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Baldwin, Alex G.; Rivers-Auty, Jack; Daniels, Michael J.D.; White, Claire S.; Schwalbe, Carl H.; Schilling, Tom; Hammadi, Halah; Jaiyong, Panichakorn; Spencer, Nicholas G.; England, Hazel; Luheshi, Nadia M.; Kadirvel, Manikandan; Lawrence, Catherine B.; Rothwell, Nancy J.; Harte, Michael K.; Bryce, Richard A.; Allan, Stuart M.; Eder, Claudia; Freeman, Sally and Brough, David (2017). Boron-Based Inhibitors of the NLRP3 Inflammasome. Cell Chemical Biology, Early ,

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Mansell, David; Brandt, Simon D.; Nasima, Sabiya; Turvey, Nicola; Alder, John F.; Freeman, Sally and Schwalbe, Carl H. (2009). Conformational Evaluation of Indol-3-yl-N-alkyl-glyoxalylamides and Indol-3-yl-N,N-dialkyl-glyoxalylamides. Spectroscopy letters, 42 (3), pp. 156-166.

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Rao Jada, Srinivasa; McMillan, Katherine; Hamzah, Ahmad S.; Saad, Mohammad S.; Lajis, Nordin H.; Stevens, Malcolm F G; Schwalbe, Carl H. and Stanslas, Johnson 14-Acetylandrographolide. Journal of Chemical Crystallography, 36 (2), pp. 93-97.

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