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Özkan, Mazhar; Johnson, Nicholas W.; Sehirli, Umit S.; Woodhall, Gavin L. and Stanford, Ian M. (2017). Dopamine acting at D1-like, D2-like and α1-adrenergic receptors differentially modulates theta and gamma oscillatory activity in primary motor cortex. PLoS ONE, 12 (7),

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Witton, Caroline; Eckert, Mark A.; Stanford, Ian M.; Gascoyne, Lauren E.; Furlong, Paul L.; Worthen, Siân F. and Hillebrand, Arjan (2017). The auditory evoked-gamma response and its relation with the N1m. Hearing Research, In pre ,

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Modebadze, Tamara; Morgan, Nicola H.; Pérès, Isabelle A.A.; Hadid, Rebecca D.; Amada, Naoki; Hill, Charlotte; Williams, Claire; Stanford, Ian M.; Morris, Christopher M.; Jones, Roland S.G.; Whalley, Benjamin J. and Woodhall, Gavin L. A low mortality, high morbidity Reduced Intensity Status Epilepticus (RISE) model of epilepsy and epileptogenesis in the rat. PLoS ONE, 11 (2),

Hall, Stephen D.; Stanford, Ian M.; Yamawaki, Naoki; McAllister, Craig; Rönnqvist, K.C.; Woodhall, Gavin L. and Furlong, Paul L. The role of GABAergic modulation in motor function related neuronal network activity. Neuroimage, 56 (3), pp. 1506-1510.

Book Section

Stanford, Ian M.; Loucif, K.C.; Wilson, Clare L.; Cash, D. and Lacey, M.G. Limitations of the isolated GP-STN network. IN: The Basal Ganglia VIII. Bolam, J.P.; Ingham, C.A. and Magill, P.J. (eds) Advances in Behavioral Biology, 8 . New York (US): Springer.

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