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Hadjipapas, Avgis; Casagrande, Erik; Nevado, Angel; Barnes, Gareth R.; Green, Gary and Holliday, Ian E. (2009). Can we observe collective neuronal activity from macroscopic aggregate signals? Neuroimage, 44 (4), pp. 1290-1303.

Adjamian, Peyman; Hadjipapas, Avgis; Barnes, Gareth R.; Hillebrand, Arjan and Holliday, Ian E. (2008). Induced gamma activity in primary visual cortex is related to luminance and not color contrast: an MEG study. Journal of Vision, 8 (7), pp. 1-7.

Hadjipapas, Avgis; Adjamian, Peyman; Swettenham, Jennifer B.; Holliday, Ian E. and Barnes, Gareth R. (2007). Stimuli of varying spatial scale induce gamma activity with distinct temporal characteristics in human visual cortex. Neuroimage, 35 (2), pp. 518-30.

Simpson, Michael I.G.; Hadjipapas, Avgis; Barnes, Gareth R.; Furlong, Paul L. and Witton, Caroline (2005). Imaging the dynamics of the auditory steady-state evoked response. Neuroscience Letters, 385 (3), pp. 195-197.

Adjamian, Peyman; Holliday, Ian E.; Barnes, Gareth R.; Hillebrand, Arjan; Hadjipapas, Avgis and Singh, Krish D. (2004). Induced visual illusions and gamma oscillations in human primary visual cortex. European Journal of Neuroscience, 20 (2), pp. 587-592.

Hadjipapas, Avgis; Hillebrand, Arjan; Holliday, Ian E.; Singh, Krish D. and Barnes, Gareth R. Assessing interactions of linear and nonlinear neuronal sources using MEG beamformers:a proof of concept. Clinical Neurophysiology, 116 (6), pp. 1300-1313.

Kinsey, K.; Anderson, Stephen J.; Hadjipapas, Avgis; Nevado, A.; Hillebrand, A. and Holliday, Ian E. Cortical oscillatory activity associated with the perception of illusory and real visual contours. International Journal of Psychophysiology, 73 (3), pp. 265-272.

Nevado, Angel; Hadjipapas, Avgis; Kinsey, Kristofer; Moratti, Stephan; Barnes, Gareth R.; Holliday, Ian E. and Green, Gary G. Estimation of functional connectivity from electromagnetic signals and the amount of empirical data required. Neuroscience Letters, 513 (1), pp. 57-61.

Barbati, Giulia; Porcaro, Camillo; Hadjipapas, Avgis; Adjamian, Peyman; Pizzella, Vittorio; Romani, Gian Luca; Seri, Stefano; Tecchio, Franca and Barnes, Gareth R. Functional source separation applied to induced visual gamma activity. Human Brain Mapping, 29 (2), pp. 131-141.

Duncan, Keith Kawabata; Hadjipapas, Avgis; Li, Sheng; Kourtzi, Zoe; Bagshaw, Andy and Barnes, Gareth Identifying spatially overlapping local cortical networks with MEG. Human Brain Mapping, 31 (7), pp. 1003-1016.

Hall, Stephen D.; Holliday, Ian E.; Hillebrand, Arjan; Singh, Krish D.; Furlong, Paul L.; Hadjipapas, Avgis and Barnes, Gareth R. The missing link:Analogous human and primate cortical gamma oscillations. Neuroimage, 26 (1), pp. 13-17.

Book Section

Barnes, Gareth R.; Singh, Krish D.; Fawcett, Ian; Hadjipapas, Avgis and Hillebrand, Arjan (2003). Quantification of the relationship between, magnetoencephalographic (MEG) and blood oxygenation dependent (BOLD) images of brain function. IN: 2003 IEEE Workshop on Statistical Signal Processing. New York, NY (US): IEEE.

Barnes, Gareth R.; Simpson, Michael I.G.; Hillebrand, Arjan; Hadjipapas, Avgis; Witton, Caroline and Furlong, Paul L. MEG and complex systems. IN: Complex medical engineering. Long Wu, Jing; Ito, Koji; Tobimatsu, Shozo; Nishida, Toyoaki and Fukuyama, Hidenao (eds) Tokyo (JP): Springer.

Conference or Workshop Item

Fisher, A.; Wilton, C.; Hadjipapas, Avgis; Simpson, A.; Barnes, Gareth R. and Furlong, Paul L. (2006). Spatial and temporal properties of the auditory cortical response to amplitude and frequency modulations. IN: British Psychophysiology Society 32nd Annual Meeting. 2005-09-12 - 2005-09-16.

Simpson, M.; Hadjipapas, Avgis; Barnes, Gareth R.; Furlong, Paul L. and Witton, Caroline (2005). Spectral and temporal dependencies of information processing in the auditory midbrain. IN: 32nd Annual Scientific Meeting of the British Psychophysiology Society. 2004-09-13 - 2004-09-15.


Hadjipapas, Avgis (2005). Synchronization processes in nonlinear systems and their relation to cortical oscillatory dynamics. PHD thesis, Aston University.

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