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Singh, Barkha; Singh, Pushpendra; Sutherland, Andrew J. and Pal, Kaushik (2017). Control of shape and size of poly (lactic acid) microspheres based on surfactant and polymer concentration. Materials Letters, 195 , pp. 48-51.

Efremova, Olga A.; Brylev, Konstantin A.; Vorotnikov, Yuri A.; Vejsadová, Lucie; Shestopalov, Michael A.; Chimonides, Gwen F.; Mikes, Petr; Topham, Paul D.; Kim, Sung-Jin; Kitamura, Noboru and Sutherland, Andrew J. (2016). Photoluminescent materials based on PMMA and a highly-emissive octahedral molybdenum metal cluster complex. Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 4 (3), pp. 497-503.

Behrendt, Jonathan M.; Nagel, David; Chundoo, Evita; Alexander, Lois M.; Dupin, Damien; Hine, Anna V.; Bradley, Mark and Sutherland, Andrew J. (2013). Synthesis and characterization of dual-functionalized core-shell fluorescent microspheres for bioconjugation and cellular delivery. PLoS ONE, 8 (3),

Vorotnikova, Natalya A.; Efremova, Olga A.; Tsygankova, Alphiya R.; Brylev, Konstantin A.; Edeleva, Mariya V.; Kurskaya, Olga G.; Sutherland, Andrew J.; Shestopalov, Alexandr M.; Mironov, Yuri V. and Shestopalov, Michael A. Characterization and cytotoxicity studies of thiol-modified polystyrene microbeads doped with [(Mo6X8)(NO3)6]2- (X=Cl, Br, I). Polymers for Advanced Technologies, Early ,

Olga, Boytsova V.; Sadovnikov, Alexey A.; Yorov, Khursand E.; Beltiukov, Artemii N.; Baranchikov, Alexander E.; Ivanov, Vladimir K.; Zhong, Xiangli; Lewis, David J.; O'Brien, Paul and Sutherland, Andrew J. New insights into polymer mediated formation of anatase mesocrystals. Crystengcomm, 19 (24), pp. 3281-3287.

Efremova, Olga A.; Vorotnikov, Yuri A.; Brylev, Konstantin A.; Vorotnikova, Natalya A.; Novozhilov, Igor N.; Kuratieva, Natalia V.; Edeleva, Mariya V.; Benoit, David M.; Kitamura, Noboru; Mironov, Yuri V.; Shestopalov, Michael A. and Sutherland, Andrew J. Octahedral molybdenum cluster complexes with aromatic sulfonate ligands. Dalton Transactions, 45 (39), pp. 15427-15435.

Hughes, Marcus D.; Nagel, David A.; Santos, Albert F.; Sutherland, Andrew J. and Hine, Anna V. Removing the redundancy from randomised gene libraries. Journal of Molecular Biology, 331 (5), pp. 973-979.

McCairn, Mark C.; Hine, Anna V. and Sutherland, Andrew J. Synthesis and evaluation of scintillant-containing poly(oxyethylene glycol) polymer (POP-Sc) supports. Journal of Materials Chemistry, 13 (2), pp. 225-231.

Behrendt, Jonathan H.; Afzaal, Mohammad; Alexander, Lois M.; Bradley, Mark; Hine, Anna V.; Nagel, David A.; O'Brien, Paul; Presland, Katayune and Sutherland, Andrew J. Thiol-containing microspheres as polymeric ligands for the immobilisation of quantum dots. Journal of Materials Chemistry, 19 (2), pp. 215-221.

Book Section

Behrendt, Jonathan M. and Sutherland, Andrew J. (2009). Quantum dot-polymer bead composites for biological sensing applications. IN: Biosensing using nanomaterials. Merkoçi, Arben (ed.) Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Series . Hoboken, NJ (US): Wiley.

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