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Houée-Lévin, C.; Bobrowski, K.; Horakova, L.; Karademir, B.; Schöneich, C.; Davies, M.J. and Spickett, C.M. (2015). Exploring oxidative modifications of tyrosine:an update on mechanisms of formation, advances in analysis and biological consequences. Free Radical Research, 49 (4), pp. 347-373.

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Conference or Workshop Item

Strosova, M.; Karlovska, J.; Spickett, C.M. and Horakova, L. (2009). Mechanism of serca modulation from rats with adjuvant arthritis. IN: SFRR Europe Meeting 2009 Free radicals, Health and Lifestyle: from cell signalling to disease prevention. 2009-09-27.

Spickett, C.M. (2008). Chlorinated and oxidized lipids in inflammation. IN: Meeting of the Society-for-Free-Radical-Research-Europe. 2009-07-05 - 2009-07-09.

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