determinants for signal transduction and cell surface expression. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 281 (3), pp. 1644-1651.


Hartell, A. (2006). Risk and benefit assessment for Tolcapone in the treatment of Parkinson's disease. Masters thesis, Aston University.

Hawtin, Stuart R., Simms, John, Conner, Matthew, Lawson, Zoe, Parslow, Rosemary A., Trim, Julie, Sheppard, Andrew and Wheatley, Mark (2006). Charged extracellular residues, conserved throughout a G-protein-coupled receptor family, are required for ligand binding, receptor activation, and cell-surface expression. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 281 (50), pp. 38487-38488.

He, Yi (2006). Development and licensing of bio-pharmaceuticals. Masters thesis, Aston University.

Hewett, Peter W., Daft, Emma L., Laughton, Charles A., Ahmad, Shakil, Ahmed, Asif and Murray, J. Clifford (2006). Selective inhibition of the human tie-1 promoter with triplex-forming oligonucleotides targeted to ets binding sites. Molecular Medicine, 12 (1-3), pp. 8-16.

Hilton, Anthony and Armstrong, Richard A. (2006). Statnote 4: what if the data are not normal? Microbiologist, 2006 , pp. 34-37.

Hilton, Anthony and Armstrong, Richard A. (2006). Statnote 5: Is one set of data more variable than another? Microbiologist, 2006 , pp. 34-36.

Hilton, Anthony and Armstrong, Richard A. (2006). Statnote 6: post-hoc ANOVA tests. Microbiologist, 2006 , pp. 34-36.

Hilton, Anthony and Armstrong, Richard A. (2006). Statnote 7: chi-square contingency tables. Microbiologist, 2006 , pp. 36-37.

Hubber, N.A. (2006). Sensing and control of adipocyte function. PHD thesis, Aston University.


Jamshad, Mohammed, Darby, Richard A. J., Grgic, Ljuban and Bill, Roslyn M. (2006). Production of membrane proteins in yeast. Biochemistry and Cell Biology, 84 (6), p. 1069.

Jin, R. (2006). Experimental and theoretical studies on six-membered ring hydrogen bond systems in crystalline drug substances. Masters thesis, Aston University.


Ladenburger, Eva-Maria, Korn, Iris, Kasielke, Nicole, Wassmer, Thomas and Plattner, Helmut (2006). An Ins(1,4,5)P3 receptor in Paramecium is associated with the osmoregulatory system. Journal of Cell Science, 119 (17), pp. 3705-3717.

Loucif, Alexandre J.C. (2006). Effect of dopamine on synchronous neuronal oscillations in the globus pallidus-subthalamic nucleus network. PHD thesis, Aston University.


Matthews, Darren W. (2006). Solid oral dosage forms of sparingly soluble compounds: enhancement of their release profiles to predict bioavailability of dissolution rate limited drugs. PHD thesis, Aston University.


Richardson, D.K., Jones, R.B. and Bailey, C.J. (2006). The primary amine metabolite of sibutramine stimulates lipolysis in adipocytes isolated from lean and obese mice and in isolated human adipocytes. Hormone and Metabolic Research, 38 (11), pp. 727-731.

Ross, Ewan A., Douglas, Mike R., See, Heng Wong, Ross, Emma J., Curnow, S. John, Nash, Gerard B., Rainger, Ed, Scheel-Toellner, Dagmar, Lord, Janet M., Salmon, Mike and Buckley, Christopher D. (2006). Interaction between integrin α9β1 and vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 (VCAM-1) inhibits neutrophil apoptosis. Blood, 107 (3), pp. 1178-1183.

Russell, Danielle G. R. (2006). Development of liquid formulations for targetted drug delivery to the oesophagus. PHD thesis, Aston University.

Rutherford, Anna C., Traer, Colin, Wassmer, Thomas, Pattni, Krupa, Bujny, Miriam V., Carlton, Jeremy G., Stenmark, Harald and Cullen, Peter J. (2006). The mammalian phosphatidylinositol 3-phosphate 5-kinase (PIKfyve) regulates endosome-to-TGN retrograde transport. Journal of Cell Science, 119 (19), pp. 3944-3957.


Suppasansatorn, Panassaya, Wang, Guocheng, Conway, Barbara R., Wang, Weidong and Wang, Yongfeng (2006). Skin delivery potency and antitumor activities of temozolomide ester prodrugs. Cancer Letters, 244 (1), pp. 42-52.


Wang, L. (2006). Ceramide and insulin resistance in muscle and endothelial cells. Masters thesis, Aston University.

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