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Ahmad, Shakil, Hewett, Peter W., Al-Ani, Bahjat, Sissaoui, Samir, Fujisawa, Takeshi, Cudmore, Melissa J. and Ahmed, Asif (2011). Autocrine activity of soluble Flt-1 controls endothelial cell function and angiogenesis. Vascular Cell, 3 (1),


Baird, Andrew, Eliceiri, Brian P., Gonzalez, Ana Maria, Johanson, Conrad E., Leadbeater, Wendy and Stopa, Edward G. (2011). Targeting the choroid plexus-CSF-brain nexus using peptides identified by phage display. Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.), 686 , pp. 483-498.


Cai, Jun, Wu, Lin, Qi, Xiaoping, Shaw, Lynn, Li Calzi, Sergio, Caballero, Sergio, Jiang, Wen G., Vinores, Stanley A., Antonetti, David, Ahmed, Asif, Grant, Maria B. and Boulton, Michael E. (2011). Placenta growth factor-1 exerts time-dependent stabilization of adherens junctions following VEGF-induced vascular permeability. PLoS ONE, 6 (3),

Cornelussen, RN, Splett, V, Klepfer, RN, Stegemann, B, Kornet, L and Prinzen, FW (2011). Electrical modalities beyond pacing for the treatment of heart failure. Heart Failure Reviews, 16 (3), 315–325.


Gonzalez, Ana M., Leadbeater, Wendy E., Burg, Michael, Sims, Karen, Terasaki, Tetsuya, Johanson, Conrad E., Stopa, Edward G., Eliceiri, Brian P. and Baird, Andrew (2011). Targeting choroid plexus epithelia and ventricular ependyma for drug delivery to the central nervous system. BMC Neuroscience, 12 ,

Gonzalez, Ana M., Podvin, Sonia, Lin, Shuh Yow, Miller, Miles C., Botfield, Hannah, Leadbeater, Wendy E., Roberton, Andrew, Dang, Xitong, Knowling, Stuart E., Cardenas-Galindo, Elena, Donahue, John E., Stopa, Edward G., Johanson, Conrad E., Coimbra, Raul, Eliceiri, Brian P. and Baird, Andrew (2011). Ecrg4 expression and its product augurin in the choroid plexus:Impact on fetal brain development, cerebrospinal fluid homeostasis and neuroprogenitor cell response to CNS injury. Fluids and Barriers of the CNS, 8 (1),


Kyrou, I., Osei-Assibey, G., Williams, N., Thomas, R., Halder, L., Taheri, S., Saravanan, P. and Kumar, S. (2011). Self-reported disability in adults with severe obesity. Journal of Obesity, 2011 ,


Murdoch, Colin E., Alom-Ruiz, Sara P., Wang, Minshu, Zhang, Min, Walker, Simon, Yu, Bin, Brewer, Alison and Shah, Ajay M. (2011). Role of endothelial Nox2 NADPH oxidase in angiotensin II-induced hypertension and vasomotor dysfunction. Basic Research in Cardiology, 106 (4), pp. 527-538.


Pabari, PA, Willson, K, Stegemann, B, van, Geldorp IE, Kyriacou, A, Moraldo, M, Mayet, J, Hughes, AD and Francis, DP (2011). When is an optimization not an optimization? Evaluation of clinical implications of information content (signal-to-noise ratio) in optimization of cardiac resynchronization therapy, and how to measure and maximize it. Heart Failure Reviews, 16 (3), 277–290.

Podvin, Sonia, Gonzalez, Ana Maria, Miller, Miles C., Dang, Xitong, Botfield, Hannah, Donahue, John E., Kurabi, Arwa, Boissaud-Cooke, Matthew, Rossi, Ryan, Leadbeater, Wendy E., Johanson, Conrad E., Coimbra, Raul, Stopa, Edward G., Eliceiri, Brian P. and Baird, Andrew (2011). Esophageal cancer related gene-4 is a choroid plexus-derived injury response gene:Evidence for a biphasic response in early and late brain injury. PLoS ONE, 6 (9),


Ramma, Wenda and Ahmed, Asif (2011). Is inflammation the cause of pre-eclampsia? Biochemical Society Transactions, 39 (6), pp. 1619-1627.

Read, Martin L., Lewy, Greg D., Fong, Jim C.W., Sharma, Neil, Seed, Robert I., Smith, Vicki E., Gentilin, Erica, Warfield, Adrian, Eggo, Margaret C., Knauf, Jeffrey A., Leadbeater, Wendy E., Watkinson, John C., Franklyn, Jayne A., Boelaert, Kristien and McCabe, Christopher J. (2011). Proto-oncogene PBF/PTTG1IP regulates thyroid cell growth and represses radioiodide treatment. Cancer Research, 71 (19), pp. 6153-6164.


Tong, Dong L, Boocock, David J, Coveney, Clare, Saif, Jaimy, Gomez, Susana G, Querol, Sergio, Rees, Robert and Ball, Graham R (2011). A simpler method of preprocessing MALDI-TOF MS data for differential biomarker analysis:stem cell and melanoma cancer studies. Clinical proteomics, 8 ,

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